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Never mixed before, should I buy a kit if so which one or just order everything separately? Where are the best places to buy certain supplies? Sorry if this info is a rehash, I am old school and not that tech savvy. But the best way from what I understand is to buy everything separately.

Be sure to check out the thread:. I shop a lot from Wizard labs, however, their nicotine is very harsh. I would recommend Nude Nicotine. You can consider buying the pre-mixed nicotine and VG at the percentage you like. Mixing nicotine is dangerous, so learn how to do it safely or buy the premix easier to use. You will find several best place to buy e liquid supplies vendors to get supplieshere is a few of my favorites if you are in the states.

It is hard finding a one stop shop to buy everything but Nicotine River is about as close as you will come and they are great people to buy from and quick to respond to any question you have.

Good question, I thought the same when I started mixing to be honest and I ended up buying everything separately. I bought a set of glass beakers at the same time in different sizes but I find myself using the 50ml beaker the most. I also bought a bag of sterile pipettes - personally I like to have one pipette per flavour, one for nicotine, one for PG, one for VG etc, then dispose of them after mixing to keep things as hygienic as possible, avoid cross-contamination, and save time cleaning.

I bought mostly TFA branded flavours and my advice is to scroll through everything and see what takes your fancy! I bought everything best place to buy e liquid supplies. I reckon the first thing to decide is if you are want to mix by weight scale-virtually no clean up after mixingor volume a whole lot of syringes to clean after mixing.

I got my scale, syringes, and plastic bottles from Amazon and, although Best place to buy e liquid supplies get my flavors, pg and vg from Bull City Vapor, and nicotine from another vendor, it looks like Nicotine River is a good one stop shop for your initial purchase. If you have not much time and have adequate funds, kit might be the way to go.

Conversely, individual piece meal if you can cut shipping best place to buy e liquid supplies down. Two scales, or one with syringe back up. Just dont buy your kit from Nude Nicotine!! If only you guys had a kit with a scaleā€¦.

Oh my trust me my friend we tried! This will go over an order which will make a fair number of recipes with the least number of flavors to purchase. Perhaps that would be an easy change to make? We are working on selling Best place to buy e liquid supplies in the near future. Everything else listed is on that DIY Kit drop down list! Buy kit or everything separately?

Be sure to check out the thread: Until you know what you really like start with the 10ml bottles of flavoring. So buy separately bud. Thanks everyone, it is very much appreciated!

May I suggest that you include in the kit, or at least stock the following flavors:

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