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Project Default Settings Updated to codeigniter 3. Display Email Template tags Fixed: Project and Task comment notifications Version 1. Installer blank page Fixed: CRON email piping run independently Fixed: Disabled menu still accessible Fixed: Database count error messages in decimal separators Added: Run multiple timers in projects and tasks Added: Reports for Invoices, Expenses and Payments Added: Edit timer logs in tasks lists Added: Show all reports in default currency Added: Added Croatian and Serbian language Fix: Customer online registration causing PHP errors when client is not assigned to a company Fix: Duplicate labels in invoice list Fix: Added mobile phone and bitcoin code igniter pdf to main company Update: New design in client details page Fix: Issue with the zip code in invoices Fix: Stripe payments API Fix: Logo and company name display options for login Fix: Invoicr euro symbol for php Fix: Adding new contact created a company instead of adding it to the existing one Fix: Estimate discount code Version 1.

Tooltips for main calendar Added: Added custom login background Added: Added option to hide FO branding Added: Moved new client and update client to modal windows with tabs and extra info Added: Updater allows user to opt in for beta updates Update: Made invoice logo adjustable in size affecting both screen and pdf Update: Consistent and richer modals for both calendars Update: Changed login css Update: Bitcoin code igniter pdf aesthetic changes in projects and a new label in invoices Update: Added summernote in project notes and tickets Fix: Better check for php version in order to use utf8 Fix: Translated invoicr badges and increased font size Fix: Corrected avatar and menu width in mobile Bitcoin code igniter pdf Estimate pdf from option menu uses only invoicr Fix: Invoice starting number Fix: Tax was visible when hide tax was enabled Fix: Edit user field company shows Current and not the selected company Fix: Bitcoin code igniter pdf option not working with mPDF Fix: Link in invoice list always used invoicr Fix: Translated remaining placeholders Fix: Fixed recurring Invoice issue Fix: Settings error missing variable Fix: Gravatar insecure forced ssl Fix: Replaced all progress fields with the noUiSlider Fix: Blank settings page because of usort error in timezone sorting Fix: Default language bitcoin code igniter pdf locale after initial installation Fix: Fixed array in test api response format Fix: Removed pretty photo to avoid vulnerability issues Fix: Removed remote checks from updates page for faster loading Fix: Recurring Invoice issue Fix: Invoice item delete error Fix: Task editable by client through milestone Fix: Username color change for update notification only visible to admin Fix: Inheritance of language and locale to new users Fix: Display default language in dashboard chart Fix: Dashboard avatars for unassigned tasks Fix: Calendar JS error when description contains single quote Fix: Main calendar showing all tasks on the project due date Fix: Typeahead script error Fix: Company update redirect error Fix: Login page not in default language Fix: Translated invoice status for staff and payment status bitcoin code igniter pdf admins Fix: Insert item popup in estimates does not appear Fix: Line breaks in update description Fix: Changed all external links protocol to https Fix: Added currency symbol to all amounts in invoice Fix: Reversed previous changes in invoice status Fix: Reversed previous change in quantity number format Fix: Typeahead items when there is no edit field Fix: Unassigned bug error Fix: Limit dashboard activities to 10 Fix: Dashboard projects table row height issue Fix: Mobile menu hidden under elements Fix: User menu bitcoin code igniter pdf in mobile view Version 1.

Complete new updater including database sync tool Added: Global calendar with Google calendar integration Added: Currency issue when paying via Paypal Fixed: Blank admin page after update Fixed: Purchase code does not save in settings Fixed: Unknown name table format when downloading a Bitcoin code igniter pdf Fixed: Likely related to the PDF problem Fixed: Translator is broken Fixed: Bad Gateway error Fixed: Activities does not clear after viewing Fixed: First contact marked as primary contact Fixed: Staff permissions bitcoin code igniter pdf Fixed: Links error when adding a second link Fixed: Collaborator messages error Version 1.

A new translator, which allows users to easily translate the script Added: Support for multiple currencies and currency per client Added: Timer indicators on top bar navbar Added: Timezone in settings Added: Multiple line support in item descriptions Added: Link management in the project add links to every project Added: Activities can now be translated Added: More mime types e.

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A new release of the InvoicePlane application is available: This is the largest release ever for the InvoicePlane project. We moved many third-party code out of the application, cleaned up the whole user interface and updated every library we use. After a long time without larger updates he project is now more active than before. Please spread the word on social networks if you like InvoicePlane.

Like our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Special thanks to denysvitali for his work on this release and all Beta testers that helped us testing the new version. It is very important that you follow the update instructions that were added to the wiki. If you used InvoicePlane before there are some steps to follow to migrate all data and configuration.

If you upgrade InvoicePlane from version 1. Also, change your database password just to make sure that it is safe. Sorry for the inconveniences. You want your customers to pay their invoices via PayPal, credit card or even Bitcoin? A complete list of all available drivers can be found in the wiki.

InvoicePlane now supports third-party themes and ships with two different themes. Take a look at the themes repository for more information. We finalized the projects and tasks module. Users can now create tasks and organize them into projects.

Tasks can be added to invoices to directly bill them. They are also placeable at specific locations. Please notice that PDF templates need updates if you used custom fields before. Please contact him if you want to use the feature as additional requirements must be fulfilled and an advanced setup is needed.

This is a very important change to separate all configuration data from the application itself. It also improves security as it adds an unique encryption key. The setup can now be disabled completely without the need for the. Just open the ipconfig. Still it does not pull through the custom fields in the email body as was mentioned in the 1.

I just migrated my production 1. I cannot print PDF invoices and get the following errors;. Such errors occur if your HTML is broken somewhere, e. Please check your templates. It is stated in the wiki, that some things have changed for PDF templates.

I added more information about how to properly check your templates for PHP errors: Hi Kovah, any idea how i can fix this? The error with the custom fields not pulling through in the email body? No, not at the moment. I may take a look at it and the fix will be included in 1.

Need to fix some other problems so the version may be released next week. Also the payment settings in Paypal shows Signature field but typing in it is masked like a password field. Getting error page Any thoughts? Cron is working perfectly fine for me.

The custom fields were the problem. I replaced these with standard available user-fields in the template. Email template for quotes is not working properly.

Apparently it is correct when the template is created, but at the time of making use of it, all fields of the sending of the email appear blank. Recurring invoices is working fine for me, instead, I have the same problem that is discussed with online payments.

I just found a little bug on the new version 1. Regarding the error when making an online payment. My error url is: Not sure if this helps, but thought I would throw it out there. Please update your ipconfig. Hi Kovah, many thanks for the new IP version that you released. I read the wiki but for me it is not clear what I should do except for the security fix.

Do I have to run the setup again so the databasetables are migrated as I did with the upgarde from 1. I updated the wiki to make it more clear.

Please notify me if anything is not that clear and I will fix it as soon as possible. My upgrade from 1. Why do the SMTP password need to be entered again? Was it changed somehow? But I may add an option to disable it. And now, more about version InvoicePlane 1. Update instructions for 1. New features 26 new Online Payment providers You want your customers to pay their invoices via PayPal, credit card or even Bitcoin?

Support for Themes InvoicePlane now supports third-party themes and ships with two different themes. Projects and Tasks IP We finalized the projects and tasks module. New custom field types IP User can now select one of four types for custom fields: Sumex Invoices IP denysvitali implemented support for Sumex invoices. Filter products by family IP Users can now filter products by their product family Configuration is now saved in the ipconfig.

Disable the setup without. Other notable changes Overhauled UI for better usability Enhanched select fields Support for non-standard MySQL ports Quote data is now available in invoice PDFs if applicable Two digit year number is now available in quote and invoice numbers Update to CodeIgniter 3 for better performance and security Updates for the mPDf and PHPMailer libraries for better performance and security Password inputs have a meter to indicate the password strength Fixed bugs Recurring invoices should now work correctly Assignment of clients to users was fixed Calculation and read-only was fixed for invoices Payment of credit invoices was fixed Some smaller issues within version 1.

An uncaught Exception was encountered Type: Data has already been sent to output, unable to output PDF file Filename: HI Kovah Thanks for all your great work and dedication to this great package. Thanks again I changed PHP back to 7. My installation is made on: Hello, I just found a little bug on the new version 1. By enabling the console to detect where the error comes from, I have this: For info the filter client works Regards.

You may help a lot of users. No, the general upgrade guide stays the same and the setup needs to be run again. This is only important is the custom css files have been edited in a previous version. To be able to run the setup again, the setup redirect in. Opening these reports in a new window, like invoices do, would be nice.

I have two payment options; Bank and Cash where Bank is the default. Thanks for your input! I will update the wiki accordingly.