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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Two epic robots meet face-to-face. Sparks will fly, oil will flow! Help decide who reigns supreme Boom Bot, or Annoy-o-Tron! Fluxflashor - Follow me on Twitter and send dank memes. Just won a game with annoy-o-tron. Boom Need to be removed from this game.

The only questionable pick in Boom Bots deck is the Junkbot. I mean, I get it, but it just won't work. Lost 3 straight with annoy-o-tron. I was at huge disadvantage, because Annoyotron seems to be objectively better not op thoughbut opp vomited his minions, so Nether and basically gg. Still waiting um, not really waiting for Brawl when I don't win in first try. People were saying Nef boombot vs annoy o tron decks rag was unbalanced I didn't think so but even if it was the Tavern Brawl was made for fun.

Bot's hero power says it damages minions, while in fact it deals dmg to random characters, not minions. Boom Bot doesn't have Boom Bot s in his deck??? My battle tag is Fely Can you find all the digits after the. They're hidden amongst my profile, it's like an easter egg hunt.

Curse Help Register Sign In. Boom Bot vs Annoy-o-Tron Two epic robots meet face-to-face. Last edited by Fluxflashor on Sep 30, Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Losing hard to an annoyotron right now. This hero power man wtf. Quote from uiasdnmb jump. For me, quite opposite, Boom Bot is fucking insane with his weapons and minion kill powers. Give a man a Murloc, and he'll eat for a day. Give him a Murloc Knight, and people will hate him.

Won 1 with Annoy-o-tron, and lost 1 too. Decks seem pretty random to me. P next time I will squelch annoyatron. Last edited by ibraman on Sep 30, To live boombot vs annoy o tron decks to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffer! People were saying Nef vs rag was unbalanced I didn't think so but even if it was the Tavern Brawl was made for fun wins and losses don't matter in the tavern brawl.

QQ about fun and free content. I used to play hearthstone like you, then i took an arrow to boombot vs annoy o tron decks knee. Last edited by FelyHS on Sep 30, I just keep losing on both side, RNGesus continues to hate me!

Pretty fun to me. Ability 4 1x Bolster 1x Power Word: Weapon boombot vs annoy o tron decks 1x Cogmaster's Wrench 1x King's Defender. Minion 22 1x Dr. Weapon 1 1x Ogre Warmaul.

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Finally a premade, custom hero Brawl again: I've played about five times so far and have always been Boom Bot and won each time. I'd actually kind of like to try Annoy-O-Tron now please. Annoy-O-Tron is definitely the more overpowered of the two I'd say this is because Annoy plays the role of aggro, while Boom is slower and more control-ly.

That was the same with Nefarian and Ragnaros, respectively, and most people preferred to play as Nefarian since they were used to a more aggressive playstyle. That's why Boom is so fun; you get to play a control Mech deck oxymoron? With the hero power, Annoy-O-Tron is actually quite zoo-like in nature. The hero power benefits significantly from maintaining a board presence.

The question is whether Boom Bot has enough to keep clearing the board and reducing the impact of Annoy-O-Tron's synergies from Coghammer, Enhance-O and the like. This brawl is great fun but I seem to be useless at it. Boom is all about RNG destruction, so at any point you can just destroy the whole board and win. Annoy wins when boom gets bad RNG. I won my first attempt at this brawl as the boom bot, after getting knocked down to one health.

A very buffed-up and two neither of which are on the above lists, by the way made a very large difference. This site makes extensive use of JavaScript.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Methodical Execution in North America. How do you pronounce C'Thun? QoL Forum Improvement Suggestions. Back from my 24 hour "vacation". Raid Testing Schedule - May 11thth. The Beauty of Azeroth. New Events in WoW for May 8: Garrett, Jocelyn and Dills also take a deep dive into Shaman and why they still haven't risen to the top. You can email the show at TACpodcast gmail. Follow us on http: The Angry Chicken is podcast about all things Hearthstone.

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