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Each week we select the 3 news items that matter and explain why and link to one expert opinion. For the intro to this weekly series, please go here. Sharma and Farkas allegedly claimed that funds raised in the ICO would help build a suite of financial products. They claimed, for example, to offer a debit card backed by Visa and Mastercard that would allow users to instantly convert hard-to-spend cryptocurrencies into U.

ICOs bbc news blockchain explorer to rake in the big bucks. Over the last year, cryptocurrencies have been a focus of the SEC and other regulatory authorities around the world, cautioning investors about the risks involved. These endorsements may be unlawful if they do not disclose the nature, source, and amount of any compensation paid, directly or indirectly, by the company in exchange for the endorsement.

The fact that a bunch of different us regulatory authorities are cracking down on ICOs and putting some some rules and regulations is a good thing. While ICOs allow genuine blockchain-related projects to raise funding without the need for IPOs or angel investment, fraudulent schemes are also rampant. A lot of times we lose sight of the fact that incredible innovation is happening in this space. But the space needs to be cleaned up. Founded inChainalysis provides cryptocurrency exchanges, international law enforcement agencies, and other clients with Bitcoin transaction analysis software to help them comply with regulations, assess risk and identify illicit activity.

The bbc news blockchain explorer helped investigate the Mt. With the new funding, Chainalysis will be stretching its monitoring software efforts towards the Bitcoin Cash and plans by the year-end bbc news blockchain explorer cover ten different public blockchains. With the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies exploding, one thing is clear: Bitcoin surveillance is booming.

Governments are just barely coming to terms with how Bitcoin works, but they want track cryptocurrency transactions that were designed for anonymity. Cryptocurrencies have actually led to a massive cat and mouse game with law enforcement, as agencies get better at identifying criminal behavior, while criminals come up with new evasion techniques and increasingly anonymous cryptocurrencies in order to defeat the efforts of law enforcement.

In fact, four primary areas of criminal activity lend themselves to cryptocurrency: This creates a challenge for legitimate companies that accept Bbc news blockchain explorer. All this makes banks reluctant to embrace Bitcoin bbc news blockchain explorer serve the sector because of its association with illegal activities. Bitcoin surveillance may potentially produce a huge benefit that helps merchants, that receive Bitcoin, to get or keep accounts with traditional financial institutions.

Also governments are interested tracking the bbc news blockchain explorer of funds on the blockchain to determine whether merchants that accept Bitcoin are reporting it and paying proper taxes. These days there are many startups and private investigators dedicated to helping global law enforcement and private businesses track bitcoin transactions.

Companies bbc news blockchain explorer popped up to help regulators and government organizations identify suspects who use Bitcoin. What makes BlockSeer so special is the fact that it adds a layer of visual representation on top of a regular blockchain explorer.

Blockseer visualizes the bitcoin transaction graph, labels and clusters addresses, explores address and cluster details, and saves and shares graphs with others. The platform is an attempt to help Bitcoin move past its association with black market transactions.

S National Security Agency has been secretly monitoring the Bitcoin blockchain for over five years now, with an eye on identifying users on the distributed network. This is according to classified documents that were released by the infamous U. S whistleblower, Edward Snowden. As a result of the program, the NSA collected a significant amount of Bitcoin user data, including passwords, browser history, and even MAC address of their devices. All this information was enough to identify the users of specific Bitcoin wallets.

Also, some newer cryptocurrencies, Zcash and Monero, are designed to conceal the information that Chainalysis, BlockSeer, and others use to follow the money. As Bitcoin becomes more popular, so will the interest by governments and banks interested in sophisticated and better crypto tracking technology.

Ultimately I think the challenge will be for any cryptocurrency surveillance platform to keep up with the variations on cryptocurrencies, with a particular emphasis on the challenges posed by those that appear designed for anonymity. Using biometrics to protect crypto currency. In Julyone of the five largest Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanges were hacked, resulting in the theft of user information, as bbc news blockchain explorer as hundreds of millions of Korean Won.

Bbc news blockchain explorer potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is vast, however, it is becoming constrained by cybercrime, as well as missing passwords, which can render coins irretrievable. In fact, as many as 3. Everyone dislikes text-based passwords, which are often forgotten, hacked, duplicated, and mis-used. While hackers keep getting smarter, average users are actually more careless than ever before. People struggle to remember their passwords and some even lose their accounts, and all their money along bbc news blockchain explorer them.

Biometric authentication is used in computer science as a form bbc news blockchain explorer identification and access control.

Biometric authentication is simply the process of verifying your identity using your measurements or other unique characteristics of bbc news blockchain explorer body, then logging you in a service, an app, or a device.

Biometric authentication is gaining wide-spread popularity in recent years due to the advances in sensor technologies as well as improvements in the matching algorithms that make the systems both secure and cost-effective.

Biometric authentication systems seem to have a bright future. Although no cryptocurrency is using lip patterns, palm patterns and heart rate analysis as methods of authentication, we have working inventions in the areas of iris scanning, several in facial scanning and several others bbc news blockchain explorer finger scanning.

Biometric authentication works by comparing two sets bbc news blockchain explorer data: Unlike passwords, biometric factors bbc news blockchain explorer unchangeable. Once a thief has your biometric data, it can be used anywhere. You cannot change your fingerprint, retina, or facial structure. Biometrics in combination with other authentication measures makes more sense in order to achieve Strong Customer Authentication SCA.

There is a lot of talk about SCA. SCA is essentially multi-factor authentication. We are seeing all kinds of wallets and exchanges increasing security measures to ensure the safety of customers funds. A user must declare their residence, present two pieces of government-issued identification, and submit to either a fingerprint, face, or iris scan in order to get certified.

From there, biometric authentication will be required each time the users accesses the AML BitCoin mobile wallet. The most important innovation of the app supports biometric account functions including Face ID and Touch ID, thus greatly enhancing user security. The decentralized nature of blockchain technology could potentially protect financial systems from cyber attacks because hackers would need to breach all the nodes of the network before they can access the system to perpetrate their heist.

Digital ID managed on the blockchain in combination with an extra layer of biometrics to the authentication process could potentially create an impregnable line of defense against hackers. Get fresh daily insights from an amazing team of Fintech thought leaders around the world. Ride the Fintech wave by reading us daily in your email.

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