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Nick Szabo NickSzabo4 is a polymath. The breadth and depth of his interests and knowledge are truly astounding. Nick also designed Bit Bitgold bloggingwhich many consider the precursor bitgold blogging Bitcoin.

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That could be a book, a newspaper, a magazine, or even a class. What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments. Many of the world's most famous entrepreneurs, athletes, investors, poker players, and artists are part of the book. The tips and strategies bitgold blogging Tribe bitgold blogging Mentors have already changed my life, and I hope the same for you.

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Have bitgold blogging and thanks for adding to the conversation! Thanks to Brian Oberkirch for the inspiration. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Liked bitgold blogging 2 people.

Bitgold blogging, thank you for this. Now is tomorrow is now. Any chance your podcasts will have transcripts soon? Very glad to see this discussion on here! Imagine if every time you upvoted, commented, or created content, it was mining cryptocurrency. Also, imagine if your biggest fans could get cryptocurrency rewards for promoting your work.

Like Liked by 3 people. I totally agree with David Kadavy, Steem has been one of the best things that I came across in the cyptocurrency world the community is just amazing! Great suggestion bitgold blogging I think this is messy. Bitgold blogging already has a loyal following who bitgold blogging him and purchase anything he puts out. STEEM requires time to master and might not be worth it for someone who already has so much clout.

Thank you for this episode! Bitgold blogging of my favs, loved the talk on Pascal scams quite a golden nugget. Any bitgold blogging on when it will? Really looking forward to this one as I just made the the jump into cryptocurrency as my first ever investment! Unable to play the episode. Have not had an issue before.

Bitgold blogging and Naval seemed to suggest that there was a limit on the bitgold blogging of transactions per block apparently a hotly debated topic. From what I understand of the blockchain, bitgold blogging block only has the root of a Merkle tree in bitgold blogging and so there theoretically could be any number of transactions in the block.

Where does the limitation come from? Good episode, and good info. Dash solved the blockchain size problem in one day. Dash pro-actively solved the slow transaction problem by having incentivised masternodes to produce a huge and robust infrastructure of more than 4, active nodes. AND designing and implementing Instant send.

Sent in a few seconds, not minutes or hours or days. You should have a conversation with Amanda B. Johnson to fill in these gaps in your knowledge base. Considering that, historically, the NSA is years ahead of anything we already publicly have.

Tim released this episode during a bullish market as a bubble was growing. As always thanks for the awesome podcast!! This podcast was very helpful and bitgold blogging helped in bitgold blogging it down into simpler terms. Big fan of all of your stuff…own every book and am starting to listen to your podcasts now too!

Some of our partners include U. Live Prompter is completely subsidized by Facebook, so its free for you to use and will honestly just improve the quality of your Live sessions.

I dont mean to spam you here, but just am trying everything I can to bitgold blogging in touch. Feel free to email me if interested in learning more. For some reason this is still not coming up on Pocket Casts bitgold blogging.

Any idea why this may be? Excited for this episode. I listen to a lot of your stuff and this bitgold blogging the best.

This is going to be a huge space — please give us more crypto information! Great interview, I just wish Naval would have let Nick answer the questions you originally pointed directly to Nick. Understandable if he was sharing the stage with someone of lesser knowledge or intellect, but the title of your Podcast was about Nick. While I understand the logic of bringing in Naval to co-host, it really turned into a Naval interview, not a Nick interview, and I was left longing for more.

A follow-up podcast with Nick would be greatly appreciated if the the crypto space holds your curiosity and you feel more comfortable going one on one with him.

If not, consider bringing on Andreas Antonopolis to co-host. I originally thought this is who you were going to bring on when you asked subscribers for questions. Frustrating that bitgold blogging kept speaking for Nick.

Almost found Naval rude in how he would force his dialogue. I listened to every minute bitgold blogging podcasts I skip around a bit and listened again to some of the higher level concepts. Cryptocurrency makes way more sense now! Hugely informative, thank you Tim! Are the audio products available in a format that Hard of Hearing folks can access?

Captions bitgold blogging the script would be wonderful. Good mix of theory and practice on cryptocurrency as well as other thought provoking ideas and concepts. I was excited to hear that you were putting on bitgold blogging podcast with Nick and the questions were great. If I had to adjust something, it would be nice if Bitgold blogging reigned in Naval on some the conversation, Naval bitgold blogging to go on and on and sometimes off topic to always make some sort of point rather than being informative.

This was effectively an interview of Naval Ravikant. He answered half or more of the questions himself. Did much more talking bitgold blogging Szabo. Nick assumed a lot of knowledge that non-tech people would not understand, and Naval possibly even recorded explainers after the show that were then inserted.

My question is, now that the worlds largest banks are finally jumping on board, and are in fact creating their very own cryptocurrencies, how will this effect other currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin etc.?

Negatively or in a positive way? I really hope not, but this is where my mind immediately goes when I think of the pound gorilla entering the room. Singapore is working on a bitgold blogging currency bitgold blogging on the Ethereum platform. Other countries doing something like this makes a lot more sense than building their own currency from scratch.

Using Ethereum as a common protocol allows for much easier interoperability between currencies. One of the best explanations of the phenomenon to date.

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Nick Szabo is a computer scientist, legal scholar [1] and cryptographer known for his research in digital contracts and digital currency. He graduated from the University of Washington in with a degree in computer science.

The phrase and concept of " smart contracts " was developed by Szabo with the goal of bringing what he calls the "highly evolved" practices of contract law and practice to the design of electronic commerce protocols between strangers on the Internet. Szabo influentially [8] argued that a minimum granularity of micropayments is set by mental transaction costs.

In , Szabo designed a mechanism for a decentralized digital currency he called "bit gold". In a bit gold network, solved puzzles would be sent to the Byzantine fault-tolerant public registry and assigned to the public key of the solver.

Each solution would become part of the next challenge, creating a growing chain of new property. When attempting to design transactions with a digital coin, you run into the "double-spending problem. This was an unacceptable solution for Szabo. In , a mysterious figure who wrote under the name Satoshi Nakamoto released a proposal for bitcoin.

Although Szabo has repeatedly denied it, people have speculated that he is Nakamoto. Research by financial author Dominic Frisby provided circumstantial evidence but, as he admits, no proof that Satoshi is Szabo. I'm afraid you got it wrong doxing me as Satoshi, but I'm used to it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Computer science Law Digital currency. Retrieved 23 December The New York Times. Retrieved 8 January It's Napster for finance". The Future of a Radical Price. Archived from the original on 12 January The Cryptoanarchists' Answer to Cash".

The Future of Money? History Economics Legal status. List of bitcoin companies List of bitcoin organizations List of people in blockchain technology. Retrieved from " https: People associated with Bitcoin Living people Science bloggers.

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