Tunisia attack survivor: 'I've had the same nightmare 50 times'

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It all started for me yesterday when a new darknet site popped up on the spider. The page primarily consisted of the image above that contained a movie that plays automatically. The movie consists of what looks like a hooded figure bringing in a small corpse of some kind and through cut scenes begins to dissect it with a kitchen knife. This of course intrigued me so I went down the darknet rabbit hole to find out more.

I then copied down the urls in that image file above and began to call them all up in the browser. It turns out I had seen these sites before and dug around a bit on them in the past.

The reason for my interest back then, which waned eventually, was that each site had embedded codes in the html to break. Of course now with this new site I had to go back and take another look.

Once I went down the rabbit hole, I kinda found myself in an interesting esoterica hell. The pages pretty much all lead to one after the other when you decode the hidden codes.

It all comes down to some kind of esoterica that is supposed to enlighten the puzzler. I did get a little turned around a couple times and I still have not quite solved the math problem into a URL. I do dig the imagery used especially all the old creepy photos and shops of things like the anthropomorphic rabbit. As I show in the post here I also was able to dig up a WHOIS and a name as well as an email address used in Domain Tools so I may have nailed down who made these and what else they have online.

I will look more into that later on and let you know…. For now, bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam the puzzling bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam know that the images at the top here? Well, they are back at it and I already am going down the new rabbit puzzle hole too. Type illuminati backwards then add. I am going to assume that the witch is the solve for the math problem converted into a URL…. You broke the witches code.

There will be more puzzles to come. Hope you enjoyed this Bluebox http: Well we are back to esoteric teachings that seem to be Illuminati in nature. I am not sure where this guy is going but it was a fun trip. So after looking at the pastebin listing all their domains I noticed a couple things.

The first thing I noticed was that after doing the WHOIS on their domain in question recently, was that it was a new acquisition. Or was it just a domain they had in the wings for something but decided to spin up port 25 and SMTP? Well, the real answer here is that there are over one thousand possible domains that could immediately be set up to send email. However, upon looking into all those domains there are only 25 presently that have the ports open for email and running the services to allow for emails to be sent via them.

Some of those systems have the ports filtered but many others do not and interestingly some of these also have secure protocols in place for emails using encryption which is very interesting indeed…. Many of the servers also have some interesting ports open but I digress. Suffice to say that these people have patterns of behaviour so I would not be surprised bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam more turned up on other domains or that they may have even started new domains under the radar like Javanka there to hide the emails.

Now, on another note, I noticed something else as I was doing this little investigation. I noted a few domains that involved Russia and the Baltics. I have yet to really look into the timeline around for Trump but I have to ask just what was happening then that he thought to buy these domains? Were these domains bought after a possible deal had been struck or in hopes that talks would work out? I mean, if that is the case how could Trump make that claim that he had no business with Russia?

So what made them buy all but one of these domains on July 17th I wonder? After all Felix was the point man on all these deals with Russia that seem to keep bubbling back up. Not that I would go and do some digging like that….

Handbook of Russian Information Warfare All of these measures are not new but it seems like the general populace, the government, and the media all cannot comprehend that fact. Propaganda has been around since the dawn of civitas and today it is just more able to be used more nimbly in our hyper-connected society.

With the advent of social media, the use of propaganda has been been turned into a more precision tool using demographics, analytics, and a medium that engenders itself as a new asymmetric warfare tool and this should be no surprise to anyone. Propaganda has long been a tool for the radio, print, and television media to be paid and or tricked into releasing content that serves one of the political masters out there. However, the new wrinkle is the heuristics of computing and social dynamics data thereof of all the data points that we now collect on everyone who is using the internet or sites like Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

So much information is collected today that it is possible to accurately determine how a person thinks and acts given their preferences and their secret activities that are seen by the algorithms inside bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam systems. Unless someone today takes greater pains to obfuscate bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam activities, companies, and governments can easily mine that data for ammunition to create such things as the black propaganda we saw used bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam the election cycle here.

Previously I had posted about such measures in Ukraine that included the whole cloth creation of a media company to manipulate the populace there with propaganda as well as the use of malware to spy on the populace. Today I am covering the precepts of the use of our own systems of social media as well as our collective group psychologies to sow chaos.

One must though take into account that human nature plays the largest roll in this type of warfare for it is the base of the equation that the Russians are trying to manipulate. The targeting of ads to key states and cities was just a targeting mechanism to the overall more targeted PSYOPS operation that was at play. The Russians parlayed the divisions within the US by creating echoes within already nascent echo chambers for those who are of like minds on social media systems.

Once the psychology was worked out it was just a matter of locating those pockets of people and then creating the media e. Once again, human nature was keenly leveraged to sow chaos as well as being a vehicle for those noise to signal messages dog whistles for the believers and I can appreciate that.

Frankly I am in awe of the techniques used while at the same time I am concerned that there are no real ways to mitigate these kinds of attacks due to that said same human nature. Social media in itself is the perfect medium for this and we just fall into place as the lizard brain takes over.

So when people today ask the questions around how to combat this type of thing I often say that there is no real way to bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam it. We can of course use people to look at ads like Facebook is doing now, having hired or in the process of hiring thousands to do so.

Or we could just look at the ad buys and insure that they are not being paid for in Rubles… But these means are clunky and the adversary has many other options so in the end it will not work. The ongoing Senate investigation into collusion and the Russian active measures campaign in has many people also asking specifically about the targeting data.

Did the targeting data come from the Trump organization? Well, yeah, it may well have come from them or it could have just been collated from online searches and a working knowledge of the electoral system. You see, this attack was simple enough to calculate if you wanted to attempt to win the electoral college.

One can Google the states that are key to winning the electoral vote but it is the fact that it seems the targeting went down to actual names and addresses that matters. I for one would be asking Cambridge Analytica about that data and how it may have come into the possession of the Russians.

Of course the data could have been handed off by someone like Paul Manafort as a quid pro quo black caviar right? Or perhaps it was Jared as a means of paying off his Russian friends in hopes of a loan to cover his bad real estate debts?

I also think that it is possible that the rolls hacking that happened in the same time frame could also be the answer to this. It is possible that all those rolls were copied, sifted, and used for targeting of propaganda at the final stage of the race to the White House. We are creatures of habit and limited by our own brain biology. Do not expect that knowing that there is a propaganda campaign will stop those willing to receive it from buying into it whole heartedly.

It all really just matters how you consume this media and how you react to it. If you fall into the echo chamber of cognitive bias or bent, then you will likely become a part of that machine and not be able to separate the truths from the bias truths that you personally ascribe to. So when you all ask how this happened remember that we are the culprits, the people. Posted in Active MeasuresPropagandaRussia. Vault of Sex and the Dead. In as much as what is indexed currently out there in the darknet there are a total of bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam sites that really bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam to these two particular bents.

The first being the one you see above in the screen shot. This bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam requires bitcoin payment just to see the content but you can get a taste by clicking on their samples. What seems to be on offer here is a melange of snuff films and images bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam are staged mixed with actual gore photos culled from the clearnet and other places I suspect.

Bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam nominal fee to gain entry is 0. Thirty people have paid over one hundred dollars to get into this site with bitcoin and wank to this stuff.

So someone has at least some pocket money it seems from this little darknet adventure. I guess it all depends on how much you put into it though eh? I mean, how much is the hosting per month? Are you hosting this yourself? Web design seems to be not so much something they care about so no real expense there. Overall, this site seems to be a going concern because it is affordable bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam maybe has some content these thirty people want.

I suppose we could take all those bitcoin wallets and do some mining to see if anyone made some OPSEC mistakes but meh. Between you, me, and the lamp post, we all know that the Japanese have some particular, well, shall we call them tastes bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam porn? On first look this site has much more content and the design is a bit better but is it a hub for this activity?

How many people use it? Well, it seems that this one is the high price callgirl of the darknet in that they want some big bucks to get in on the action. Dig this, they have two options for access.

One is for a month of access which they want 0. Now that is steep for access to some lady killin and if you have sticker shock so to do all the would be customers of this site as well.

In looking at the wallets for the plans both have nothing in them. There are bitcoin 33 attack of the bteam transactions at all for both so this is a bust for the lady killers owners it seems.

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