How to Build a Simple Bitcoin Trading Bot, Part 2

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The mobs and I are trading cryptocurrencies with bots. Do we care about identity, privacy, security and financial inclusion? This is an introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralization and reasons to care. I allow myself to participate in the natural wonders of the planet when I'm not trading crypto. How do I store the economic energy of my time and freedom? How do I leak economic energy of my time and freedom?

Therefore, I should aim to make a living by making money. As human beings we have the ability to develop tools which help us with daily life. Discoveries and inventions are initially psychological in nature. They arise in the mind and manifest as technologies. As we progress we also develop tools that are beneficial for all life, not just our own. This should be the case, especially with the breakthrough innovation enabled by Bitcoin.

Blockchain technology is primarily a psychological revolution arising out of the needs of the people and their realizations of keeping together following the financial crisis. It is an open-sourcing of the particular scientific breakthrough in the science of distributed computing: This technological feat has advanced since its initial conception but the fact remains that its transparent release into the open was an unusual decision of great magnitude, and this decision was made and accepted by human beings with a vision.

Bitcoin was first, all the others are altcoins. There are many types of altcoins, some are cryptocurrencies. For simplicity, this article refers to all altcoins as cryptocurrencies.

Over time it is worth getting to know the debatable difference between securities, commodities, tokens, and utilities if one is a cryptocurrency trader. At the Bitcoin blockchain core, random numbers are the cause of disruption in the current system, advancing the innovation towards a new and unknown horizon.

Such design forms part of the risk we are assessing. I want to understand how to invest and trade, both manually and with the help of a bot. I have a need to know because I feel I would enjoy making money in this way. I resonate with the founding values of the open-sourced computer science breakthroughs, which upon deeper inspection, are psychological in nature: I care about businesses and technologies which add value to greater harmony on the planet.

Therefore, I must buy bitcoin first and I must understand that I am responsible for understanding everything about how to do so. Please read my article about secure bitcoin storage. By buying and using bitcoin, I am supporting the entire movement. The question of need is important. However, from a different viewpoint, as a human being living on a wonderful planet I should not have to have a need for blockchains. I only do because the extent of manipulation in every sector is beginning to have a major impact on my personal life and the lives of millions of people I do not know mostly unsuspecting , therefore affecting life in general on this planet.

I do not have a need unless I participate in the macroeconomic order at my individual scale. I do this by accepting the monetary system as it is in order to receive payment for services rendered and in order to pay for food and shelter using commonly accepted means.

Meanwhile, it seems that I have been hypnotized to tolerate trusting completely unknown impersonal transnational agendas with my time and freedom. These agendas simply take my economic energy because they can legally do so through loopholes as long as I have no interest in the truth. Moreover, the perpetuation of this misunderstanding is seeded at the deepest levels of psychological immaturity.

Some call it fear, uncertainty and doubt. I need to include myself in society if I wish to travel and be certain I can provide basic necessities by accepted means of exchange. However, the inceptive open-sourced blockchain technology, when understood at its core, allows people to create their own jurisdictions and financial exchange systems completely outside of the existing paradigm.

We remain stuck in the old habits by our own tolerance of them, by the lack of need arising from carefully planned transnational psychological agendas, and the by the lack of experiential values of privacy, security and inclusion. When we try to make easy profits by trading cryptocurrencies instead of claiming responsibility of the new paradigm to use them, we are gambling away the possibility to create the life we wish for on the planet.

We make the cryptocurrency market. We need to use cryptocurrencies for their value to be driven by network effects. Otherwise we may be seized by profit seeking manipulations of the old paradigm. When used responsibly, the general function of a cryptocurrency allows me to claim financial sovereignty and thus be able to send and receive money instantly, privately and securely, anywhere and at any time.

With the same technology I can responsibly build entire businesses outside of all jurisdictions, free from all regulation. Policies, guidelines and regulatory frameworks may be necessary as with law enforcement but these technologies allow people to co-create outside of their reach. To complete work, I can sign my aims by mutual agreement in code and collaborate with a corresponding network to deliver the results.

Perhaps like a social operating system. This human-machine interplay is leading towards the emergence of code in the form of artificially intelligent algorithms which are the dawn of consciousness-assisted technology and technology-assisted consciousness.

Are rapid advancements a good idea? I agree with Stephen Hawking about being careful with the development of artificial intelligence: Networks built by people as opposed to governments, institutions, high-tech corporations and similar stakeholders are forming decentralized organizations which are potentially capable of resolving major global challenges such as wars, poverty and the environmental crisis.

Why is this happening? People have a need. Life on the planet has a need. Perhaps this may be temporarily the case with the energy question around Bitcoin application-specific integrated circuit ASIC mining.

My personal project listed in the footer section of this article proposes a method of approach to new energy research and development. After spending two years in the space overcoming ridiculous obstacles out of my own pocket, and after being ridiculed for proposing crowdfunding for fuelless open source energy systems, I know the mobs on both sides have a long way to go in their personal developments.

We have some time, and that time is palpable when observing our natural cohabitat on Earth. There is a crisis but the responsibility is individual, not something to suffer from and worry about. I may only be an influence of inspiration by setting an example at most. Business owners may benefit from new forms of accounting which include ledger traits such as immutability, auditability and trust, especially across jurisdictions with multi-stakeholder databases and assets. It is part of a new business model for the open source movement.

No company can disrupt decentralization because it is a fundamentally new paradigm belonging to the people. People have succeeded in building a trustless system: This code within the machine is the convergence and fruit of hundreds of years of discoveries by many people, its release is the risk people have taken.

Therefore, people are obtaining quick training to specialize in blockchain development but they have little connection to the values for which the technology was developed. They go work for the old paradigm, perpetuating business as usual. At the moment, the top applications of cryptocurrency technologies from all sides are not much more than promises with small-scale use cases. People are at work however, and it is a rather silent revolution.

Meanwhile intelligent and well organized cyber-criminals and Robin Hoods are the ones in the rockets sojourning other planets. We must not only work together but keep together. I must not only work together but keep together. If enough university students were to find out about the powers given to them through cryptocurrencies, their abilities to use this power could have a dramatic impact on civilization within a short time span.

The current paradigm of greed and control hides its mission in plain sight: The data is used as a profiteering control mechanism. The overseers understand how habits are positioned in the minds of people as much as they understand how cryptocurrencies are positioned in the minds of the people. The psychological obscurement of reality has been going on according to plan for centuries. One may lose all funds and not understand why.

I would not recommend getting involved with cryptocurrency trading to anyone who does not have at least a general appreciation of the general functioning and potential of a computer, the telecommunications industry, the Interweb, and Artificial Intelligence.

The majority of humanity is of a certain character, going about its daily life using ubiquitous technology as if it always existed. Among unsuspecting people there exists a force known only to a few: This information is then transposed into unique buys and sells but looks like any other orderbook entry.

Due to the impossibility of global regulations without a spooky transnational government, these personalities are currently able go undetected by loopholes in the habits of humanity, namely ignorance and carelessness.

I must understand that my ability to relate to computers and machines must expand at the pace of innovation in order to remain in the game. Constant learning requires space and a flexible mind. Bitcoin that is pulled from markets takes away liquidity and can drive volatility. In a free market, pump and dumps happen daily. Jumping in on them is fun and may be profitable but this is like gambling with the life of this planet. If I buy cryptocurrencies and merely wait for profits, to some extent, I am participating in the stagnation of the market instead of its flourishing.

The cryptocurrency daytrader may witness a whale when looking at the chart prices which have suddenly risen or fallen by a few hundred percent. Do I understand decentralization, distributed ledger technologies and the blockchain revolution or do I simply want to make money fast? The breakthrough science behind crypto currency technologies is a tool which can assist in resolving some of the major global challenges on the planet today. Blockchains baffle even the ripe polymaths of today. By trading cryptocurrencies without knowing what they are I might be ignorantly supporting the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence.

Most of the projects behind cryptocurrencies aim at the development of such technologies. Without knowing this, I may act like a volunteer puppet pawn in the price manipulation of the entire market. The big players know about my bots and my psychology and my budget.