Begonia rex-cultorum

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The new cultivar is a product of a planned breeding program. The phenotype may vary somewhat with variations in environment such as temperature, day length, and light intensity, begonia cultivars rexcultorum, however, any variance in genotype.

The accompanying photograph in FIG. The pot size is a commercial 6 inch pot. The plant shown is approximately 6 months old. The photograph was taken using conventional techniques and although colors may appear different from actual colors begonia cultivars rexcultorum to light reflectance it begonia cultivars rexcultorum as accurate as possible by conventional photographic techniques.

In the following description, color references are made to The Royal Horticultural Society Colour Chart except where general terms of ordinary dictionary significance are used. No artificial light, photoperiodic treatments or begonia cultivars rexcultorum treatments were given to the plants. Measurements and numerical values represent averages of typical plant types. The flexible petioles characteristic of the new variety resist breakage.

The new variety is a Begoniaand is normally used as an ornamental plant. Latin name of the genus and species: Strong rose colored foliage with a metallic sheen 2.

Vigorous, year round growth. Unique rapid growth habit at lower temperatures. Flexible petioles, resisting breakage.

Medium sized leaf, for this category of Rex Begonia. Container size of plant described: Upright growing, outwardly arched fleshy annual. Pot size of plant described: Oldest leaves develop infrequently occurring, very fine, appressed hairs, approximately 0.

Under surface somewhat shiny in the interior, begonia cultivars rexcultorum appearance towards margin. Mid section Greyed-Purple C. Mature foliage under side: Margin, approximately 1 cm from leaf edge, Greyed-Purple A. Venation color upper side: Venation color under side: Mid section Greyed-Green C. Immature begonia cultivars rexcultorum under side: Average Range Approximately 13 to 15 cm. Rarely flowering Inflorescence and flower type and habit: Single flowers very infrequently seen in leaf axil.

Normally nor more than one or two flowers per plant plant open at one time. Flower longevity on plant: Apex and base near Yellow-Green B. When opening, lower surface: Fully opened, upper surface: Fully opened, lower surface: Fading to, both sides: Neither resistance nor susceptibility to diseases or pests has been observed in this variety.

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