Begonia Species, Sutherland's Begonia

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If your experience of begonias is limited to bedding plants and large fleshy-flowered varieties in a range of very bright colours then think again. That was certainly the response when visitors to my open garden saw some of my more unusual begonias. I had a feeling that they would attract comment so I labelled them.

It comes into the kitchen for winter. I bought the tiny corms online from Ebay two years ago after I lost my previous plant during the very cold winter. In late autumn I gradually withdraw water and let the plants die back so that they overwinter as corms in the greenhouse.

In spring I start to water again and start to feed once the leaves are showing. It is hardy and lives very happily in a large pot under my mimosa tree where it is shady and sheltered.

It dies back completely in the winter when I generally dig up a bit of the root to keep in the greenhouse as so far unneeded insurance against losing the parent plant. If you're looking for a new glasshouse for your garden then you might be interested in the new greenhouse range from Cultivar. Innovatory and stylish, get a quote online today by visiting cultivar.

I love iris sibirica. It is an undemanding plant that will grow in most soils and has fine grass-l If you have noticed a slacking in the pace of blogs, I can only apologise, but I am deep in Squirrel I had a memorable and hugely enjoyable day when I was invited to join one of the first workshops Popular Articles Tomato Catchup 10 people reading right now.

The Malvern Show 10 people reading right now. Newsletter Sign up to our newsletter for updates. Similar Articles Rejuvenating Iris sibirica I love iris sibirica. Follow us on Instagram.

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