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Telaranea is the third largest genus of Lepidoziaceae, after Bazzania over species and Lepidozia over species. In this monograph, 98 species of Telaranea are recognized, 62 of which are extra-Australasian. Included are 11 new species, 2 new varieties, 27 new combinations 25 species and one varietyand one new name. New taxa bot lam nem chua lobo fully described and illustrated.

Two subgenera of Telaranea are recognized subg. Telaraneaand 7 sections within subg. A major part of this work is devoted to a phylogenetic study of the genus Telaraneawith a discussion of character evolution in the genus and a reconstruction of ancestral character states. An ancestral area analysis was also undertaken, using phylogeny to trace the geographical history of members of the genus.

Differing concepts of phylogeny as applied to leafy hepatics are also briefly considered. The phylogenetic analysis included 56 taxa and 32 characters, with representative species of LepidoziaKurziaand Arachniopsis as out-groups.

Cladograms obtained from parsimony analyses of the full data set and subsets of taxa, as well as distance NJ trees, were strikingly similar in topology. Monophyly of Telaranea is supported by the possession of a hyaloderm enlarged, usually hyaline stem cortical cells and an undivided first branch underleaf. Progressive reduction in morphological complexity as a bot lam nem chua lobo evolutionary tendency in the genus is strongly supported.

The phylogeny indicates that Kurziaas defined by the presence of Microlepidozia -type branching, is polyphyletic, and 6 species previously assigned to Kurzia are transferred to Telaranea. No support was found for maintaining Arachniopsis as a distinct genus, and 6 species of the genus are transferred to Telaranea.

The status of Monodactylopsis Schust. Keys to the subgenera and sections of Telaraneabot lam nem chua lobo Australasian species, as well as the southern South American species of Telaraneabot lam nem chua lobo the species of Telaranea sect.

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Log in Admin Help. To access the full text of this article please log in, or select from the access options below. Fieldiana Botany Nov Number 44, pg s doi: Abstract Telaranea is the third largest genus of Lepidoziaceae, after Bazzania over species and Lepidozia over species. The liverworts of New Zealand. CrossrefGoogle Scholar. Hepaticae collected by K. Hepatics from Tristan da Cunha. Hepaticae of South Africa.

Novel relationships in pleurocarpous mosses as revealed by cpDNA sequences. BioOneGoogle Scholar. Liverworts collected in Fiji by A. New classification of liverworts based on molecular and morphological data. A description of some newly-discovered cryptogamic plants; being a further contribution towards the making known the botany of New Bot lam nem chua lobo.

New Zealand Inst Phlogenetic relationships among the ciliate arthrodontous mosses: Evidence from chloroplast and nuclear Bot lam nem chua lobo sequences. Phylogenetic relationships among the diplolepidous-alternate mosses Bryidae inferred from nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences.

Taxonomy, ecology and conservation of Sporadanthus Restionaceae in New Zealand. The circumscription and phylogenetic relationships of the Hedwigiaceae Musci.

Ordinal phylogeny within the hypnobryalean pleurocarpous mosses inferred from cladistic analyses of three chloroplast DNA sequence data sets: The transition to pleurocarpy: A phlogenetic analysis of the main diplolepidous lineages based on rbcL sequences and morphology. New and noteworthy Philippine liverworts. Calobryales and Herbertales of the Philippines. Some liverworts new to Sri Lanka Ceylon. A taxonomic and phytogeographic study.

New taxa and new combinations in Telaranea Spruce ex Schiffn. Studies of New Zealand Hepaticae. The genus Balantiopsis in New Zealand, with observations on extraterritorial taxa and a phylogeny of Balantiopsis and the Family Balantiopsaceae Jungermanniales.

More new taxa and combinations in Telaranea Lepidoziaceae and a new name for Frullania caledonica Schust. Frullaniaceae from New Caledonia. Proposal to conserve Telaranea against Arachniopsis Hepaticae. On some bot lam nem chua lobo zone Hepaticae from south Bot lam nem chua lobo, with comments on marine dispersal.

Studies toward a revision of Telaranea subg. Branching in the leafy Hepaticae. The classification of the Hepaticae. The number of evolutionary trees. Confidence limits on phylogenetics: An approach using the bootstrap.

CrossrefPubMedGoogle Scholar. Hepaticae of North America. Segregate genera of the Lepidozia complex Hepaticae. Telaranea and a review of the Lepidoziaceae.

Manual of the Leafy Hepaticae of Latin America. The ecology of an elfin forest in Puerto Rico, A study of the leafy hepatic flora of the Luquillo Mountains. The flora of the Meseta del Cerro Jaua. The segregate genera of the Lepidozia complex Hepaticae Part 1. Bryophyte phylogeny and the evolution of land plants: Evidence from development and ultrastructure.

The hepatics of New Zealand. A revised checklist of New Zealand liverworts and hornworts. Additions to the bryophyte flora of the Antipodes Islands.

Origin and phylogenetic relationships of bryophytes. Phylogenetic relationships among basal-most arthrodontous mosses with special emphasis on the evolutionary significance of the Funariineae.

The geography of the flowering plants. Guide to the bryophytes of tropical America. Bot lam nem chua lobo of a botanical expedition to Mount Roraima, Guyana. Additions to the hepatic flora of Costa Rica. Disjunct Hepaticae in tropical America and Africa.

Grossdisjunktionen in artarealen Lateinamerikanischer Lebermoose. Biogeography and Ecology in South America. Die Lebermoose der Seychellen.

Nomina generica Hepaticarum; references, types and synonymies. An annotated check-list of the Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of Europe and Macaronesia. Lebermoose aus Madagaskar und bot lam nem chua lobo Maskarenen.

Annotated catalogue of Western Melanesian bryophytes. Index of binomials and preliminary checklist. The bulbils of the Lepidoziaceae. On a small collection of Hepaticae from Dutch New Guinea. A revision of the Japanese species of the family Lepidoziaceae.

Bryophytes and the origins and diversification of land plants: New evidence from molecules. An evaluation of phylogenetic relationships among the Thuidiaceae, the Amblystegiaceae, and the temperate members of the Hypnaceae. A phylogenetic analysis of the Sematophyllaceae.

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