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Use Xapo email id in Bitcoin to get Paid immediately. Used the app religiously for a whole week and my wallets are still empty after the notification that I should have been paid out. Trying to contact them does not work as all it does is display an ad and then a big black screen after that.

Best app ever, Moon Bitcoin is very reliable as well. I made a Xapo account and I registered my Xapo account email, and the satoshis goes straight to the account without any fees. And to all the people who bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk annoyed by the sheer number of advertisements, you can't just adblock it, the dev team needs it. App is like the webpage. Though fighting the app ads overtop of the website ads is really frustrating as they keep bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk to bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk you to different pages when you press bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk claim button.

I shouldnt have to try three times over to claim my coins when i dont get this issue on the websites via my pc. Will increase star rating when this is addressed. Buggy as all get out. I can not access the faucet. That one pop up that is bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk on the net is there about bitcoinmaker security flaw. Will stick bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk web page direct for now. Hope this gets fixed.

Well, the app contains just too much ads such that you can hardly make a single claim. Just too much popups. Imagine the combination of the popups on the web interface bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk that of AdWords which was also excessive.

Also, if you make claim of one coin now, and you leave to make claim of another, you will need to sign in to the coin again, although you didn't close the app. The app also consumes too much data. Ok the popup ads make this app almost unusable. Also I hate the new wallet system. The cash out is to high for the frustration of the ads. Normally this is were I'd put a referral code but I suggest a different app.

But the advertisements can be annoying at times. For people who's looking to make a lot of money it won't happen. The way I look at it. It's like a savings account you don't have to fund. If you do it 3 times a day. In months you can see potential of 1 bit coin.

And few litecoins and tons of Doge coins. I have it on multiple phones. So basically I have several bank accounts right now. Google Plus Twitter Facebook Reddit.

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We expect moon ethereum. Irie Tumpar Jah love! Miles John Used the app religiously bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk a whole week and my wallets are still empty after the notification that I should have been paid out.

Bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk Google user App is like the webpage. Oloriire Oluwagbamila Well, the app contains just too bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk ads such that you can hardly make a single claim. A Google user Ok the popup ads make this app almost unusable. Bitcoinmoon faucetcoin apk White Like the app.

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