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A dreadful acronym that. I recently had the fantabulous pleasure of attending the second Synapse Innovation Summit held at the Amalia Arena in Tampa. How far will the government and financial institutions go to prevent the crypto-blockchain revolution? Because this is a revolution, one in which the disgruntled have a potentially tremendous amount of power behind them.

Blockchain is the future and the race as already begun. The event was impressive. We live in a digital world. We are glued to our screens, large and small. But what happens when we no longer need the screens? Sitting at Starbucks and noshing on their new steak and egg wrap kudos, SB I came across a brilliant idea in my newsfeed.

Once upon a time, Elon Musk wanted to put something on Mars. He was willing to buy rockets from Russia in order to do so. But it was astronomically costly and Elon was frustrated.

Powerful, short and fast. That program, that dream, had fed my soul for so very long. How could we possibly turn our backs on the future? You can watch the entire thing here. AKA, my son, Sebastian Priestley. For your viewing pleasure! Have an excellent day and MakeItCount. Thanks to one of my tribe, Lea Kirk, for throwing this my way. There are many technical reasons why this would happen.

I need this image. Blown up and nicely framed, hanging in my writing space. It pushes my buttons in all the right ways. I came a cross an article recently asking that question.

Should robots feel pain? Think about it for a minute. What does that even mean? When I was young, I had a few recurring nightmares. Pretty much everything I write has what I call a dream seed. Usually, a scene that ends up incorporated into my story. I love this stuff. Click the image for a degree stroll. Is PokemonGo killing Facebook? Read her blog here. The internet is such a massive thing. So much information smacking us upside the head second by second.

As a woman in a male-dominated tech industry in the eighties and nineties, this is near and dear to my heart. This is cool and more than a little scary. It makes sense to have computers filter the massive content of the web for us. Did you know that a period at the end of a text is rude? My 17yr old daughter informed me the other day that I was being somewhat rude bitcoin and good morning to the futurenow we know the future rocket has been launched I put a period at the end of a text.

Some things just make sense and are worth passing on. I think Jeff Goins nails it here. Just a new website. I was held hostage on my last one by those who will remain nameless. Twenty Ten Dark by Seismic Themes. TechNiCity Musing on the future now. Posted on March 5, by Sabine Bitcoin and good morning to the futurenow we know the future rocket has been launched. Posted on November 1, by Sabine Priestley. Peeking up the skirts of companies whose products we buy.

Posted on October 17, by Sabine Priestley. Elon Musk is Rocket Man. Posted on September 29, by Sabine Priestley. Cinema as Meditation by Jason Silva. Yes, but… Posted on September 13, by Sabine Priestley. Posted on September 11, by Sabine Priestley.

Private Lunar Exploration and Irma. Posted on September 10, by Sabine Priestley. This is how to start a Friday! Posted on August 18, by Sabine Priestley. One way or another, we are going to the stars… Posted on August 10, by Sabine Priestley. Should Robots Feel Pain? Posted on January 25, by Sabine Priestley. The brilliance of lucid dreaming. Posted on November 9, by Sabine Priestley. Fancy a walk on Mars? Posted on August 14, by Sabine Priestley.

Is PokemonGo Killing Facebook? Posted on July 22, by Sabine Priestley. Posted on May 27, by Sabine Priestley. Women in Virtual Reality and other tech professions.

Posted on April 18, by Sabine Priestley. Posted on March 22, by Sabine Priestley. Watch it with those periods. Posted on February 4, by Sabine Priestley.

Posted in TechNiCity 2 Comments. Posted on September 14, by Sabine Priestley. Posted in TechNiCity Leave a comment. Follow me on Book Bub. Proudly powered by Bitcoin and good morning to the futurenow we know the future rocket has been launched. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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