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Please take time to review these Terms of Service carefully prior to registering to the Services and sharing your registration information.

For the avoidance of doubt, these Terms of Service may be subject to changes without prior notice. In this Agreement, you and Bits of Gold are each a Party. A creation of an Account as set forth below and the use of the Services are permitted only to users that are 18 years of age or older. The Company may refuse to provide the Services to any User that does not prove to Company's satisfaction that he meets this age limitation. Company disclaims, and User hereby releases the Company of any and all liability for any loss, damages or any other detrimental event, if User provides unauthentic proof of his age at the time of registration.

Company may cancel any transaction under the Services at any time in case Company, in its sole discretion, believes User is under 18 years of age. You hereby agree that you shall supply accurate and complete information to the Company, and that you shall update the information promptly, if it changes.

Any adverse result due to inaccurate or not up-to-date Account information, shall be at your sole responsibility and Bits of Gold bits of gold bitcoin not bear any liability in connection therewith. User acknowledges that Accounts may be deactivated following a written User request to deactivate them provided that any current activity in the account is completed.

Without derogating from any right of Bits of Gold as provided under these Terms of Service, Bits of Gold reserves the right to deactivate any Account that has not been active for days.

In an event that the User becomes aware of or reasonably suspects any breach of security, including without limitation any loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure or use of User's login information, the User must immediately notify Bits of Gold and modify its login information.

User shall be responsible for maintaining the bits of gold bitcoin of the login information, and it shall be responsible for all uses of the login information, whether or not authorized by the User. User shall be responsible for anything that happens through its Account. Digital Coins are a relatively new concept, and the applicable worldwide regulation is constantly developing; including, without limitation, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism funding legislation and regulation that concerns the regulation of Digital Coins in various aspects.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may shutdown the Website and Services at any time with no prior notice, at its bits of gold bitcoin discretion. First you must set up an Account as detailed above, and provide all of the information required by Bits of Gold. If you do not complete all of the required information, including appropriate identification as required for the provision of the Service and under applicable regulations, which must be satisfactory to Bits of Gold at its sole discretion, Bits of Gold may at its sole discretion refuse to provide You with the Services to without cause or prior notice.

Please note that even after your approval for registration and use of your Account, Bits of Gold may require that you add additional details, provide additional credentials or identification papers, reproduce new copies of identification papers you have presented, or make any other demand in order to fulfill its KYC requirements and standards, and your compliance with such request is a condition precedent for the provision of the Services.

Please note that in case the Account belongs to a legal entity, and not a natural person, additional identification may be required such as company identification, as well as identification of UBO, Director, etc.

In consideration of the Services, Bits of Gold shall be entitled to a commission, as detailed in each instance when you make use of the Services. Bits of Gold reserves the right to update, change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the commissions collected by it in connection with the Services, at any time and without prior notice.

Concluded transactions are irreversible by both parties, unless the Company determines at its sole bits of gold bitcoin that a technical or human error had occurred. Please note that when purchasing Digital Currency via the Services with fiat currency i. Furthermore, when selling Digital Currency via the Services, a conversion of the fiat currency that was received in exchange for the Digital Currency to another type of fiat currency for example, from USD to ILS might be necessary in order to enable You to receive the funds in the fiat currency of your preference.

Such conversions might be followed by some additional costs and fees and therefore the conversions might affect the amount of fiat or Digital Currency received by You. Bits of gold bitcoin hereby accept any additional charges or other unforeseen effects on the amount of virtual or fiat currency received via the Services.

The following limitations apply to the use of the Services for Users: Bits of gold reserves the right to change any of the following, at its sole discretion without cause or prior notice. Any actions you take outside of these hours may not be processed by Bits of Gold until the next business day. Bits of Gold uses third parties to bits of gold bitcoin funds and sell and purchase Digital Currencies, Convert currency, to process certain types of payments, to conduct risk analysis, as applicable for the requested Service and for the selected payment method " Third-Party Service Providers ".

Bits of Gold reserves the right to change and replace such Third-Party Service Providers at its sole Discretion, without cause bits of gold bitcoin prior notice. Bits of gold bitcoin services provided by such Third-Party Service Providers shall be governed exclusively by the terms of use or other terms and conditions of such Third-Party Service Providers, and Bits of Gold shall have no responsibility or liability with respect to any of their acts or omissions and any result thereof.

Without derogating from anything above, you hereby agree bits of gold bitcoin the Company's bits of gold bitcoin policy as set forth below:. The cancelation of a Buy Order a " Cancelation " will be made by clicking the "Cancel" button in the "Orders" section of the Website.

Cancelation will be possible up until the purchase price for the Digital Coin has been locked by the Company's Third-Party Service Providers. The cancelation of a Sell Order will not be possible due to the fact that Sell Orders are executed automatically. Subject to the terms bits of gold bitcoin conditions set out above, the following terms and conditions shall apply in an event bits of gold bitcoin Cancelation:.

User hereby waives any and all claims with respect to the timing, manner and cost of Cancelation. User hereby waives any and all claims against the Company with respect to or in connection with the Cancelation. User hereby acknowledges that once a Cancelation is requested, it is irrevocable and irreversible unless Company, at its sole discretion, has decided that it willing and able to reverse the Cancelation. The Company shall bear no liability and User hereby releases the Company from any responsibility with respect to a reversion or revocation of a Cancelation.

It is hereby agreed that with respect to all matters regarding Cancelations, the Company's past decisions shall not be binding upon it and will not be considered as a binding precedent.

Further, User may not rely and waives any claim regarding its reliance on Company's past decisions regarding Cancelations. After You place your order to buy Digital Coins on the Website, you will receive the bank account details of Bits of Gold, confirming that you may proceed with the bits of gold bitcoin of the purchase money to bits of gold bitcoin bank account.

Please do not transfer any money to our bank account unless the bank account details are displayed in the order confirming that the order was created. Any money that will be received without our prior confirmation will not be used to purchase Digital Coins. If you will not transfer the money within 48 hours of receiving the Company's confirmation email, your order will be cancelled bits of gold bitcoin Bits of Gold decides otherwise.

However, since Bits of Gold depends on Third-Party Service Providers, it cannot guarantee the exact timing of the purchase and obtainment of the purchased Digital Coins, which depends on various legal bits of gold bitcoin commercial considerations of the Third-Party Service Providers.

For example, with respect to Bitcoins, the time of a blockchain approval might depend, amongst other things, on miners' confirmation. In case funds are transferred from an account that does not belong to the User, the funds will be sent back to their origin.

Currently, Ethereum is not available for cash payments through the ATM, however such service may be made available in the future. The second method of purchasing Bitcoin using cash consists of a cash deposit using one of the GMT branches.

In order to use this method of payment, You must first open an order on the Bits of gold bitcoin. The clerk will ask for your email address the one you registered in your orderyour Order Number, and will ask for a copy of Your ID and any additional personal information or documentation depending on the then applicable regulatory guidelines. Currently, it is important to know that the credit card payment method is facilitated via Coinmama - a Bitcoin trading company or Simplex will be back as an option soon.

Please note bits of gold bitcoin Coinmama and Simplex are separate and independent entities with their bits of gold bitcoin terms of services, KYC processes and and User hereby waives any and all Claims against the Company with respect to any costs or damages incurred in connection with Coinmama's or Simplex's services.

In either case, in order to pay by credit card, You must first pass a full KYC authentication process by Bits of Gold. After You enter your credit card information, the clearing is done by the third-party service provider, and the initial purchase is expected to take up to two hours during and subject to working hours.

The Bitcoin rate is locked as set forth in the table below. After receipt of clearing approval by Bits of Gold, You will receive an email announcing bits of gold bitcoin approval of the transaction. User hereby waives any claim arising bits of gold bitcoin or in bits of gold bitcoin with the rate appearing on the Website. Bits of gold bitcoin applicable exchange rates applicable for purchasing Digital Coins shall be as follows:.

Only during the Company's Business Hours as defined aboveat bits of gold bitcoin round hour after completion of the transfer of funds from GMT to Bits of Gold's bank account.

The exchange rate is determined automatically after receiving approval by such Third-Party Service Provider of the transaction, at its sole discretion. The identification process will take place by the user uploading a reference number and a reference copy bits of gold bitcoin the transfer to the Company's website.

The Company reserves the right to set the exchange rate upon identification without the reference number and the reference copy of the transfer, if it succeeds in recognizing the transfer without the aforementioned. Company may determine the exchange rate prior to the confirmation of the transaction by the Third-Party Service Provider, in which case this exchange rate shall be the binding rate for the transaction "OTC Transaction".

When utilizing any of the Services offered by Bits of Gold, You must make sure you have a valid and operational Wallet, details of which will be provided by You to Bits of Gold. Bits of Gold is not and will not be responsible for any damages or loss in relation to your Wallet or your Digital Coins. You are solely responsible for the security and integrity of your own Wallets. Bits of Gold will not be held responsible for Digital Coins sent to bits of gold bitcoin incorrect Wallet address or for funds sent to an incorrect bank account, as long as the payments were made to the Wallet or account as applicable number provided by You.

It is hereby emphasized that Bits of Gold will not give any advice or service with regards to any Wallet or Wallet providers and it shall not bear any liability of any kind in connection with Your operation of your Wallet or the security measures taken or lack thereof by you with respect to Your Wallet, and any perceived recommendation regarding any Wallet shall not be considered a recommendation or endorsement under any circumstances.

User hereby warrants that it will indemnify the Company at an amount equal to the costs incurred by it due to any lawsuit or action brought by User against the Company due to such perceived bits of gold bitcoin or perceived endorsement.

It is Your responsibility to provide Bits of Gold with the details of the relevant Wallet for the specific transaction i. No right to sell.

Bits of gold bitcoin accepting these Terms of Service, and by using the Services, you represent and declare that the You and only You are the source of the funds transferred to Bits of Gold from your own personal account and that the origin of the funds is legal and legitimate and is not related to any illegal activity, in Israel or any other jurisdiction.

Furthermore, You hereby declare that all funds bits of gold bitcoin by you to bits bits of gold bitcoin gold were obtained by You in a legal manner bits of gold bitcoin that the funds were not derived from any illegal activity, whether in Israel or in any other jurisdiction. Taxes on these funds have been paid as required by bits of gold bitcoin law.

By accepting these Terms of Service, you represent and declare that the transfer of funds is exempt from bits of gold bitcoin and does not represent an income for the receiver. Types of Coins you may sell. When placing an order to sell virtual currency, the payment in exchange for the Digital Currency shall be made to the bank account you have specified in your selling order.

The types of Digital Coins you may sell to Bits of Gold may be changed from time to time at Bits of Gold's sole discretion and without prior notice. You will know which types of Digital Coins you may sell via the Service in accordance with the options that will actually be available to you when you access the Website from time to time. In order to receive cash, fill out "cash" in place of the fields requesting your bank account details.

Several hours later you will receive bits of gold bitcoin text message sent to the phone number connected with the User's Account with a code, which you can then bring to one of the GMT branches to collect cash Up to 10, ILS per client per day. It may then take some time until the transaction is fully confirmed e. Exchange Rate for the Sell Order. Only once Confirmation has been received by the Company, as applicable to the type of Digital Coin at hand, the exchange rate of your transaction will be locked automatically.

Bits of Gold will then issue a transfer of the applicable amount according to such exchange rate to your bank account, as per the said rate and less the Bits of Gold commission fees.

No Cancellation of Selling transaction. When placing a Sell Order, you therefore agree: Notwithstanding the foregoing, if bits of gold bitcoin have made an error and transferred the Digital Coins to bits of gold bitcoin Wallet other than the one provided by Bits of Gold, you shall not be entitled to receive any payment from Bits bits of gold bitcoin Gold. Without derogating from any provisions of this Agreement, the following prohibitions apply to using the Services: Any use of the Services that violates this Agreement is strictly prohibited and can, at the Company's sole discretion, result in the immediate revocation of your limited rights granted by these Terms of Service.

Without limiting any other remedy, Bits of Gold may limit, suspend, revoke, terminate, modify, or delete your Account or access to the Services at its sole discretion without prior notice, if bits of gold bitcoin are, or if Bits of Gold suspects in its sole discretion that you are failing to comply with these Terms of Service or for any actual or suspected illegal or improper use of the Services or if Bits of Gold believes that you are creating risk or possible legal liabilities, infringing on the intellectual property rights of third parties.

In such an event, Bits of Gold shall not be required to provide benefits or other compensation to users connected with such discontinued elements of the Services, other than possible refunds. Upon termination of your Account, your Account log bits of gold bitcoin credentials may not be reserved and it bits of gold bitcoin not be possible to re-instate them. You hereby acknowledge and agree that Bits of gold bitcoin of Gold is under no obligation to compensate you for any losses resulting from the cease of Services as set forth hereinabove, whether such closure was voluntary or involuntary.

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