Another Fork? Bitcoin Gold Project Plans to Fork Bitcoin Next Month

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However, rumors said that Bitcoin Gold in fact is a "scam". Honestly, I would utilize my strategy on getting more fiat and wait for the "dip". But if BTG is a scam, then our "flash-sale" on alts might end sooner than expect since more people will notice that investing in alts now is a better deal than going all in for BTC. Indeed when the market is more mature and investors are getting more rational, these kinds of scams are easily detected and we all should be more cautious of the so-called free money.

Thank bitcointalkorg bitcoin gold for the informative post though. Thanks but this is not my analysis though. Just re-post from a reddit post. I heard that the BTG is going to issue a statement regarding this claim soon today! Bitcoin Gold is a scam? Assuming it survives that, without replay protection, big exchanges won't list it, and wallets won't support it.

The code is unfinished and in flux that no-one can seriously review it yet, and there's no commit for a testnet definition yet. In their Website-Snapshot from the github https: As some of you may know, Bitcoingold is attempting to fork Bitcoin at the 25th of October. However in the past they decided they'll fork during the Bitcoincash date, bitcointalkorg bitcoin gold of which have ended up confusing me thus I've decided to do more research on the matter.

As I dug in deeper Bitcoingold started falling apart in front of my eyes losing all my trust in it. Here is what I've found. First I read about this to get a better idea behind it: This didn't lead me far, Bitcointalkorg bitcoin gold needed to confirm those claims by myself, thus I went to the wayback machine a wayback machine takes snapshots of websites so you can tell what changed in a website over time and picked the August 31 date of the bitcoingold website.

Since they are holding that information bitcointalkorg bitcoin gold from us and hiding it, this makes me believe that, bitcoingold is infact a scam bitcointalkorg bitcoin gold an attempt to milk the Crypto community out of their money, please don't fall into this scam and don't buy bitcoingold, dump it and let others know you bitcointalkorg bitcoin gold even do your own research with the Wayback machine I linked above or any time machine.

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