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I'm just sitting here thinking why do people keep buying Bitcoin? There bat owl and bitcoin stocks so many other coins out there that are so much more advanced. Bitcoin is blockchain 1. Maybe it's even taken bat owl and bitcoin stocks by banks, who knows, transaction fees are bat owl and bitcoin stocks the roof. Yet people still buy them. I want to know why. So I asked questions in my head and write them down on Steemit. Hopefully any of you guys would be able to answer.

With high transaction fees, it does nothing but sits there. Why can't they lower transaction fees? He is very influential after all. He says a coin is undervalued, next minute, why people buy bitcoin, next seconds, that coin will get pump hard. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency till now. Everyone knows about it. It has high value, the first one. Bitcoin transaction cost is high. People are looking for alternative to make transactions. Future might be different since people keep learning more about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

I own bitcoin because like kleenex is to tissue, or clorox to bleach, why people buy bitcoin bitcoin still is to crypto. If bitcoin drops by half, then they fix, it will rise. If they adopt some hash graph like technology, all their current problems are over no segwit or lightening req'd and they will again dominate the market. What an adventure it has been with Steem. We both have seen a considerable measure over the previous year or something like that.

This undertaking has shown me to such an extent. Why people buy bitcoin things I have learned are worth more than any measure of cash en route. I see the world in an entirely different manner after all I have learned since beginning with Blockchains.

I truly trust the world is moving into a superior place. In the expressions of the colossal Naveen Jain we as a whole should "have an outlook of plenitude".

This blockchain can be a why people buy bitcoin to change the world for good why people buy bitcoin show individuals numerous things if utilized as a part of the correct way.

Information is power and It will be a blockchain loaded with learning. The Steem blockchain is getting more grounded by the day. We have seen some astounding development since this blockchain began and I know this is just the begin. When we have a completely refined item it will have the capacity to do things we cannot envision yet. The expansion of SMTs into the blockchain will intrigue and will change the way we consider the web and what is conceivable.

Groups and discussions are a gigantic piece of the web. The conceivable utilizations of SMTs are stunning to consider. With Steemit and Steem we are now rolling out improvements in places that need it and offering assistance to those in require.

Envision what's on the horizon for us and this blockchain. We additionally have an incredible group behind this blockchain. That is one of the why people buy bitcoin reasons I put my BTC into this task over a year prior in bat owl and bitcoin stocks wake of discovering it on the Bitcointalk gathering and faltering onto Steemit through google look through a couple of times accidentally hunting down different things.

I at that point started why people buy bitcoin examination and saw dan talking a couple of times about Steem. At that point saw ned talking on Bat owl and bitcoin stocks and on CheddarTV and knew instinctively then he was resolved to make something extraordinary.

Its awesome to see designers as you doing extraordinary things for the eco framework also exyle with things like Steemify and Blockbrothers. Cheerful New Year again. Lets take Steemit and Steem to the following level in! Why do people buy Bitcoin? Why are they taking bat owl and bitcoin stocks time? Why why people buy bitcoin they agree to Segwit2X? Lightning this lightning that, when does it actually gets used bat owl and bitcoin stocks Bitcoin? I have more questions but can't think of it right now.

Where do you sit regarding Bitcoin? Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Maybe because widely used with debit cards. You should blog that. Answer my questions though. Why people buy bitcoin I'm just sitting here thinking why do people keep buying Bitcoin?

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A startup set to launch Thursday is betting wealthy individuals will buy and sell luxury items like upscale condominiums, art works and jewelry with bitcoins, a digital currency. BitPremier is aiming to act as a middleman, listing items for sellers who want to be paid in bitcoins.

Silbert is better known in the banking world as the founder and chief executive of SecondMarket , a brokerage that deals in the illiquid stocks of privately held community banks. BitPremier is opening up shop at a time when many Bitcoin-related businesses have struggled or closed because of the currency's volatility and a regulatory clampdown. A "gray zone," Alan Silbert admits, is whether the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's recent guidance , which requires registration and licensing for certain companies that deal in virtual currencies, applies to BitPremier.

Bitcoin, created in by a pseudonymous programmer, has drawn attention in recent months as its exchange rate against the dollar has bounced around. V and MasterCard MA. The decentralized, peer-to-peer network is available to anyone with Internet access and offers minuscule fees and fast transfers of unlimited sums. Users also have the option of making transactions anonymously. But save for a few high-profile names, like WordPress and Reddit , bitcoins are only accepted by a random assortment of independent, mostly online merchants.

BitPremier aims to fill a void for them - as well as for those who want to obtain significant quantities of bitcoins without buying them on an exchange, like Japan's MtGox, where large orders can drive up the price. Selling big-ticket items is "a good way to monetize assets and get your hands on some bitcoins. Alan Silbert, who has worked in commercial finance since the mids, acknowledges that real estate transactions will be "tricky" for his new business.

Some jurisdictions may not allow BitPremier to act as an escrow agent, for example. Sellers can submit items through BitPremier's website. After verifying an item is genuine and fits the brokerage's criteria e. The prices are set in dollars and every few minutes the website updates the cost in bitcoins, in which all transactions are settled. Buyers can indicate their interest in listed items to BitPremier, which will forward these offers to the sellers. Until the terms of a transaction are agreed upon, both sides remain anonymous.

Once terms are finalized, a buyer will zap the digital money to a Bitcoin network address provided by BitPremier. BitPremier will hold the coins in escrow until the buyer confirms receipt of the item and both parties agree the deal is completed. The coins "are moved and held offline, and stored on USB drive and paper backup in a bank vault until funds are ready to be released," according to the company website.

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