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Kindly follow the steps below: Click on the Start button to initiate the process. The next screen request that you scan a QR code On your phone [either Android or iPhone], generate an address Click on the Scan button so the system reads your generated address This is the final screen where you can cancel the transaction, any action from here cannot be cancelled. Once the address is read, it is displayed on the screen, you can confirm by comparing it with that on your phone.

Next you are asked to insert your dollar bill. Kindly place your money on the blinking platform. The amount you place is shown on the screen You can continue adding to the amount. A thank you screen is shown indicating the amount of coins you are to expect and the address to which the coins will be delivered. Your bitcoin amount is now shown in your wallet after 10 minutes.

Ghana BTC Exchange is a unique crypto-currency exchange created with the goal of making crypto-currency trading easier and more reliable. We bitcoin exchangers in ghana to provide our users with an exchange platform environment that is safe and secure, as well as fair and ethical. This user guide is here to assist traders in navigating the system easily and in trading successfully.

Users of the exchange platform with the aid of this guide should bitcoin exchangers in ghana able signup, deposit funds, participate in trading and withdraw funds. To be able to use the exchange platform, the user has to join the platform by signing up with email and password. The user can then deposit funds into their bitcoin exchangers in ghana and then participate in the trade. The bitcoin exchangers in ghana is presented with a simple, comprehensive interface.

The interface includes form fields where the user types and uploads relevant documents. The system comes with alert notifications, email and SMS notifications when interacting with the system. A typical sequence of using the system: Anyone looking forward to participate in the exchange of fiat currency Ghana Cedis for Bitcoin or vice versa must go through this process.

Personal information is captured during this process as part of the KYC processes. The captured information is verified, after which, the user is authorized to use the system. A valid email address and password is a requirement for this process. Enter the URL africoinX. The password should have at least 6 characters and it's better to contain uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

If you already have an account on the Exchange, you can go ahead to enter your email and password used in signing up. A confirmation link is sent to the email address used in Step 2. Click on the URL in the email to verify the email used. In order to get your account on the exchange bitcoin exchangers in ghana, the system requires a KYC approval.

This is confirmed by Administrator after reviewing and confirming the provided information is valid. Enter valid information in the form fields provided: Providing a phone number will make your account more secure. You can quickly reset your password and your account operations will be notified via SMS. SMS Authentication is required for withdrawal and other sensitive account actions. A 6-digit verification code is sent to the number provided.

Make bitcoin exchangers in ghana the provided Phone Number belongs to owner of the account and active. Keying in wrong verification code will not active 2 Factor authentication.

Unverified accounts cannot go ahead to the exchange. Funds are required to be able to buy or sell bitcoin exchangers in ghana in the exchange. A buyer must have fiat currency bitcoin exchangers in ghana to his account, which will be used for the bidding for bitcoin. A seller on the other hand must have bitcoin in his exchange wallet account in order to be able to ask for bids. Trading refers to the buying and selling of Bitcoin. This is where fiat currencies are exchanged for Bitcoin for buyers and Bitcoin are exchanged for fiat currencies for sellers.

Users can withdraw or take out funds from the exchange. Users, who joined to buy Bitcoin, can withdraw Bitcoin after successful purchase. Likewise, a user who joined to sell Bitcoin can withdraw Ghana Cedis after successful trades. Process Overview To be able to use the exchange platform, the user has to join the platform by signing up with email and password. The Funds page has two sections: Deposited amounts will be credited to your account after confirmation from Finance Department.

Bitcoin exchangers in ghana take note of the Unique Identification Code, should any case arise, you will have to provide it as reference for the Deposit transaction. The exchange generates unique addresses for users for deposits.

Do not use that address outside of the exchange. Please use your external common wallet services, local wallet, mobile application or online wallets for deposits. The exchange requires a minimum of 3 confirmations for account to be credited with Bitcoin. Enter the Volume of Bitcoin you want to buy. Total represents the cost of the volume of BTC being bid for.

This field is automatically calculated by the system. That is, you are at expenditure limit. The user is emptying his or her BTC balance. Click Add Enter Withdraw Amount. Withdrawal Amount can be redeemed from the Finance Department after approval from administrator.

For security purposes an SMS code is required for withdrawal. Phone bitcoin exchangers in ghana associated with account should bitcoin exchangers in ghana be available during withdrawal.

Note that, the page reflects your current balance of Ghana Cedis asset. Bitcoin exchangers in ghana should not be less than BTC 0. Enter 6-digit verification code sent via SMS. Withdrawn amount is sent to the external Wallet address after approval from Administrator. Withdrawal comes with a flat fee of 0. Note that, the page reflects your current balance of BTC asset.

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