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If you work in finance or own any bitcoinyou likely already know about blockchain technology. For this analysis, we used Quidsoftware that searches and analyses massive amounts of data and then offers insight by organizing that content visually. Last spring, the biggest headline in the blockchain world was that an Australian entrepreneur, Craig Wright, finally came out of the shadows and declared he was the creator of the cryptocurrency bitcoin though plenty were skeptical.

Then a massive security breach at the decentralized autonomous organization was such a blow to blockchain that journalists wrote about the blockchain big news images all year. In the timeline below, we identified several other events that generated significant news volume.

A Quid timeline maps 3, stories about blockchain, colored by cluster, from global news sources between 20 April April In the graph above, Quid sampled the data to show which stories generated the most volume in relation to each other. Sorting all that data into a network, major themes emerge. The theme that generated the most stories was contracts and regulation. These stories, which account for 10 percent of the network, include wide-ranging debates about blockchain, suggesting it fosters trust in certain contract-heavy areas of finance or, on the other hand, exposes financial markets to money laundering and terrorist blockchain big news images.

The more surprising themes and developments: A Quid network represents data from 3, stories about blockchain, colored by cluster, from global news sources between 20 April and 20 April Next, the major players in blockchain. At the top of the list: Then Bryan Behlendorfa former programmer who now runs the open-source project Hyperledger.

Quid identified Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the bitcoin founder, and Craig Wright as two separate individuals, though Wright claims that they are blockchain big news images fact the same person interestingly, the two entities appear in blockchain big news images areas of the network.

In a network of news stories that shows largely positive sentiment, skepticism about Wright and his claims is one of the few areas of negative sentiment. In a network view, there blockchain big news images some notable differences, namely, the emergence of blockchain in sectors beyond finance. The future of blockchain appears to veer more heavily into music and the arts, where the technology helps musicians and others protect the copyrights to their work. And in the future, it seems blockchain may also play a bigger role in healthcare and medical records, insurance and green energy.

A Quid network shows 1, stories about the future of blockchain, from global news sources between 20 April and 20 April

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