How Blockchain can revolutionise the music and media industries

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SoundCloud has facilitated the rise of countless artists who are able to distribute their music without the infrastructure of a record company. However, this system, while democratizing, also allows for the the artists and content creators to be taken advantage of. Additionally, control of music by record labels incentivizes blockchain music piracy to cut out the middleman and acquire the audio content for free. This creates an incentive and infrastructure for illegal downloading, a practice which ultimately hurts the artist.

This is where DAC Blockchain technology could alter the music industry and change the way artists make and distribute their music forever. DAC accomplishes this by the innovative use of blockchain technology that allows creators to control and protect their content, while also giving them a secure and efficient way of selling it globally.

The DAC Platform consists of two separate components: Contributing content, validating transaction on the blockchain, writing reviews of other users and other community- any value-adding activity- will be rewarded with DP.

This dynamic of DP creates a global, accountable community of artists and those that consumer that consumer their content. Responsible community members will be rewarded, and those that negatively impact the creative, supportive environment will be punished.

These tokens will be distributed to those who contribute to the quality and maintenance of the platform and also as a reward for accrued DP. DT will then be able to be exchanged on any crypto market. This flexible, communally-sourced determination of value will have a unique impact on the pricing system of content.

Instead of blockchain music piracy mysterious algorithm intended to maximize profit for a centralized vendor, popular, helpful users will be rewarded. This system will create a dynamic where creators are paid exactly what they are worth, and consumers that pay more will know they are getting content someone the community has reached a positive consensus about. Could this be the end of music piracy? While the blockchain music piracy determined pirates blockchain music piracy there will continue to seek out illegally downloaded content, the time-stamped and secure nature of blockchain ensure that IP will be blockchain music piracy hard and legally dubious to swipe from DAC.

Furthermore, those forwarded thinking and artistically minded consumers who frequent sites like SoundCloud to discover new talent and connect with a community will have an easy and blockchain music piracy way to show their support and patronage for the blockchain music piracy they most enjoy.

This system also provides content creators with real-time and global feedback on their art, incentivizing artists to create content that their audience will appreciate and perhaps ushering in a more efficient feedback loop between artists and consumer. This dynamic of exact pricing and valuable services rendered by the DAC Platform to both artist and consumer means that the blockchain music piracy and ability to illegally stream music may finally be coming to an end.

An an age where consumers were skeptical of labels and pricing was arbitrary, pirating audio content seemed to be the best, if not the most ethical option. However, with DAC, consumers who use the service will be directly blockchain music piracy their favorite artist and also immediately letting them know what they should continue doing with their art.

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