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One of the biggest advantages of Android over iOS and many other operating systems is its customizability, and nothing drives that point home more than the abundance of third-party launchers does. Much like its name implies, CM Launcher 3D is all about three-dimensional wallpapers and visuals in general, offering over 10, themes, effects, icon packs, and animations that will help you android robot icon package download your Android device like never before.

Few solutions allow for such heavy skins, icon packs, transition animations, and wallpapers while maintaining smooth performance like Android robot icon package download Launcher does. Its user-created library of content that can be used for customizing your Android phone is growing on a rapid basis and is especially useful to people who frequently like to change the look of their phone without fiddling too much with their device settings.

C Launcher was designed to provide a balanced combination of customization and performance improvements, boasting a wide variety of functionalities meant to maximize your battery life and the overall smartphone experience your pocket companion can deliver.

Solo Launcher is the ideal software skin for people android robot icon package download prefer minimalism but would also like to avoid wasting a lot of time setting up such a look, with most of its default settings already delivering an extremely clean look and an intuitive user android robot icon package download.

Support for themes and gesture controls is also part of the package, as is a photo editor, cache cleaning service, and a robust search engine allowing you to find anything from apps to system settings from a android robot icon package download bar.

Solo Launcher is a free Android app supported by advertising. The app is free to download and is supported through limited advertising.

ANKER may be best known as an aftermarket supplier of high-quality chargers, portable power banks, and OTG cables but those are hardly the only substantial investments in mobile accessories android robot icon package download the company has made. The OnePlus 6 is now official having been announced at a dedicated launch event in London. This is the latest phone to come from OnePlus and one which looks to take on the rest of the major flagship options by offering a powerful smartphone, packaged at a more affordable price.

However, while consumers can opt […]. Now, most of you probably already know that the Honor 10 launched in both Europe and India recently as well, but it arrived in China in April, and it seems like its sales […].

According to Orloff, small cells are theoretically able to meet many of the bandwidth and coverage needs in the IoT and mobile […]. Xiaomi Xiaomi had confirmed yesterday that android robot icon package download Mi 8 flagship will be launching on May 31, and the company has just confirmed that MIUI 10 will be launching on that very same day as well. Andrew Blake, a former director of the Cambridge laboratory of the software giant Microsoft, will head the new research center, which has been named as the Samsung AI Centre, Cambridge.

Following its launch in France, Xiaomi will kick off sales for its products in yet another country on Thursday, in Italy. The company has opened up its Mi Store in […]. Vivo has just teased its upcoming bezel-less smartphone in an add for upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia, while the company also confirmed that the phone will be launching on June Vivo shared this commercial with us recently, and it was re-uploaded to YouTube for your convenience, and is now embedded down below.

The deal is based on an enterprise android robot icon package download. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg engaged in public discussions earlier today as part of a planned and live-streamed meeting with the European Parliament, designed to address issues of data privacy in the wake of the recent Cambridge Analytica revelations.

The process, while similar to the android robot icon package download congressional hearings in the United States, differed in some respects […]. Top 10 Best Chromebooks — May Chrome OS looks to be ready to enter in its next transitional state with the market expected to start seeing tablets powered by Chrome OS coming through in the next few weeks and months.

Which makes for an exciting time for Chromebooks due to the increase in the type and style of Chromebooks that will […]. Without giving away too much of the story or ensuing comedy, players take on the role of a protagonist who has died.

The software package upgrades the device to OxygenOS 5. This means that after users install the software package, owners of the OnePlus 6 […]. Wayve Thinks Machine Learning Is Key To Autonomous Vehicles A new startup called Wayve is now seeking to disrupt the autonomous vehicle industry with a focus entirely on machine learning. That actually flies directly in the face of the majority of efforts undertaken in that segment of the automotive market. So far, those have centered with an almost single-minded determination around the inclusion of […].

Fake Net Neutrality Comments Spark Call For Investigation When the FCC voted to overturn net neutrality against a tide of public comments urging otherwise, some of those comments were made under false pretenses or even involved identity theft, prompting two US Senators under whose name such comments were published to call on the FCC to investigate.

The browser is centered around tenets of privacy and security for end-users. Making it pretty easy and inexpensive for you to add some more storage to your smartphone or tablet. These also match the all-time low […]. Top 10 Best Android Apps — Launchers — May One of the biggest advantages of Android over iOS and many other operating systems is its customizability, and nothing drives that point home more than the abundance of third-party launchers does.

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Chat from your browser! Direct questions or comments to the art challenge post: Congratulations to bluecarrot16 on winning the previous art challenge: Four weeks of development, two weeks of judging playing each other's games. Make anything you want, but it must use at least six OGA assets two from three categories and made in the four weeks provided. It was a lot of fun. The entries are still available, so go check them out and have fun! Congratulations to Red Voxel for the 1st place submission Arrows of Love!

Congratulations to all the participants for making such a great game jam come together! The advanced search is working better than ever! I have been able to clean or correct about tags across thousands of submissions. I wasn't even aware of some really great assets before now since the tags were preventing them from showing up in my tag searches. We're still looking at a few tweaks to make it work even better, but this should make for some quick improvements in the meantime.

This guide applies to both art submitters and people searching for art. This guide only applies to tags; not title, description, or other search fields. The goal of tags is finding what you're looking for. Although there are situations where multi-word tags are needed, the overwhelming majority of tags are single-word descriptors. Try to enter several single-word tags instead of fewer multi-word tags.

A good rule of thumb I use to test if a tag of mine is good or not: If I search for any single tag I've used, but my submissions- no one elses- are the only results It's likely no one will ever find my submission using that tag. I should probably change or remove the tag from my submission. If I'm the only person that thought of this tag, I'm the only person that will ever find my art.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we've got search indexing working again. Near as I can tell, it looks like the problem was due to a couple of corrupt nodes out of about 60, causing the search index function to throw an exception, and then stop dead. I've patched the Drupal instance it so if it ever runs into this issue again, it'll log a warning and keep indexing. At any rate, the short version is that everything should be indexed now, so search should be useful again.

We'll keep an eye on it and make sure it continues to work properly. We have recently resolved a bug where some accounts were not showing up in the approval queue. This mostly affected people who changed their profile details, and we believe we have now resolved the issue for most people.

If you have been waiting a long time for approval please let us know in the comments so our admins can look into it for you. Skip to main content. Create new account Request new password. Recent Comments - view more Re: Game ready low poly vehicle by MedicineStorm Re: UI Sounds by punixer.

Popular Art Collections - view more Epic fantasy music. Space Game Starter Set. Sideview pixel art RPG enemy sprites. New Art Collections - view more Stendhal Potential.

Who's online There are currently 5 users online. Read about the funding drive or go right to Patreon. Last updated Wed, 23 May For current progress, see our Patreon page. Choco Prairies GB Pack. Boss Battle 5 [8-bit]. Latest Art - view more A misty Winter Morning. Game ready low poly vehicle. Latest Art by my Friends - view more. Lost in Time due April By MedicineStorm on Thu, The last art challenge started Sunday, April 15th.

Submissions were due April 28th. Thanks everyone for tagging your submissions properly! By MedicineStorm on Wed, By MedicineStorm on Fri, Please don't use hashtags when submitting or searching by tag. They just make the artwork harder to find since " sword" will not show up in a search for "sword".

Omit commas between tags - If you don't put a comma between your tags, people searching will find nothing, and people submitting will never be found. I always misspell "medieval" Over 20 different styles! These words won't help narrow the search. There is a separate field dedicated to searching by specific licenses. There is a separate field dedicated to searching by specific art category. Don't put "string music, dark 2d art". Just put "string, dark" sword s , rock s , icon s , cact i - Plural tags will not show up in a search for the singular version.

Searching for "sword" will not show any artwork tagged "swords" and vice versa. When in doubt, just use the singular tag sword, rock, icon, cactus Even if the asset contains more than one icon, many swords, a big pile of rocks, and a whole forest of cacti You could include both forms, I guess, but it will keep things a lot simpler if you try to stick to a singular convention. The exception to this is when the singular form has an entirely different meaning than the plural. When in doubt, though, put everything in lower-case.

Being able to search by dimension, palette, sample rate, et cetera is helpful. Different games have different viewpoints. Being able to find the right kind is invaluable. Sometimes people try one and don't think of the other. This will allow the search to work either way.

No need to go overboard, though. Just a couple of the most commonly used tags is enough. Not sure which are most used? For the sake of conformity and ease-of-searching, please always include the dot before file extensions. Otherwise people searching for Photoshop ". Edit your submission - Don't be afraid to click that "Edit" tab at the top of your submission. If you misspelled something or forgot the commas I always do , no need to delete the submission, just click edit , fix whatever doesn't look right, and click save.

Search is working again. By bart on Fri, Hey folks, Just wanted to let everyone know that we've got search indexing working again. By p0ss on Sun, Thanks for your time.

Submitted by chasersgaming on Tue, Show off your project! I have put a Jam together which starts on the 1st July for those that are interested.