Tutorial: creating a Twitterbot

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All Twitter cares about is spam. But when not performed for spam, a ReTweet can be a powerful thing. It can be used to promote certain events or news across a wider audience. Other automated ReTweet possibilities could include anyone mentioning your domain or brand name. How unfortunate would that be! Their Tweet gained my interest, I checked it out and it inspired me to Follow them for more!

Maybe you only want the bot to share only certain hashtagged Tweets from those Following you on Twitter, so you can Follow the account as a consumer or a provider. People will either Follow you because they want the latest news regarding the hashtagged subject, or because they want you to ReTweet their news.

So as you can see, depending on how you are ReTweeting, and for what purpose, a ReTweet bot can be a great central hub of information and a network for open communication bot status twitter keywords discovery. Unfortunately, having shared with you now just a tiny portion of the possibilities of a ReTweet bot, there are still going to be some who are only looking to build a bot with the intention of spamming people. This tutorial then might seem a little like handing a child a loaded gun.

Twitter will ban you. And nobody likes a spammer. For the sake of saving a lot of people from bot status twitter keywords mildly irritated by your Twitter bot testing, I do suggest you using your own Bot status twitter keywords accounts to test and play with.

You can find the status ID of a Tweet by clicking on the Tweet so it brings it up as its own page. It should look something like this:. That long number is the ID. Your keys, tokens and secrets should still be kept as your actual keys, tokens and secrets throughout all tutorials obviously, as we covered in the tutorial last week.

In fact, you can bot status twitter keywords this for yourself when you do search for something on Twitter. And all that count is for is just to specify how many results we would like to return.

The count is an optional parameter, but a very useful one. Otherwise you might be biting off more than you can chew…. Notice how instead of:. It would be quicker to just use Twitter itself if we were to do that.

So we want the number to be enclosed in quotation marks, indicating that it is a string. You may find that this is due to you having hit a limit of some kind. Sometimes there are words that you will want to prevent from automatically Bot status twitter keywords, such as curse words, irrelevant words or words that express a certain sentiment.

Or we have a multiple choice of words that we want Twitter to search for, such as a variation of spellings for a keyword and such. It joins each item in that list.

So our Twitter ReTweet bot right now should look a little like this:. Random Tweets with Twython. It should look bot status twitter keywords like this: Import TwythonError now too! The following two tabs change content below. Ria Search Engine Marketing at Silkstream.

Latest posts by Ria see all. How To Get Going with Twython.

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