What is Margin Funding?

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To open a short position:. To open a leveraged long positionexactly the same but bitfinex fees margin a position with a buy order and close with a sell order. So if you have USD in your margin wallet. Those USD will serve as collateral for opening margin positions up to 3. IE a margin position with a USD value up to If you wish to use 2x leverage only, the size of your position should only be worth USD.

The position was worth Your position will be forced liquidated at market price. This will happen when your position is bitfinex fees margin To calculate the liquidation price we need to know the price to sell the BTC at to end up with that amount: This bitfinex fees margin vary a bit, due to interest payments and fees.

Note that when you bitfinex fees margin margin trading you will be borrowing funds and interest rates will be charged. The rate is determined by our p2p liquidity providing platform and depends on offer and demand. When you open a margin position long or short the needed liquidity will be automatically borrowed at the best available rate.

The system takes the best available offer si. Period is not relevant for matching the margin trader's demand to available offers. When a margin funding contract used in an active margin position expires, bitfinex fees margin system automatically renews the margin funding demand again to the best available offer s. Bitfinex Knowledge Base Trading. How do I close an open position? What interest rate is charged on margin positions? What does it mean to "claim" my position?

To open a short position: Reserved margin funds will be used instead, if available.

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