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Most people have no idea where to start. Want to buy bitcoins? Sure, you can sign up for any of the major exchanges. You just need a bank account, a credit card, a phone number. Bip38 dogecoin car up these forms with black ink and go to the next window.

If you own cryptocurrency, have you convinced any friends or family members to even take your crypto-money as a gift? The idea for cointipping. He has a habit of insisting on paying for our dinners, and likes to refuse my cash.

When I got home, I told Sean to get a Cryptsy account and tried to do an internal transfer of bip38 dogecoin car dogecoins. I gave him my referral link, he opened an account, I asked him for his bip38 dogecoin car trade key 33c21fdaddcdce97 4baf1. I made the transfer, and it took about three days for the coins to show up on his Cryptsy account. We never knew exactly why. It would look like this:.

What would you do if I gave you a piece of paper with that on it? Probably file bip38 dogecoin car in a drawer and forget about it. Enough is enough, I thought. In the famous words of Samuel L. Nobody needs to download software or create a wallet to take your cash.

So about three bip38 dogecoin car ago I went into a coding frenzy and came back to the surface with cointipping. It reeks of Bootstrap, and it lacks some basic usability features thanks Sean for all your bip38 dogecoin car with the UI, the technical details would make for an interesting post.

Still, it serves one purpose: He could withdraw them whenever, of course. He can always tip other people bip38 dogecoin car the site, some of whom might withdraw them straight to their wallets.

This is a flimsy little site that I developed as a side project. It may get hacked. I respond for all the funds deposited, but I may get hit by a bus. Think of this as some loose change you may carry in your pocket to drop into a tip jar at a coffee shop. Bip38 dogecoin car news I decided to post it because someone might find it useful ]. Suppose you roll a die one hundred times and write down the results: What you have now is a very unique list bip38 dogecoin car numbers.

You could repeat the operation billions of times every second for trillions of years and bip38 dogecoin car is extremely unlikely that you would see the same sequence again.

Nobody would be able to reproduce it. The number of possible sequences of die rolls is about the same order of magnitude as bip38 dogecoin car number of Bitcoin keys. Nobody can get it back. The first fact should be obvious by now. Unless there is a problem with the Bitcoin protocol in which case Bitcoin would become worthless anywaythere is no way to obtain the key for an address.

Until a few years ago, professional virus writers could not derive a huge amount of value from controlling a remote computer. They could create a botnet, launch distributed denial-of-service attacks, generate fake ad clicks. Right now there are probably thousands of computers on the internet that contain the keys to a large amount of crypto wealth.

There are a few well-known formats for storing Bitcoin private keys. It is trivial for a virus writer to include a few lines of code that bip38 dogecoin car for those just in case.

You might think the solution is to keep your wallet encrypted, and you would be wrong. If malware is running on your computer, it could easily log your keystrokes when you type the password to your wallet. This happens all the time. Knowing all this, many people opt to keep their bitcoins in an exchange. However, exchanges are not banks. Your money is not protected by governments.

Over the past few weeks Mt. Gox once the largest Bitcoin exchange has been in the news because there is a significant change that they are insolvent. If they go out of business, chances are their customers will lose all their funds. The easiest way to do this is to use a trusted, open source wallet on an offline computer, make a backup of the keys and securely erase the hard drive or never connect tot he internet again.

Bip38 dogecoin car the easiest way to do it is to boot a volatile Ubuntu from a USB drive and ignore any requests to connect to a network. Now that you know that your keys are not accessible via the internet, the question is how to store them. This is a more difficult problem because there is a conflict: On the other hand the more copies you have, the higher the chances that someone might find one. If your passphrase is strong enough e.

There is still one more problem left: What if something happens to you? It does make sense to write down the passphrase, and store it separately from the keys. Perhaps you can give the passphrase to a trusted family member, and leave the location of the keys in your will. Once again, the key point to remember is that if any piece of information needed to restore a Bitcoin key is lost, the bitcoins are lost.

My conclusion is bip38 dogecoin car cryptocurrencies bip38 dogecoin car a way to go before they can be as user-friendly as established payment technologies. Over the past few days, someone has been sending tiny amounts of bitcoin one satoshi to thousands of addresses. Those transactions are unlikely to be confirmed, but they do show up on blockchain.

The satoshis come from two vanity addresses: The link leads to what looks like a bitcoin gambling site, bitwars dot org. If you have received these tiny amounts and wondered what they are about, now you know. You can safely ignore them. Just like life, spam will always find a way. Dogecoin is a unique phenomenon in the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. It made headlines this weekend when its community raised enough money to send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Sochi Winter Olympics.

From a technical standpoint, Dogecoin is essentially a branded clone of Litecoin the second cryptocurrency in terms of total market value. The Dogecoin subreddit has almost 40k users right now. The front page usually has a good mix of humor, good will, finance, and technology. In other words, one dollar buys you about DOGE. Contrast that with Bitcoin: This puts Bitcoin and Dogecoin in two completely different mental bip38 dogecoin car for most people.

One BTC is comparable to an ounce of gold. The press reinforces this ideaand many people view Bitcoin as a digital store of value. The daily transaction volume of BTC bip38 dogecoin car about 0. Where does that money go? Perhaps the most common usage of Bip38 dogecoin car is to give online tips. What would you prefer as a tip, DOGE or 0.

Both are almost meaningless in terms of monetary value, but receiving units of bip38 dogecoin car coin does feel better. With BTC you either have to choose a dollar amount, or be very careful with the number of zeroes.

The reason a DOGE is worth so little is the total supply of coins. Litecoin is only slightly better, at 84 million. Anyone can still mine hundreds of dogecoins per day with a desktop computer, and not feel very attached to them.

In a world where people get a kick out of likes or retweets, Dogetips take it up a notch. A Dogetip is an upvote that you can use, internet karma points that are actually worth something. So fun, very value. Bitcoins are not exactly something bip38 dogecoin car own.

Rather, they are something you know. The world now knows that there is one BTC there. This bip38 dogecoin car public information.

Only the person who knows that key you and only you, hopefully can spend it. If you lose that key, nobody will ever be able to spend that bitcoinand it will stay locked forever. How is this possible? Your bitcoin address is derived from that key, but not in a bip38 dogecoin car that can be reversed.

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