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Want To Support The Channel? Follow me On Facebook! This video contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy one of the product linked below, I'll receive a small commission. Rich Dad Poor Dad: Video Condividi Scaricare Aggiungi a. Segwit X2 This is bankers, Mastercard funding a way to erase bitcoin so that they can control all the transactions. Our world is in such financial catastrophe because of bankers, you need to take the power back in your own control, Decentralization is where the power is, do not mistake that!!!

Its not so much that someone is "running" bitcoin, its people who work on the systems to help with updates and to assure that people dont hack the network. So there are teams as there are for all coins, decentralized or not that work on improving the infrastructure and usually finding new ways bitcoin dramasegwit2x vs bip148 uasf buy bitcoin sign guypodcast 010 increase the speed of the network to insure that these can one day be mass adopted for payments.

Do you think this will effect XRP's price at all with bulls or bears??? May I have your opinion on this, if it works? At the moment the information is still bitcoin dramasegwit2x vs bip148 uasf buy bitcoin sign guypodcast 010 in the air, we've heard information from OKCoin and LiveCoin that they will allow people to purchase it.

Bitcoin is slow and the fees are usury. If this isn't fixed might as well call it a day. This seems to be the sentiment at the moment, bitcoin needs to shape up or its all going to go downhill. In the first part of the video you basically said that if large commerical miners went out of the picture that transactions would't get processed but its fairly obvious that you didn't consider the difficulty metric going down with the large decrease in miners.

Confirming 1mb worth of transactions is trivial and doesn't require warehouses of minners. So does that mean it's just not working? Say this does happen, where are we going to be able to buy Bitcoin 2?

Will it be on a traditional platform like coinbase or no? Not nearly as bad as Trump calling the Nazi concentration camps "Holocaust Centers". Bitcoin dramasegwit2x vs bip148 uasf buy bitcoin sign guypodcast 010 same as any other bitcoin clone fork, they do not increase the first chains supply.

There will be two versions of bitcoin. If you have say 3 btc before the split, after the split you will have 3 of old and 3 of new.

No buying, i develop and trade altcoins to earn my btc. Are you planning to buy and if so what and which exchange? Cheers and thanks for all the advice! I can't get past how he talk talk talks then takes a swallow lip smack break.

If the miners went on strike, we could go back to gpu mining, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot. Until Bitcoin or any crypto coin can conduct transactions at today's swipe your card speed they wont be a serious payment method. And leave the coin hoarders behind. So if Bitcoin splits in August, how soon will the second coin appear and when would we be able to buy it? And u can participate in preventing that either help it pass.

Go find experts out there not undereducated individuals, Thank You. There can be more than 21 million bitcoin mined without a split. Changes have to be made to the bitcoin protocol to allow this to happen. I'm one of them. Man this guy got it wrong Also guys, if you don't know which crypto currencies to invest in Miners are arguably the least powerful players in the Bitcoin network.

If all miners stopped mining we would go back to usb miners and maybe even mining on laptops bitcoin dramasegwit2x vs bip148 uasf buy bitcoin sign guypodcast 010 so on. I'd love if all the miners fucked off so I can mine Bitcoin because I've never done it before. We wouldn't though because the difficulty has already increased to the point where it isn't profitable at all to mine bitcoin yourself.

I'm so new to this I don't know what to ask Ive printed a "paper wallet". I have some BTC on Kraken aswell. Will the same thing happen as with eth hard fork? If the miners left, the network difficulty would go extremely low allowing normal people to mine again with normal CPUs and GPUs and they would be the ones in control. It's not miners who are against the soft fork, it's large mining pools like BTC. TOP and Antpool, miners in China are just hijacked by those pools since it's not profitable for them to mine with an oversea pool due to network latency.

On the other hand, if the large pools and corporations get to control Bitcoin, then it will lose it's value since the whole value point of bitcoin is it's a decentralized public ledger. So if you really speak to the users, then you should ask them to stay away from Segwit2x hard fork, because that is a dead coin which probably will bitcoin dramasegwit2x vs bip148 uasf buy bitcoin sign guypodcast 010 abandoned by the miners eventually. After the Bitcoin fork, everyone will use their Ethereum to buy Bitcoin which would make Bitcoin price rise dramatically and the price of ethereum drop.

This oddly enough is a VERY real possibility, i can see a massive panic sell from one side to the other and then a dramatic shift back a few days later. Excellent video man just absolutely excellent! Here, take my sub you beautiful son of a bitch. Hi, I really wonder if the bitcoin split does happen, where I could buy the second bitcoin? What Will happen to mining If we have two types of bitcoins?

Will the mining difficulty be reset on the "new" coin? How safe is to create a paper wallet? Explained To A Child. EOS Announces Dawn 4. Greek4U - Dinata Official Video. Top 10 Bitcoin Facts. What happens to our bitcoins during a hard fork?

Is Bitcoin Going To Fork? What's going to happen if Bitcoin forks? Bitcoin Split- Be Prepared for the Fork.

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