PCI-Express Riser/Extender Test

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Guide to building GPU open air rig. One or two PSU's. How to do this safely without damaging gear and bitcoin mining pcie card tester costs.

This is my fourth guide. Guide 1 and 2 covered off basic and more advanced mining on your already setup single GPU rig. Guide 3 covered configuring windows to get max performance and preparation for installing multiple GPU's. How many GPU's do you want to run. Personally I am not a fan of running more than 4 GPUs on one rig but you can push it to 5 without too much issues.

Above 5, any issue and the whole rig if offline. It is tricky to trouble shoot the problem the more cards you have. Support for more than 4 cards becomes limited and requires more bitcoin mining pcie card tester knowledge to get it all going and configured.

If you want to run 4x ti they use W each at stock settings. You will also need risers which use upto 75W each. So in theory you will need a W PSU as you always want to leave some overhead. So you can easily run this bitcoin mining pcie card tester on a W PSU. If you plan to run 5x you might be able to get away with an W PSU. You need to do the calculations.

You must also consider the power efficiency of the PSU. Bitcoin mining pcie card tester and platinum PSUs are a must as you can run them closer to their max output safely and they actually save you A LOT of money in power over a year.

Enough that the higher rated the PSU the faster it will actually pay for itself in savings. I always buy Platinum only. Another method is running two power supplies but again you want to avoid this if you can. Risers are great for keeping the heat down and spacing the cards. I recommend full size slots. If the layout on the motherboard allows for good spacing 3, if not only 2.

If you bitcoin mining pcie card tester using cards that are wide and take up 2 or more slots you might have no choice but to go with 2 GPUs on the motherboard. The rest will go on risers which require power. I used a couple of 5 year old motherboards recently I had lying around.

This is pretty easy. Get the cheapest you can find of all three. A good CPU is the itel i5 t. This version runs with super low power and can still do very good CPU mining which bitcoin mining pcie card tester basically free on your mining rig.

SDD must be at least 64GB so just get the cheapest you can find. Any 4GB of ram is fine 2x 2GB dual channel is ideal. Case or no case. Custom built or on the cheap. If you want to build inside a case you can but you will only be able to fit two cards in there.

The other two cards will be on the outside via the riser cable which are only 60cm generally. I don't recommend this but if you just want a 2 GPU rig building inside a case is ideal.

In that case you want blower style cards such as this. They suck air from the side fan and blow all the hot air directly outside the case. You can use these in open air rigs too. The other style generally has 2 or 3 fans on the side and all hot hair is blown out the top of the cards. You can build your rig on anything. There is custom metal rigs you can buy or you can build a wooden one easily as found on sites like this one.

Parallel miner have some cool alum ones and also stock risers etc. Alternatively you can get shelfing or metal shelfing like I have done with wheels on, or just sit your motherboard on any non conductive surface such as a wooden board or the box the motherboard came in with the foam on the top. You can sit this anywhere you want really. The only danger is bumping the rig and moving the cards in the slots which may cause the rig to crash. You can secure these in several ways.

It's different for each country about generally you want to get the best deal. Bitcoin mining pcie card tester new is best for the GPUs unless you can get the original receipt and it still under warranty as they hold value well. Only buy second hand if bitcoin mining pcie card tester is a really good deal.

Everything else can be picked up second hand as long as it's a really good price. PSU you may want new. New Egg and Amazon have good deals popup all the time. You can use aliexpress to buy small components like risers and PSU pass through and they are very cheap but can take 20 days to ship with free shipping. If you can find a local supplier that is ideal. For this guide I will give instruction on how to build it directly on top of the motherboard box as that is the cheapest and most simple method but you can build it on any non conductive surface or on the scavenged plate from a case that has spacer nuts on.

I also assume you have basic PC building skills and know how to install windows. If not you can google those basic skills which are very simple. Most of the cables will be at the back of the motherboard going to the cards directly connected to the motherboard so behind the motherboard either to the left or right is an ideal position. Make sure it is firmly in the slot and clipped in. Press it in firmly at the end that doesn't have the power connected to ensure its fully in the slot.

Then power on the PC. You will need bitcoin mining pcie card tester metal object like a screwdriver or you can use a switch salvaged from an old PC or purchase a basic switch.

You may have to refer to the motherboard manual to find out which 2 pins you need to short to power on the PC. Most Motherboards will have it labelled and it usually the two pins with red next to them. Just touch both pins at the same time with any metal object. At this stage bitcoin mining pcie card tester will need a monitor keyboard and mouse connected so you can see if the computer boots up and works. Use this guide to configure windows so you have everything required to start mining.

Power down your computer and install any cards you can onto the motherboard and connect them bitcoin mining pcie card tester the PSU. Install riser cards to either Large Bitcoin mining pcie card tester or small pci-e slots. You can only install it backwards into the large slots by mistake the small slots are idiot proof.

You can sit a riser on a flat surface but they can easily fall over. You could lie a card down on any non conductive surface but this is not good for heat. Ideally you want to have them cable tied and hanging like pictured below or fixed into a custom rig so they are screwed down and there is no pressure on the riser.

Because you are using risers this uses more power connectors from your PSU. Best practice is to power your riser with a 6 pin pci-e power connector directly from your PSU.

Other options for power include Sata-to-6pin pci-e only provides 54W to riser or Molex 4 pin provides 75W to riser. You can also get 2x Sata to pci-e or 2x Molex and I think these provide more Wattage. Unfortunately this is sometimes not enough power and can damage your riser and GPU. Please do research before using this method. Generally most cards should be fine on 75W but high power cards like and ti are probably not safe to use with this kind of power connector, these are connected to the sata or molex power connectors on the PSU you must be aware of how much power they can bitcoin mining pcie card tester on their rail.

I personally always power off the PSU which is why I don't bitcoin mining pcie card tester do more than 4 cards in a bitcoin mining pcie card tester. Make sure all connectors are pushed in firmly. Listen for a single post beep. If you hear this it is likely working even if nothing comes up on the monitor. If you get no display but everything seems to be running, bitcoin mining pcie card tester the monitor cable from card to card until you find the one that is doing the display.

Usually it will be one of the cards on a riser you maybe able to change this in the bios depending on your motherboard. As it boots to windows again the screen might got blank. Leave it bitcoin mining pcie card tester 10 minutes and come back. To detect three or more new cards it can take a while. Open device manager and check display adaptors.

They should all be showing in there or you can have it open and they will slowly appear. Below is my 2 card test rig. Once they are all showing configure windows as per guide 3 and setup a miner yourself or by following 1 or 2 guide. If you have all the same cards you can link them and set all the settings the same but I still find each card will need small individual tweaks. Have all other settings on defaults bitcoin mining pcie card tester can clock the speeds up later once you are sure it's stable.

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