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Grown from enthousiasts to experts, we provide services for professionals in need for support with Blockchain technology. As we are experienced consultants with backgrounds in software engineering and product building, we can provide consulting and product development for mid to large-scale enterprises.

Contact us for partnerships, product building or anything related to blockchain technology. Our ATM machines accept cash of all denominations and we guarantee a buy bitcoin belgium of your purchased Bitcoins within one minute. In the rare case something goes wrong we have a hotline you can call to guarantee a successful transaction.

Orillia has been active buy bitcoin belgiumwith good reputation in customer care. We have swift and guided onboarding procedures and are the fastest broker for registrated customers! You can buy buy bitcoin belgium directly through our webpage http: We started Juru in November as a project to enclose the broken parts in the internet. In our peer-to-peer economy, we are faced with scattered identity data and trust.

We see identity buy bitcoin belgium the most value asset that is the foundation for all trade processes. With Juru we want to bring identity and reputation back in control of the user without the need of third parties like Google or Facebook.

More information can be found on https: Do you want to get in contact with us? Please don't hesitate to mail us at info orillia. Smart Contracting We are currently working on smart contracting products, based on blockchain technology, that facilitates bankers, treasurers by automating a part of their daily activities. Examples are letter of credit, mortgage management underwriting, Foreclosure, Equity release schemes. We started in beginning of a spin-0ff called JuruIdentity buy bitcoin belgium Blockchain.

Training We understand that the technical details and the revolutionary aspects of Bitcoin are not easy to grasp. We have experience in delivering Training and Advisory sessions about Blockchain technology, specifically targeting Banking and Corporate Treasury Departments. Buy bitcoins We provide cheap and easy access to acquire bitcoins for everybody, thanks to an expanding network of ATM machines.

Where to buy Bitcoins? Trusted Identity platform for shared economy purposes and personal data sharing We started Juru in November as a project to enclose the broken parts in buy bitcoin belgium internet. You can visit us at our offices after making an appointment: Rivierstraat 6A Laarne Belgium.

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How is Bitcoin, Blockchain technology and other cryptos adopted in Belgium? I started this series in order to get a feel about the progress the community is making to raise current acceptance in everyday life.

To make the grade of adoption comparable, I estimate a Blockchain Adoption Score in terms of these criteria: Besides the known international online trading platforms , such as Localbitcoins. For a more complete list of international and local Bitcoin accepting options check Bitcoin Wiki. The Belgium Bitcoin association and Blockchainhub Brussels engage with Bitcoin adoption here, as well as Blockchain Belgium community and the meetup group Blockchain Vlaanderen.

I have found some start ups offering Blockchain Technology in Belgium. Check B2B service provider and Blockchain consultants the Ledger. Amongst the established economy, the security provider KBC announced a Blockchain project.

For more Info on Blockchain landscape in Belgium check this article. Ethereum Enterprise Alliance members from Belgium: Global Bitcoin Nodes Distribution: Google Trends is a good source to get a glimpse of the popularity of certain terms.

I checked how Belgium was performing here in the last 7 days, in comparison with the global community. Unfortunately there seems to be relatively low mainstream interest for a highly developed country:.

Some good governance signals found for Blockchain enthusiasts in Belgium: At least the city of Antwerp is known to be experimenting with implementing Blockchain applications for governance. In the Minister of Finance indicated that it does not appear necessary to intervene regarding Bitcoin. Buy and Trade Bitcoin: Blockchain economy score 5. The next country I will check is Germany. I will certainly get some info out of this to meet up with other enthusiasts in Belgium.

Bitcoin and Altcoin adoption worldwide: Buying Bitcoin Paying with Bitcoin Blockchain-economy Trends Governance If you have any missing info on this topic, please post it in the comments. Buy and trade Bitcoin in Belgium score 2. Unfortunately there seems to be relatively low mainstream interest for a highly developed country: For all countries Blockchain Adoption Score click here Thanks for reading!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Great post, I wish we had a better Bitcoin adoption in Belgium. I don't want to pay with cash