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Another way to buy bitcoin is also spreading the word to the masses: These kiosks are popping up in cities where people who want to buy or sell bitcoin can reach them, and many others walking past are still hearing about bitcoin for the first time. This publicity comes with a disturbing catch, though: This prompts an obvious question…. According to their web site, potential customers will need to jump through a series of hoops just to create an account on the machine.

Use of the kiosk requires a valid phone number, four palm scans, a new bitcoin atm seattle taken at the kiosk, and a scan of government bitcoin atm seattle identification. One thing that appeals to people is the virtual anonymity of bitcoin. Not even a government can easily monitor how much is bought, sold, or transferred so long as bitcoin users are careful. What might the people running bitcoin ATMs do with that information?

We reached out to both CoinMe and Robocoinanother bitcoin ATM service using biometric bitcoin atm seattle, with concerns about how they would handle our personal information. Bitcoin atm seattle regulations require personally identifying information in order to conduct financial transactions, and are meant to prevent money laundering and the funding of terrorism. Are these regulations truly in place to keep us safe? Or do they actually enable crime on behalf of the politically connected and those who control such a system?

Simply present your Bitcoin atm seattle code, insert money, and watch the bits rain down into your digital wallet. As technology takes the world beyond centralized currency, the United States will also have to change with the times. Government cannot effectively regulate bitcoin anyway. It is beyond one nation, beyond the federal reserve, and beyond the NSA. There are fundamental questions about privacy and the role of government that need to be answered.

Other nations do not have such ridiculous control over such an amazing technology. When personal computers can easily and privately purchase bitcoin online without biometric scanning, it seems absurd to force biometric authentication for bitcoin ATMs.

The United States is significantly behind the times. Avai is a jack-of-all-trades multimedia artist with a passion for storytelling. He's worked in film, animation, comics, and video games. You can find his work at avai. Avai bitcoin atm seattle his motorcycle without wearing a safety belt. He also loves the idea of a truly open, digital currency Een troonrede voor Bitcoin Haagspraak. Your email address will not be published.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: This prompts an obvious question… Does biometric authentication completely undermine the inherent privacy of bitcoin? View all articles by Avai d'Amico. Pravda Theme by Color Theme.

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