Computer Question What Is a Torrent Site and Are They Dangerous?

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Your CDs have helped a great deal to understand the internet and computer basics. I have a question for you. Can you explain what a torrent site is? I followed a recommendation of a co-worker and logged on to one. My Kasperksy went crazy, not allowing me to access it. Is this because they contain viruses? Like bit torrent trading sites technology, it can be used positively or negatively. While there are many legitimate uses for this, perhaps the most common use for torrents is to share pirated movies, music and other copyrighted files.

Those sites you do need to be wary of. Let me explain why. Beyond the potential risk of simply visiting a torrent site, many of the files a person might try to download from those sites are themselves infected with bit torrent trading sites malware. The recording industry, including the film and music industries have been very aggressively pursuing people who do illegal file sharing and are happy to sue you for a lot of money if they catch you. And believe me, they can afford better lawyers than you or I!

So my advice is to steer clear of torrent sites. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to listen to music and watch TV shows and movies online or offline without exposing yourself to the risks of file trading sites such as torrent sites.

Please note that this was originally posted several years ago and while I do still offer computer training courses, they are all accessed online these days directly through this website instead of on CD-ROMs bit torrent trading sites way they were originally.

Thank you very muchMr. Winter, a legit Bittorrent program will not provide an attack vector directly; the main risk is downloading a trojan or other malware disguised as something else. There have been cases, bit torrent trading sites example, of people pirating software and it turned out that the copy of whatever program they were downloading was infected and infected their computer. Always best to stick to legitimate uses of the technology for both legal and safety reasons!

Thank you so much for all of this information. You have put the information together in an easy, readable, lighthearted, and at the same time, very informative way. My laptop, iPad and phone all thank you for saving them. I thank you so much for saving me from something like that hapening to me. I also want to thank you for alerting me to the very real possibility that the content i was going to use the site to listen to would, very probably, have been pirated.

Using pirated content and sharing copyrighted songs and videos, etc. That is a serious thing to do. I really appreciate your putting in the information about probable piracy and lack of ownership of the content. Thanks for waking me up. It is important for me to treat people well, and stealing someones work, taking away their ability to be paid for it, is bit torrent trading sites treating them badly.

It is so nice to read something that is understandable. Often I will go to read bit torrent trading sites about a computer term and the technical jargon makes it so that you cannot comprehend what they are trying to tell you. It is refreshing to see something explained in plain english. Worth Godwin on Twitter: My Account Logout Blog.

Bless you for finding the time to explain the terminology towards the novices! Ray November 28, at 5: Great answer… and bit torrent trading sites for the warning. Winter April 2, at 7: Worth Godwin Computer Training May 13, at 5: Katie O January 13, at 1: Kirsten March 2, at 8: Worth Godwin Computer Training March 5, at 3: Glad I could bit torrent trading sites, Kirsten! Ram July 21, at 7: Thank very much Sir for your friendly explanation. Lal August 23, at 1: The concept explained in such simple and lucid way.

Henna January 17, at 4: Thnx it helped me explain it to my students…. Ramona February 16, at 2: I appreciate the explanation and the warning. Ken Riddle Bit torrent trading sites 26, at 5: Thanks for the information! I had no idea!

Still learning at age 77… Reply. DmW September 3, at 4: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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To continue reading this article, please exit incognito mode or log in. Visitors are allowed 3 free articles per month without a subscription , and private browsing prevents us from counting how many stories you've read. We hope you understand, and consider subscribing for unlimited online access. A new technique has been developed for detecting and tracking illegal content transferred using the BitTorrent file-trading protocol.

According to its creators, the approach can monitor networks without interrupting the flow of data and provides investigators with hard evidence of illicit file transfers. Contraband files might include pirated movies, music, or software, and even child pornography.

When the tool detects such a file, it keeps a record of the network addresses involved for later analysis, says Major Karl Schrader, who led the work at the Air Force Institute of Technology , in Kettering, OH.

The use of peer-to-peer P2P software and of the BitTorrent protocol in particular have increased steadily over recent years. However, this approach reveals nothing about the contents of each transfer, says Schrader.

A handful of network-monitoring tools can identify specific BitTorrent files, but the process is generally slow, since the contents of each file have to be examined. The time that this takes also increases exponentially as the number of files that need to be scanned grows. If a hash matches any stored in a database of prohibited hashes, then the system will make a record of the transfer and store the network addresses involved.

More generalized solutions that try to monitor for a wide range of file types may be more flexible, he says, but they will also be more expensive.

One reason why the new technique is so fast is that the apparatus required consists of a specially configured field programmable gate array FPGA chip and a flash-memory card that stores a log of the illicit activity.

Ross Anderson , a computer-security expert at the University of Cambridge, U. Similarly, an Australian firm called Brilliant Digital Entertainment sells a tool called CopyRouter that analyzes hashes to identify illegal files on other kinds of P2P networks.

Schulze adds that the approach relies on having an up-to-date list of illegal files. From a legal standpoint, Schulze says that privacy may be a more significant problem. Even if the legal framework were to allow the technology, it is not quite ready to go. Tests of the system, details of which will be published later this year in a book called Advances in Digital Forensics V , showed that it was effective at detecting 99 percent of illicit files, but only at speeds of megabits per second.

Another drawback is that the system cannot cope with encrypted files. If such a tool became widely used, then anyone with something to hide would almost certainly switch to using encryption, he says. AI startup Gamalon developed a clever new way for chatbots and virtual assistants to converse with us. Content creation is hugely expensive for video-game makers.

A way to automate some of the process would be hugely valuable, and this could be it. Experts suggest that having AI systems try to outwit one another could help a person judge their intentions.

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