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I definitely feel there will be a bounce back around 5. Im really hoping for a smaller dip myself! It would be great to get some more money into the market: I KNOW we will bounce back, but i think it will be mid April, an everyone in crypto, will be happy campers: I could see some peel back too.

I agree after the lunar new year 2 weeks out we will see some real gains. Agree, bitcoin is getting ready for next m00n flight. All week hands almost sold out in last major drop. New weak hands are joining the crypto bandwagon now. Expect another major dip sometime this year again. Take your profits when the market is green again: Last 4 years the worst time of the year for crypto were around end of january-february.

Then a little dip around mid june people taking profits mostly Certainly i will do take profits around june. And followed by the way. Great news that the US government is not opposed to cryptocurrency. I am really hoping the market slightly goes down so i can snag up more crypto on the dip. The banks HATE it! The banks will do everything they can to bash and Decentralization.

Crypto is the future. Looking forward to the end of the Lunar New Year to see if we can get some more positive action in the market. I guess I just don't understand what the Lunar New Year means for the Asians but I agree tends to be going on a bit too long. Do they not understand how they are stressing us all out LOL. Most factories close for 2 weeks during Chinese New Year. They really take it seriously. During the Lunar New Year, Asian family has a lot of extra expenses e.

They usually get the extra bonus from work if they have a good boss. Otherwise, they may need to get the money from elsewhere, like selling their investment. You cannot go home and tell your wife. We are not gonna to give red pocket this year because my Bitcoin is in losing position. Its been nice seeing green. The next days is going cool to watch as this is my first year in and finally get to see what happens after the Lunar New Year. FunFair has a lot of news and rumors swirling around it.

I've heard they've moved up the launch of their platform from this summer to late February - early March. Could be a reason it's surging higher than other coins. I can see funfair having a good future. One of the tokens I bought and held and just forgot about, I know I'll have nice surprise One day.

This would be great to get all the NEO you wanted, so let's hope. Before crypto wasn't that popular like it became in late Nov and Dec Nowdays anywhere u go ppl talking crypto. A lot more ppl wil be joining.

I personally don't think BTC is going lower than 7k bitcoincrypto moon shot cryptocurrency bull runwhere will it go too if that, 8k is fair enough: D not too early or bitcoincrypto moon shot cryptocurrency bull runwhere will it go too late to get in.

There are many that talk about it but don't invest. Crypto is still in its infancy The future is very bright. I am looking forward to buy Eth, NEO, and funfair.

I am working on the dream portfolio for What altcoins are eyeing currently? Part of me would love for that to happen, but the other scares me. In all, 5K would be beautiful!

Every time I see your screenshot of CMC, it is different from when I check it after watching your video. I bitcoincrypto moon shot cryptocurrency bull runwhere will it go too hoping for a bigger dip to buy into! Was also really good to hear that the USA is not immediately trying to come in and shut everything down, like they have been known to do before I really appreciate your videos Zach and Max.

I think that your timeline seems pretty accurate as to lunar new year brief rise followed by a few stagnant weeks. I'm looking forward to the next bull market in March or April. Current Neo Price has me picking up a nice chunk too! Zach and the gang. Thanks again for keeping our eyes on the prize. My mom always loved to say "This too shall pass", and I've heard her often the past few weeks Pondering question that I would love to hear an answer to bitcoincrypto moon shot cryptocurrency bull runwhere will it go too anyone has one - what effect does low coin prices have on the projects?

In the stock world, low stock prices drive up the companies' cost of capital, making it more difficult for the company to develop new tech - not sure what the effects would be here - does anyone know? Good to see things looking up, but yeah the FOMO going on is a bit much, its good to keep things in perspective and be realistic currencies will grow much more exponentially later in March-April.

Why can't I hear any videos on steem? Is it just me? YouTube and everything else is working fine Just can't hear anything on here. I think the dip has been good, I feel like it is chasing off a lot of the "get rich quick" investors so that now we can focus more on the tech behind it.

I really enjoy your content but I think you use "moon shot" a bit much. I think that for the sake of the tech we should maybe hope for steady level growth and more stability certantly for the long run. Sorry to pop your bubble literally, but this proves that the media is influencing the market. The market cap is too small and can be easily influenced, by whales and institutions. The only way for Bitcoin to build a healthy support, is new technologies like the lighting network.

Hard to tell, there is alot of good development news starting to surround LTC so it could moonshot at any time.

The cryptocurrency market is on the rise. Let's go over some crypto news! Authors get paid when people like bitcoincrypto moon shot cryptocurrency bull runwhere will it go too upvote their post. Once lunar New Year ends the market cap is gonna surpass the previous highs!

Thought the dip was going to drop to so I waited. Now its 8k again lol. Let's hope this is another moon shot. Neo has so much potential it will be a giant. All we need is China to embrace it. Not opposed for the moment. They change there minds fast. Your right on, Asians are so selfish with their Lunar New Year. New follower and upvote from me!

Thanks for the positive outlook! Can't argue with that, a lot of ppl still finding out about it. Bitcoin will certainly hit the 5k mark again and if so Im going in huge! Believe you can and you're halfway there.

I expect more growth soon after Lunar New Year. Great to see Green and the market moving in bitcoincrypto moon shot cryptocurrency bull runwhere will it go too right direction! The market is starting to move in the right direction.

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Can Bitcoin recover from the recent market crash and go on a bull run greater than last year? According to a report by CNBC , there is a high chance that this will happen. The recent cryptocurrency sell-off came after massive price rises for many coins last year. Other major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Ripple rose over 8, percent and 32, percent respectively.

What do you guys think? Is a crypto moonshot possible? Or will the prices never recover from January's crash? It would certainly be nice if cryptos went on a bull run like Reading old predictions, however, makes it seem like it might have become too big too quickly.

The correction, while brutal, is probably healthy. I totally agree with you. In fact, I wrote this other article about how the crash is good as most exchanges are struggling to keep up with the increasing volume that is being traded every day. I guess too much too soon is never good aye? I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in: I've seen this news like yesterday. The media is really trying to fool people on this one. Trying to shill and fud at the same time.

If you look at the chart on cryptocurrencies. You can pick your flavour really. Everything has become overpriced. Thanks for the comment! Personally, I've kinda lost faith in Bitcoin, but I think there are a few other currencies that will definitely shine in Still, there are a lot of extraneous factors that might affect the outcome.

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Even though the price rises were massive, some experts it could be even bigger this year. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Coins mentioned in post: Now the question is "Is this going to burst?

Thank you so much for the support!