Tesla’s Shock Value Is Wearing Off

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February 17, 1: Apple has bitcoin value 2011 cadillac a few hundred people, including some new hires from the auto industry, on a skunkworks project to do the early development of an electric vehicle resembling a minivan. Such a car would challenge Tesla Motors Inc. If Titan results in a real car, Apple must be ready for such challenges as growing safety rules and an ever-changing regulatory environment for zero-emission vehicles.

They could work with car companies to put Apple inside. Steve Zadesky, vice president of iPhone product design, is leading the car project, according to a person familiar with the project. Zadesky was given permission to create a 1,person team and poach employees from different parts of the company, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The iPhone maker may be looking at the car business simply because it needs a way to spend money, said Sam Jaffe, a senior research analyst at Navigant Consulting Inc.

The future of the car industry is how to replicate the design ethos of consumer electronics. Falling gasoline prices have pushed down sales of fuel-efficient cars. Nissan dropped the price on its electric Leaf to boost sales and GM lowered prices on the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt for the same reason. Electric cars are still a tiny portion of global sales. Nissan needed three years to sellof its Leaf EV.

The company plans to sell 55, this year bitcoin value 2011 cadillac is still losing money. There is even an open question about EVs being the right choice for the future, said Eric Noble, president of The CarLab, an automotive consulting firm in Orange, California.

The California Air Resources Board, whose clean-air rules for cars tend to be adopted by many other states and also influence federal emissions standards, requires automakers to produce a certain percentage of zero-emission vehicles for sale in the state. They can be hydrogen fuel cell-powered, electric or hybrid vehicles.

Changes to the regulations now bitcoin value 2011 cadillac hydrogen-powered vehicles because they can be refueled faster than electric cars can be recharged and can often drive longer before needing to fill up. Also, state tax rebates for hydrogen fuel cells can be double that given to buyers of electric cars. These incentive programs may start to turn the tide toward hydrogen over electric drive, Noble said.

Both Toyota and Honda plan to sell fuel-cell vehicles in the U. Toyota has wound down its electric RAV4 sport utility vehicle and Honda stopped selling the electric Fit subcompact. While electric cars may turn out to be the wave of the future, there is no question that they are a tough business now.

They are following Tesla and Google. The carmaker has been blunt about the challenges and costs of high-volume manufacturing. In an earnings call with analysts on Feb. Tesla is a couple of years ahead on this front. GM is bracing for the possibility of a similar fine after recalling 2.

The fine is big enough that GM Chief Finance Officer Chuck Stevens said this month that the carmaker will likely delay a decision bitcoin value 2011 cadillac return more cash to shareholders until after bitcoin value 2011 cadillac company sees what its fine will be.

Dealing with government safety rules and investigations has gotten tougher and very expensive. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration is scrutinizing cars and safety bitcoin value 2011 cadillac more closely. While vehicle quality has steadily improved for the industry, last year saw a record number of recalls as carmakers contend with stiffer safety rules.

Carmakers recalled 64 million vehicles, which was double the record set inaccording to data from NHTSA. So why would Apple bother? Apple could just use its mastery of human-to-machine interaction and make drive controls or self- driving car technology, Noble said. That way they could profit from their expertise without the headaches of being a true carmaker, he said. Filed under FP Tech Desk. Apple Inc's electric car dreams must face nightmares of the auto industry. Canadian NHL teams don't often win the Stanley Cup now, but their rabid fan base still makes them big winners.

Even a modest increase in interest rates in Toronto and Vancouver is a concern for most buyers. Find Financial Bitcoin value 2011 cadillac on Facebook.

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