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How to plant Begonias In this video Pete talks you through planting Begonia bulbs. How to plant Double Begonias: Double Begonias are for anyone Plant One On Me: Begonia Care So admittedly I was a little late to the Begonia game.

You can say it wasn't bonfire begonia plants for sale uk at first sight, but bonfire begonia plants for sale uk besides the point, because Begonias are beloved by many, How to plant Cascading Begonias: Jeff's guide to hanging baskets Jeff demonstrates both how to plant Cascading Begonias into pots and how to plant straight into hanging baskets. Cascading Begonias make a highly Start off begonia tubers in the greenhouse - Tims Tips from Directbulbs Http: If you need tips for the proper care of your begonia plants in your personal garden and want to make your garden the envy of your Perfectly formed fully double flowers in a lovely colour range.

Their compact habit makes them ideal for tubs and window boxes, as well as bedding in the garden, and they make great houseplants too. Grow it in baskets and you won't even have to stoop to appreciate its fragrance! Like Parisienne, it comes in a mix of pastel shades, each colour having its own unique fruity scent. Whether it is for edging your summer bedding displays or planting in containers, the compact plants will bloom prolifically right up to the first frosts, even in a shady spot.

Height 20cm 8 ; spacing 20cm 8. Like their green-leaved cousins, they boast spectacular fully double blooms up to 10cm 4 across, and come in a range of vibrant colours.

These superb plants have a vigorous, cascading habit, and are extremely floriferous, producing masses of weather-tolerant double and semi-double blooms, up to 8cm 3 across, in a unique range of up to nine colours!

Apricot with white picotee. We are not normally able to accept orders for tubers after mid April. Top quality plants that will bloom for months! Vivid white with pink picotee. Ideal for the front of the border. We are not normally able to accept orders f Grow it in baskets and you won't even have to stoop to bonfire begonia plants for sale uk its delicious fragrance! Sunburst - Pretty bonfire begonia plants for sale uk of orange and yellow.

We believe these ar Blush - Vibrant pink. Vibrant pinkLong flowering 7. Ideal for brightening up beds, borders and containers during the summer and early autumn. Twin Pack contains 30 plants 15 each of begonia and geraniu Top quality plants that will bloom for month The leaves have a pink central heart with a pale border finishing in a dark burgundy fringe. A tall variety growing with large leaves. The burgundy and pink stain on the veins and edges of the leaves define their undulating texture and shape.

A mature plant will form a tight mound. At the centre of each leaf the black star sits over the large splash of red. Leaves are medium sixed with a spiral at the heart. The mostly silver coloured leaves have a dark central star which is complemented by a dark picotee edge.

Tropical flowers all through the summer and easy to grow in any situation. Round plants covered in flowers. Can also be grown as a houseplant! Supplied in a 2 litre pot. The Non-Stop begonias flower without pause too, their performance unrivalled. Height cm ; spread cm Height 25cm 10 ; spread cm Ruffled blooms on every plant, Connosieur's choice for bedding and patio pots, Jewels for the shady corner. Vigorous and heat tolerant begonia from seed, with uniform plant habit and consistently double-flowered plants, in shades of red, pink and white.

Supplied in 9cm pots. The plants have been selected from our existing range of varieties such as dark leaved Mocca, pretty orange illuminations, amongst others.

Simply mix the dry powder with water bonfire begonia plants for sale uk detailed in the instructions and apply one every two weeks once the plants are in bud. The plants are compact and ideal for tubs, window boxes, or bedding. They may also be potted in 13cm 5 pots as a colourful house plant. The veins change from purple to green. Leaves are almost black with prominent green star in the centre. Forms a dome shaped head. TP - Tender perennial.

Foliage houseplantSmall pink flowersAttractive leaves 6. A purple heart on the leaf bonfire begonia plants for sale uk a swirl at the centre.

Foliage houseplantLeaves have a silver sheenGrown for multi-coloured leaves 6. The maple shaped leaves have dark veins and edges which are covered in silver spots. Grow in a bright spot with shelter. Foliage houseplantAttractive maple-shaped leavesPatios or borders in summer months 6.

The bonfire begonia plants for sale uk plant is covered in red hairs especially on the young leaves. Dark green leaves with darker edges having a spiral swirl in the heart. TP - Tender -perennial. Foliage houseplantGrown for multi-coloured leaves 6. Leaf area being silver with dark green veins. Towards the edge is bright with silver dots becoming red.

A large leaf with swirls of olive green and silver. Leaves up to 30cm long with hairy stems. Silver and raspberry large leaves with deep purple veins. Compact with large rose pink flowers. Long dark leaves speckled with pale pink. The leaves are predominantly silver with deep green veining. New leaves are edged with red. Foliage houseplantGrown for multi-coloured leaves. The maple-shaped leaves have dark veins and edges which are covered in silver spots.

The young leaves have a pink tinge. Foliage houseplantLeaves are maple-shapedIdeal for patio or border in summer months 6. Cascading green leaves with white scented flowers.

Photo courtesy of Megan Hansen. Foliage houseplantCascadingIdeal for patio or border in summer months 6. Large clusters of white flowers. Narrow olive green leaves with splashes of silver dots. Photo courtesy of RL Bolton. Foliage houseplantFlower clustersIdeal for patio or border in summer months 6. Deep green puckered leaves with a vivid dark cross in the centre.

Large, pink puckered leaves edged with dark green and small rose-pink flowers. The leaves start out red then change to green with age.

Large clusters of creamy white flowers. Foliage houseplantVery easy to growIdeal for patio or border in summer months 6. Producing medium white silver leaves with a hint of bonfire begonia plants for sale uk. Spiral rich silver satin leaves with a pink blush centre. A decorative foliage of heart-shaped silver and dark green colouring. Foliage houseplantAttractive colouringGrown for multi-coloured leaves 6.

The leaves are small, heart shaped with black centre and edged with a wide band of red. Leaves swirl around starting with deep plum in the centre blending to pink, silver and green towards the edge.

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