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Auto Trading Bot for Cryptocurrencies: There is risk involved in trading, mining, lending and investing in cryptocurrency. I do not take any responsibility for any losses that may occur. I do not give financial advise. These videos and opinion are for informational and entertainment purposes only. I love this video man! It was simple to understand and you hit on so many points quickly. So i am trading with 0. I have 10 in dca log now. What i did was i looked at the amount of pairs that have over in volume and saw about 19 pairs.

I then did 19 x 4 4 is to be able to buy these pairs 4 times, but that it would be 0. I think i figured it out. Had to do some math. As I said the settings are for best settings for all balance profit trailer day 7 crypto trading bot for binance.

By the way, the settings only allow to have 10 buys in the dca log, this means that it wont be able to buy best settings for all balance profit trailer day 7 crypto trading bot for binance dips of these coins aready bougth, It will maybe buy another of the same coin. So far your strategie is low risk rigth now, but its bag holding most of the coins that dont even buy the dip of that same coin. Dominic Marion the settings are for your reference.

Everything is subject to market conditions along with your trading budget and settings. Game of Bitcoins, thank you for wonderful video. There are a lot videos about PT, but your is the first where you can see the effectiv settings with explanation.

Hi Now that you been using PT for over 3weeks, what are your thoughts? I certainly recommend it. All my latest stats and settings are in the spreadsheet bit. With your settings only one coin can reach the fourth dca trigger. After that you're in trouble. You have to reduce the amount of max positions, or the amount of position per trade, or both.

Thanks for replyingbut m in India so as per Indian currency what will b the cost? How to i know the best pairs to enable trading on Binance, as you know there are shit coins out there that accumulate DCA bags. This is something which can prevent you from picking the shit coins. Return is highly dependant on the current market conditions and there are no settings which can work for all conditions.

The settings that I share will try and cover all scenarios as far as possible. I'm using a more conservative configuration at the moment and getting around 1. While your settings do look very nice, I would really only use them in a bull-ish market going up.

I'm sure you go over them in another video. I'm mostly writing this for the person who just bought Profit Trailer and is looking around for good settings to use. If the market is bear-ish going downI would personally not use these settings, but during a bull market, I would definitely use them. Good luck out there to everyone! Could you please publish your settings for bear-ish market? Great video man, a constant stream of straightforward info without any fillers.

Have you changed any of your settings since you made this video? As per current market situation Do not use 32 pairs at all! If all of them or even 5 of them DCA deep you will be screwed because you will have no balance to cover them.

On Binance keep your max buy cost as low as possible at 0. I did a calculation and using the settings advised here you would need 9. Any chance you could do a Vultr VPs tutorial? That would be awesome thanks!! Game of Bitcoins ahh ok bud thx! Keep up the good work!!

I am not using any VPS personally so would be unable to make a detailed video on that. It's actually very simple. Do you have discord? Can get message you in discord thanks. Judt wanna also ask, what time will i put to my PT? Because im here in dubai, thanks bro. Guys do NOT trust this person.

You will loose subscription fees 0. As well as your entire holdings. Do some research before you comment. I'll use your setting for a while. I'm getting about 1. Can this be configured to exclude certain coins? This is great, thank you! How long after you plugged in your settings did you begin to see profit? Paul Woodruff whatever happen? Did these settings work for you?

Or not so much. Are you still using these settings? I'm not seeing profit after 3 4 days. I am using something called Profit Feeder which is a Add on to Profit Trailer - what it does is best settings for all balance profit trailer day 7 crypto trading bot for binance to the market condition and sentiment and changes your pairs and dca files so it can clear your bags.

Muhib, how is the best settings for all balance profit trailer day 7 crypto trading bot for binance working for you? I have been thinking about it. What strategy does it use? A bag is when you buy a coin, but then it lowers in value so you're left 'holding the bag'. You can set the bot to run a DCA dollar cost average buy, but you'll have to wait for the price to rise either way.

Please keep us updated on the settings. You should have 9. You can only dca 4 times with 1 pair with 0. Plz make a detailed video about vps how it works.

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Trading bots have grown quite popular in recent months, with Profittrailer leading the way by far - they now have over 11, users and rising. Given a lot of their nearest competitors charge almost 3 times as much and with the recent dip in BTC value this may be a good time to buy if you are interested in getting into a trading bot. It has an excellent user interface GUI - you can see a running demo here: I initially started with 0.

I have been running the bot for 12 days and made about 1. I am running a strategy called Anderson DCA which in effect buys double if the price drops below a certain loss percentage which means your buy price is kept as low as possible and gives you a greater chance of getting a profit quickly.

Virtually every setting can be tinkered with and adjusted to your taste and there are lots of other strategies for both buying and selling as well as the one mentioned above. Profittrailer will switch to sell only mode during a downturn or fast spike in the market, again according to your settings.

Profittrailer does not have secret mystical powers that will save you in the event of a total market crash like the last few days. Here are a few of my 'bags' currently held. So in situations like the last few days, you can expect ZERO profit days with a low balance because you do not have enough money to allow the bot to DCA multiple times to keep your negative profit reasonable.

The only thing to do is wait it out, until the market corrects. The bigger your balance to play with the better as always, right? I think the absolute minimum to get the best out of Profittrailer is 0. If you want to check it out and I am not an affiliate you can do so at: Feature any Steemit post using resteemit.

Now for the downside Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Still using it yes Thanks for your point on minimum capital to be successful.