Topic (UPDATED) Bitcoin Billionaire Hack & Cheats for Unlimited Hyperbits, Coin Doubler iOS Android

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Have anyone of you played this game? It is a game where it is related to Bitcoin and you mine by tapping and buying investments and getting Hyperbits. The Game is pretty good, the fizz news bar at the top is awesome makes me laugh all the time. I play it from time to time, when I commute from work and to kill time. It is really a fun game, fulfilling one of my dreams to become a bitcoin billionaire even if it is in a game, but hopefully in the future I can do it in real life.

Already saving up to build a mining rig hopefully I can build it. Here is a link on the app store and play store. It's been frustrating how often BB is accused of copying them when, if anything, it was the opposite. It's well documented that PewDiePie ripped these guys off. Bitcoin Billionaire has been out forever. This post has been upvoted from the communal account, minnowsupportby vallesleoruther from the Minnow Support Project.

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Yeah time wasters I checked my stats and up to now I spent 24 hours playing it, that is a lot. That achievement is called Twitchy McSpeedtapper to achieve it you need to have an average of 20 Taps per second. That is the hardest achievement for me. This post received a 4. For more information, click here! Here are screenshots of my current game. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. These are retro games?

No it recently came out, it has retro graphics. It is all about mining bitcoin. Yeah I think it is a similar game haha. I played it, not too much because those idle games are such time wasters What's up with that severed finger with angel wings? Haha You should try to play it, a little bit addicting.

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