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These are the words of Polish journalist Mark Magierowski. Weapon sales has always belonged to profitable businesses. I mentioned this topic in two posts adres bitcoin co to jest skala Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies:. Bitcoin perspective, Part 1. Bitcoin perspective, Part 2.

In relation to the development of the Deep Internet, illegal weapon trade is becoming increasingly popular. However, how does the whole thing look like in the context of legitimate trade practices? The global crisis has contributed to an increase in trade. Why did this happen? First of all — cuts, that have been made in the armies of Western countries, forced the weapons producing corporations to look for clients outside their home country.

Likewise, people who as a result of the crisis became unemployed have been able to find a job in this sector the demand for weapons is adres bitcoin co to jest skala. What was the result? Nothing shows the scale of whole issue better than a adres bitcoin co to jest skala Mapping Arms Data. It beautifully shows the export and import of arms between countries. US export to almost every corner of the world, especially to areas in which they intervened once — it is said that all missions of US Army are carried out to get rich on arms deliveries in the region later.

Just after US ranks Russia, which based her arms trade on a slightly adres bitcoin co to jest skala basis — just sells to anyone who wants to buy, and is not laden by the UN embargo. The rest of countries are far behind. When it comes to the best customers, India is definitely among them. The whole Asia armor as crazy and buys technologies that enable the production of equipment inside the borders in addition.

Corporations engaged in the production of armaments, record a huge income every year. Alarmingly, all of the top six largest arms exporters are the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

That justifies in some way their opponents, who say that in many cases UN use their mandate to implement the business associated with arms trade. Nice article from Wyborcza for dessert: Posted on 2 lutego 12 stycznia by Marcin. I mentioned this topic in two posts about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies:

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