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Inspired by another blogpost I decided to experiment with trading bitcoin arbitrage bot python between different exchanges. Not so long ago there was a hardfork in the blockchain-based cryptocurrency Ethereum. Bitcoin arbitrage bot python means that we now have two Ethereums: The exchanges decided to also support the original cryptocurrency, i.

Since I like Python and Shapeshift and already have an account at Kraken this was the way to go. Naturally we can also trade the other way around. So the final pseudocode is as follows.

I wrote a file kraken. Note how defensively the code is written. In this case we wait a second and then simply try again. Here the errors from the API were much more varied. I did not even know those existed at all. But on the second or third query they worked. Now here the pseudocode from above again, but this time in Python 2. And without the actual trading. We are just logging if arbitrage opportunities exist. Not exactly the most beautiful code, but it worked. The fees for Shapeshift and Kraken are straight from their websites.

Of course I could also have looked them up dynamically and if I would plan to support more pairs, I would do that, but as a quick experiment hardcoding sufficed. Yes, there were some arbitrage opportunities. Sometimes they lasted about half a minute which was a real surprise for me. On the other hand the bitcoin arbitrage bot python margins were really small. You would bitcoin arbitrage bot python around 0. Everything else I saw was around 0. This was the reason I did not continue the experiment, since these profit margins are too small for me.

There is also a timing risk involved, since you need to make the deposit on both exchanges, but the price may have changed in the meantime. You also need enough money, such that the profit will not simply vanish as a rounding error. But the more money you use the higher is bitcoin arbitrage bot python slippage which will also make the strategy unprofitable. Practical Ethereum Arbitrage Experiments.

Introduction Inspired by another blogpost Bitcoin arbitrage bot python decided to experiment with trading arbitrage between different exchanges. Wrapping it all together Now here the pseudocode from above again, but this time in Python 2. The Result Yes, there were some arbitrage opportunities. Published 02 August

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