Beauty and the Beast

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A beautiful enchantress disguised as an old beggar woman arrives at a castle during a ball and offers the host, a cruel and selfish prince, a rose in return for shelter from a storm.

When he refuses, she reveals her identity. To punish the prince for his selfishness, the enchantress transforms him into a beast and his servants into household objects, then erases the castle, the prince and his servants from the memories of their loved ones. She casts a spell on the rose and warns the prince that the curse will only be broken if he learns to love another, and earn their love in return, before the last petal falls.

Some years later, in the small town of Villeneuve, Belle, the book-loving daughter of a music box maker and artist Maurice, dreams of adventure and brushes off advances from Gaston, an arrogant former soldier.

On his way to a convention and lost in the forest, Maurice seeks refuge in the Beast's castle, but the Beast imprisons him for stealing a rose from his garden as a gift to Belle. When Maurice's horse returns without him, Belle ventures out in search for him, and finds him locked in the castle dungeon.

The Beast agrees to let her take Maurice's place. Belle befriends the castle's servants, who invite her to a spectacular bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017.

When she wanders into the forbidden west wing and finds the rose, the Beast scares her into the woods. She is ambushed by a pack of wolves, but the Beast rescues her, and is injured in the process. As Belle nurses his wounds, a friendship develops between them. The Beast shows Belle a gift from the enchantress, a book that transports readers wherever they want.

Belle uses the book to visit her childhood home in Paris, where she discovers a plague doctor mask and realizes that she and her father were forced to leave when her mother succumbed to the plague. In Villeneuve, Gaston sees rescuing Belle as an opportunity to win her hand in marriage, and agrees to help Maurice. When Maurice learns of his ulterior motive and rejects him, Gaston abandons him to be eaten by the wolves. Maurice is rescued by the hermit Agathe, but when he tells the townsfolk of Gaston's crime but is unable to provide solid evidence, Gaston convinces them to send Maurice to an insane asylum.

After bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017 a romantic dance with the Beast, Belle discovers her father's predicament using a magic mirror. The Beast releases her to save Maurice, giving her the mirror to remember him with. At Villeneuve, Belle reveals the Beast in the mirror to the bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017, proving her father's sanity. Realizing that Belle loves the Beast, a jealous Gaston claims she has been charmed by dark magic, and has her thrown into the asylum carriage with her father.

He rallies the villagers to follow him to the castle to slay the Beast before he curses the whole village. Maurice and Belle escape, and Belle rushes back to the castle. During the battle, Gaston abandons his companion LeFou, who then sides with the servants to fend off the villagers. Gaston attacks the Beast in his tower, who is too depressed to fight back, but regains his spirit upon seeing Belle return.

He defeats Gaston, but spares his life before reuniting with Belle. Ungrateful and unrepentant, Gaston fatally shoots the Beast from a bridge, but it collapses when the castle crumbles, and he falls to his death. The Beast dies as the last petal falls, and the servants become inanimate. As Belle tearfully professes her love to the Beast, Agathe reveals herself as the enchantress and undoes the curse, repairing the crumbling castle, and restoring the Beast's and servants' human forms and the villagers' memories.

The Prince and Belle host a ball for the kingdom, where they dance happily. Stephen Merchant also appeared in the film as Monsieur Toilette, a servant who was turned into a toilet.

This character was cut from the film, but is featured in the deleted scenes. Previously, Disney had begun work on a film adaptation of the Broadway musical.

Before Condon was hired to direct the film, Disney bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017 him with a proposal to remake the film in a more radical way as Universal Studios had remade Snow White and the Huntsman Condon later explained that "after Frozen opened, the studio saw that there was this big international audience for an old-school-musical approach.

But initially, they said, 'We're interested in a musical to a degree, but only half full of songs. So I backed out for a minute, and they came back and said, 'No, no, no, we get it, let's pursue it that way. Horn with the decision to make the film as a musical: It wasn't a musical at that time. But we just couldn't get it to click and it was Alan Horn who championed the idea of owning the Disney of it all. We realized there was a competitive advantage in the songs. What is wrong with making adults feel like kids bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017 In JanuaryEmma Watson announced that she bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017 be starring as Belle bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017, the female lead.

Hornas he had previously overseen Bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017 Bros. Susan Eganwho originated the role of Belle on Broadway, commented on the casting of Watson as "perfect". The Beast was portrayed with a "more traditional motion capture puppeteering for the body and the physical orientation", where actor Dan Stevens was "in a forty-pound gray suit on stilts for much of the film". The facial capture for the Beast was done separately in order to "communicate the subtleties of the human face" and "[capture the] thought that occurs to him" which gets "through [to] the eyes, which are the last human element in the Beast.

Before the release of the film, Bill Condon refilmed one certain sequence in the "Days of the Sun" number, due to confusion among test audiences caused by actress Harriet Jones, who looked similar to Hattie Morahanwho portrayed Agathe. In the original version of the scene, it was Jones's character, the Prince's mother, who sings the first verse of the song, with Rudi Goodman playing the young Prince and Henry Garrett playing his father; but in the reshot version of the scene, the singing part is given to the Prince now played by Adam Mitchell.

Both Goodman and Garrett's names were mistakenly featured in the original theatrical release's credits, but was later corrected in home releases. When released inBeauty and the Beastmarked a turning point for Walt Disney Pictures by bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017 to millions of fans with its Oscar-winning musical score by lyricist Howard Ashman and composer Alan Menken.

In Bill Condon 's opinion, that original score was the key reason he agreed to direct a live-action version of the movie. In fact, Frank Rich described it as the best Broadway musical of The animated version was already darker and more modern than bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017 previous Disney fairytales. Take that vision, put it into a new medium, make it a radical reinvention, something not just for the stage because it's not just being literal, now other elements come into play.

It's not just having real actors do it". Condon initially prepared on only drawing inspiration from the original film, but he also planned to include most of the songs composed by Alan MenkenHoward Ashman and Tim Rice from the Broadway musicalwith the intention of making the film as a "straight-forward, live-action, large-budget movie musical". While ultimately accepting the opportunity, she said: Now I'm making decisions on my own.

It's a little bit harder. I couldn't say yes right away, because I felt like I was kind of cheating in a way". She eventually felt compelled to record the song because of the impact Beauty and the Beast has had on her career. According to Dion, "I was at the beginning of my career, it put me on the map, it put me where I am today". Also, Josh Groban was announced to be performing the new original song " Evermore " on January 26, The film features a remake of the original song recorded as a duet by Ariana Grande and John Legend.

Emma Thompson also performed a rendition of the title song, which was performed by Angela Lansbury in the original animated film. On March 16,Disney announced the film would be released in 3D on March 17, The stream was broadcast onto YouTube. A sing along version of the film released in over 1, US theaters nationwide on April 7, The film was re-released bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017 New York and Los Angeles for a one-week engagement starting December 1, The move is an awards push as awards season heats up.

Ragnarok[69] It and Avengers: It is currently the second-biggest musical ever overall, behind Disney's Frozen Critics said the film was playing like superhero movies amongst women. It was the second biggest March global opening, behind only Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicethe thirteenth-biggest worldwide opening ever and the seventh-biggest for Disney.

Beauty and the Beast was the th digitally remastered release in IMAX company's history, which began with the re-release of Apollo 13 in It became the first film since Rogue One also a Disney property in December to make over a billion dollars, and did so on its twenty-ninth day of release. The Last Jedi[98] the highest-grossing March release, [99] the highest-grossing remake of all-time, [] and the sixth-biggest Disney film.

In the United States and Canada, Beauty and the Beast topped Fandango 's pre-sales and became the fastest-selling family film in the company's history, topping the studio's own animated film Finding Dory released the previous year.

Dawn of Justice and The Hunger Games. Catching Fire[] the biggest for a Disney live-action adaptation, ahead of Alice in Wonderland [] and the biggest musical debut ever, supplanting Bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017 Perfect 2. Breaking Dawn — Part 2 and the biggest outside of summer, save for Star Wars: The Force Awakensnot accounting for inflation.

Of those, approximately 1, cinemas were sing-along versions. It has already become the biggest March release, dethroning The Hunger Games[] the biggest musical film both animated and live-action[] as well as the biggest film of alongside The Last Jedi.

It added major markets like France and Australia. At World's End and Pirates of the Caribbean: Though the film was falling at a faster rate than The Jungle Bookit had already surpassed the said film and its second weekend is the third-biggest ever behind the two James Bond films Skyfall and Spectre.

It was ahead of all new releases and second overall behind Bollywood film Badrinath Ki Dulhania. In China, expectations were high for the film. The release date was announced on January 24, giving Disney and local distributor China Film Group Corporation ample time—around two months—to market the film nationwide. The release date was strategically chosen to coincide with White Day. Largely driven by young bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017, its opening day pre-sales outpaced that of The Jungle Book.

The hold was strong enough to fend off newcomer The Fate of the Furious from securing the top spot. The only markets where the film did not top the weekend charts were Vietnam behind Kong: A Star Wars Story. Beauty and the Beast received generally positive reviews, with praise for its ensemble cast, visuals, production values, musical score, songs, and faithfulness to the original film with a few elements of the Broadway musical versionwhile the designs of the Beast and the servants' household object forms received mixed reviews.

The site's critical consensus read, "With an enchanting cast, beautifully crafted songs, and a painterly eye for detail, Beauty and the Beast bitgold venezuela beauty and the beast 2017 a faithful yet fresh retelling that honors its beloved source material.

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