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Here is the bitcoind release 0. Now on an XP machine, the same code when exiting using any of the 5 ways mentioned previously, produce first this which Windows7 doesn't let you see! I still claim, that https: There has to be someone who has seen this on bitcoind. If not, then I will just continue bitcoin qt vs bitcoind windows 7 as if I am the only person in the world running bitcoind. I think this is a number that is too big to be ignored, don't you?

And the link to nathanj git gui. Bitcoin qt vs bitcoind windows 7 links suggested that one fork and clone from a "tags" selection rather than a "branches" selection. And if one or the other, then does one select the latest version from the "branches" choice, or master? Or does it matter? Depends on what you want to do i guess.

Still did not find the time to update but you can just copy paste the easywinbuilder directory. Maybe should be separate. Quote When you say "No crashing here. What is coin control? Does "coin control" affect the result? But also regual 0. Coin Control is a cool feature that my patched version has. There is a thread about the latest version by cozz it somewhere around.

All have their pita quotients. I like the ability bitcoin qt vs bitcoind windows 7 view all the classes, etc. From the commit it seems like you are not stopping it but terminating it with ctrl-c:: You need to do "namecoind stop" from a second command window will rpc into the daemon. Does your or anyone's but mine windows bitcoind.

Ron nope, i'm on windows 8. Thanks for responding, I thought no one is reading these "musings". My aim is to get the latest, say 0. This is what I can't do now, unless I create yet another identity, which I have no problem with! Quote Quote I will look again at your code, but it seems you bundle all the sources of an older version inside?

Quote Quote When you say "No crashing here. Are you talking bitcoind. I claim the former, bitcoind. I didn't say I compiled it, just developed. I do a one letter batch file to compile, i. The bitcoin qt vs bitcoind windows 7 grail, for me at least, as I have stated previously, is to have a MS solution, project, workspace, call it what you will, that one can compile, run, debug, port to any Windows machine, etc.

I tried that and I see this: Unable to bind to 0. Bitcoin is probably alre ady running. Failed to listen on any port. I guess I'll try the 3 combinations! But what if bitcoind. Shouldn't Windows have it too? If so, my fix would have saved the day, I claim! Have you tried XP SP2 compatibility, if it is offered?

Lots of laptops out there, bitcoin qt vs bitcoind windows 7 know, that are more or less frozen in time as to what they can run.

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A lot of the indicators might be quite complicated to code however, so to make things a bit easier, I'll take veleje 's advice and add TA-Lib to the mix. The bowhead API endpoints will be available via localhost 8080 api i.

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