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I think IOTA is the next big currency, with the potential to make 20x your investment. I speculate a small drop to below 40 cents, then it will stay stable for about a month at 50 - 75 cents. After the news catches on, it will explode, with the potential to bittrex news iota top 3 - behind bitcoin and ethereum.

This would put it at a whopping 30 million dollar cap, but considering that there is no fees and no speed limit - this coin is one of the most promising ones I've seen. It really bittrex news iota a lot as this is my first post. It is greatly appreciated! I'll post about some possible explanations tomorrow: You was completely right about the drop to below 40 cents. I have an explanation for the fact that IOTA dropped so quick in the first week. I think it has something to do with that people who bought IOTA for a bittrex news iota price before it hit the exchange and then sold it once it did hit the exchange because it was at a higher price.

At least that is what I read in forums. IOTA has such a large number of coins to make micro payments easier. They want their coin te be used by the Iot Internet of things. Bought 1k, gonna buy way more. It's a whole new thing, work with a new kind of blockchain name tangle. Could be the new btc. Yes I think the tangle is actually superior to the blockchain, I've done a short post about the tangle based on an article bittrex news iota the IOTA blog.

It kinda explains in short how the bittrex news iota works, I thought you might be interested: I agree with you. Using the smarter way to connect without 'blocks' as in classical blockchain, and without fees for even tiniest micro transactions. It is just matter of time when IOTA will reach top three in the market cap.

I suggest starting at http: The primary factor of investing in the project was that team gave a bittrex news iota number of tokens to so-called 'investors' for free as they want them to be a part of this revolutionary new concept.

I think the tangle is superior to the blockchain and IOTA looks very promising. I'm curious to see if there will be more companies following IOTA and using the tangle. IOTA has just entered the market and has more potential to make an enormous growth. I think broad adoption might take a while for Bittrex news iota, but will eventually come. The transaction time of IOTA isn't what it will be yet, it now takes min before a transaction bittrex news iota confirmed and they don't have a marketeer on board yet.

Such statements bring no value, as they are always true. Everything has the potential to become anything. Good point however all these altcoins are volatile and you can lose money. Have you seen the free fall in all cryptos today? IOTA is special because: Currently the 7th biggest coin - but this is the first day on an exchange. IOTA bittrex news iota trading at 55 cents today, June 13th, but expect some ups and downs. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. It is bitfinex not bittrex!

It also has the potential to make x or x or 0. No bittrex news iota, three days later now and we are back to 0. And now we are at 1. Hope you all held! Thanks for your good posts, I followed you!

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According to analysts, this would increase the value of the cryptocurrency considerably. In the Bittrex API code we can see the following line of code which would be announcing the arrival of IOTA, this will be decided according to analysts based on the result of the agreements between IOTA and Microsoft, that is why it has been added to the public yet, but it is on the side of the code to which the user obviously has no access to purchase or sell.

Currency "," MinConfirmation ": What does Bittrex say? So far Bittrex has not referred to the issue officially, although the insertion of the code we can deduce that its in process and that the decision would be taken after December 15, where we could see a strong increase in the IOTA. Transactions to Bitfinex have not been going through for the last couple of days.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming future of IOTA? Id say if you have the chance. Grab some before you cant. The machines are coming: What do you guys use then if not bittrex?

Im not seeing any viable alternatives. Thanks for the heads up. Bittrex will add some flames to the fire. Thanks for information -2 best exchanges we can buy IOTA now are: For more information about Binance Review Happy on the moon. Well written, I thought I'd see Cheetah complaining but you nailed it all by yourself, you're a writing star man! IOTA to be listed on bittrex? Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. I stopped using Bittrex, it was getting too complicated.

I dont use Bittrex either. Just wondering what it will do to one of my favorite coins.