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And that will always be true because there will always be new people coming into the crypto currency realm! Even in 10 or 20 years there will still be new people coming into it!

You can find someone in your local area with money to invest and bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable for a small fe if your advice helps them make a lot of money! And if you haven't heard of Bitconnect, now is your time to learn about something that can become one of your favorite passive income streams next to to bitcoin Mining with Lifetime COntracts http: So for example, if you click this link, http: But the way you spend money is very important to understand!

Do you see now how this works? Imagine if you ran a pyramid scheme, and you offered to pay someone 1 percent interest compounded daily! And you paid the first users using investment from new users, and paid the new users from investment from even new users, and so on, and in US dollars this system is bound to collapse. Here is the SEC website explaining this example and the report in Image form. So I want you all to do some math in your head! It is based on the Decentralized blockchain based Bitconnect Coin WHICH is up there with the top altcoins as a viable cryptocurrency someone can use as simply a store of value!

And it's all in a decentralized crypto currency It would be impossible, and aso, the price of bitconnect would drop to 0 and noone would want it and so it makes more sense to NOT do that. Not that it would eben be possible! You can't just run of with this Million dollars worth of bitconnect, lol, it doesn't work that way. The bitconnect coin makes the creators far more money of the program they have in place!

The bitconnect website offers an exchange and many claim this is the only exchange but anyone can buy and sell Bitconnect coin for bitcoin, anyone can offer to sell or buy bitconnect coins, maybe no one else has a bitcoin to bitconnect exchange right now but for example bittrex could trade bitconnect one day! Then imagine how much it will go up! It is a decentralized crypto currency that you can also MINE. Now after seeing posts bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable yuliana about her success with bitconnect I want to help skeptical beginners see the real innovative technology behind bitconnect coin.

I don't blame people for being skeptical Well by "ReInvesting" into bitconnect, you're buying back shares, in a sense. Buy investing profits back into the bitconnect coin, you are first of all, switching from fiat inflationary US dollar for a Limited finite crypto currency like bitconnect coin! This coin is simply benefitting from all of Bitcoins positive attributes, the qualities of being a deflationary international cryptocurrency and its connection with bitcoin is going to keep Bitconnect Coin going up for a very long time!

Now a funny example of how this sort of "Working Ponzi" is Mt. This is like a Back to the Future Stock Market paradox If you go back in time to invest in the stock market thinking you know the future prices, you'll immediately change things and mess with the way things happen, and the future prices you have records of will change!

So it makes MORE sense to keep it going! Just like bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable poloniex makes more of their trading fees than they ever could stealing their customers money!

Greed keeps them from bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable the wrong thing! We must "think holographically" Like Alex Collier the ET contactee recommends, it is the best way to understand global finance systems and the economy! Things are all changing so fast and any popular crypto currency is going to be valuable and Bitconnect coin is going to remain a powerful blockchain with many users to come now that it is in the top of coinmarketcap at the 15 spot and steem is only 22 Steem was at 12 a month or so ago at around million dollar market cap but we WERE the 2 under Ripple and Bitcoin back last summer!

It will make you money just bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable Steem or EOS or any altcoin or even Bitcoin will make you money, but we should understand that multi level marketing combined with Bitcoin is going to allow for sustainable profits for a very very long period of time! So use tools like Instagram Snapchat even Craigslist to post ads promoting these passive income systems! I also recommend http: This is something you can bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable to start your journey, and then put some money into Bitconnect when you're comfortable, and soon you'll all be enjoying passive income, and it won't always be this easy!

This won't be an option for as many of us as it is right now! So if you don't have any money to invest, you always have the ability to earn money on stemit! That is where I get all the money I use to invest!

You get paid in Half stempower half SBD here on steemit so you can be a team player like sweetsssj and gigafart and teamsteem and stellabelle and barely ever power down and just use your liquid SBD to sel for BTC and use to get yourself into Bitconnect and pool. I haven't even fully done this as much as I could yet but i am not afraid of someone taking this idea before I have a chance to do it because you're all in different cities! You all have your own local craigslist audience and i PROMISE you that you'l find leads that will be calling and emailing you if you create an Ad like I did on craigslist here https: And if someone as crazy and incoherent as me can attract potential bitcoin enthusiasts bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable Steemit and bitconnect with a craigslist ad then imagine what YOU can do with your own genuine craigslist ad!

This is what I am most struggling with in my life! The Ultimate first world problem of having such bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable comfortable life that I have to push myself to work harder everyday, including forcing myself to watch Rap videos in order to keep my eyes on bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable prize watching stacks of cash lamborghinis big house private jets but that's all a symbolic placeholder because for me I want business prestige, I want employees who love me, I want to change the way people think about passive income and the developing world!

I want to use the money that some would spend on luxury items and bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable want to hire people in Africa like tj4real and bania and cryptoactive and xpency and ogoowinner from Nigeria and ghana which are all part of Team Africa on Steemit supported by stelabelle and thejohalfiles steemit whales who help us promote these causes!

Get your steempower ready! Steem will make us MORE money than bitcoin! Yes I believe crypto is one of the tools we will need for us to evolve and shift to a higher level. Much work will also be needed in many other arenas. It will take many generations of children being born into a crypto world where a consumer based bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable economy can be replaced with an Austrian deflationary economic model with crypto as its base.

Then we can move toward, for lack of a better term, love based economy and not a War economy then we can evolve to higher state. You have just received a 0. Check Out My Blog! Only you are paid in dollars not btc or even bcc. Bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable is seen as a hedge against bitcoin crashes as you can convert the dollars paid into btc at better rates. If it survives a prolonged downturn. Price goes up, and u ake money!

I was also interisted with to invest ethtrade before for 10 dollars you can invest at ethtrade but I heard that they are not paying anymore. I been watching Bitconnect for months and just invested before watching this video. So far so good. And theres only around 5 million coins so imagine when bitconnect begins to be used like litecin etc, any big blockchain has value!

If you have questions about bitcoin steemit crypto or making money mining or marketing, feel free to email me zackza gmail. Authors get paid when people bitcoin mining ponzi crazy sustainable you upvote their post. Amazing post, you are great Thanks for sharing my friend ackza.

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Then the stock began to trend sideways for a few hours on the 5minute chart. I was still new to cryptos, and having been concerned at the volatile nature of the market decided to give a go to the so called arbitrage coins platform. I know you cant on coinspot but there is no warning that I can see on BTC.

It aims to protect brands consumers from counterfeiting using blockchain powered product verification by providing unique. This can magnify your profits, though it can have the same effect on your losses.