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The second key change was well done, but the first one was choppy. She got away with the 1st one bc she was acapella. She a little bit of your heart ariana grande iheartradio snapchat amazing control in her voice and lots of confidence. Such a beautiful singer and so pretty, good job Ari. This is so much like her recorded version on Yours Truly! To me it's her best album thus far. Love her to death. Anyone notice how she looks down the entire time?

Mustve been a tad shy at the time: I love that when she sang that, many people did not know who she was. But look where she is now. Just a random question, but does anyone know what happens when the performers go back stage? Can they still see the show? And now she's singing about being sore from taking dick all night. Guess that's what they call artistic growth, huh?

Coming back 3 years later proud AF to see Ari about to go on her 2nd tour! This performance still gives me the chills! And I can't wait to see her grow even more! I still remember this like it was yesterday. I showed this off to my parent's to admire Ari's talent. I feel sorry for the other acts who had to follow that. Ariana Grande Musical Artist.

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Shawn Mendes and Nick Jonas' face-swap is literally everything: Serena Williams made a fake cooking show with a friend in her Paris apartment during a day off from the French Open and it was absolutely hilarious. Jessica Alba went to the J. Lo's show in Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards and we couldn't be more jealous. Reese Witherspoon having the time of her life with her friends while on a trip this week.

Andy Cohen attended a black tie dinner this week To be fair, he had no idea it was black tie! Kylie Jenner showed off the newest shade from her ever-growing Lip Kit empire this week. It has "blue undertones.

Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera ahead of their show-stopping performance on the finale of "The Voice"! This week in the world of celebrity Snapchats was pretty tame, compared to usual: The Billboard Music Awards brought about some cute backstage snaps and some after party fun. The Kardashian-Jenners were up to their usual antics: The reality stars waist-trained, worked out, took selfies and bared a lot of skin. Here are all of the celebrities on Snapchat. Watch the video below for more on how the Kardashians celebrated Scott Disick's birthday: Want to add any of these celebrities to your own Snapchat friends lists?

Check out the gallery below for all of their usernames:. DJ Khaled became universally beloved at the end of for his motivational Snapchat account in which he talks to his lion statue, lays in his hammock, waters his plants, urges his followers to "bless up," provides shameless plugs for his apparel line, and insists that "they" don't want you to have literally anything. The "Real Housewife of New York" is a huge fan of Snapchat, and she is one of our new favorite celebrity Snapchatters.

Her assistants, her doorman, her driver and her dog all take centerstage and provide some truly hilarious moments. RiRi is a little bit inconsistent with her Snapchat usage, but when she's active, there's nothing funnier. Kim Kardashian just joined Snapchat in March of , and, if her first few snaps are any indication, she's going to make great use of the drawing feature.

Gigi Hadid's life is just as glamorous as she is, as proven by her effortlessly chic Snapchat account. The model is a huge fan of mirror selfies and documenting her world travels. The middle JoBro and frontman of DNCE is known to be quite the jokester, and that reputation continues on his hilariously weird Snapchat. It doesn't hurt that his bandmates are also just as funny. Kendall isn't as active on Snapchat as her little sister, Kylie, is, but she holds her own with fierce selfies, behind-the-scenes shots on set and shenanigans with her famous family.

The Oscar-winner only Snapchats a couple times a week, but it's quality over quantity, right?! In Reese's case, that's so right. Ariana is another one of those stars on Snapchat who seems to post pretty much everything she does.

She makes sure to document her recording process, car rides, hangouts with her brother Frankie and everything else in between. The infamously reclusive Kardashian reappeared in early on Snapchat and, though he doesn't post that often, it gives you a fascinating look into his life as he works on getting back into shape and hangs out with new girlfriend Blac Chyna.

We especially love seeing how she puts together her most outrageous looks. Khloe Kardashian was the last of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to give into the pressure of getting a Snapchat, and boy are we glad she hopped on board! She frequently makes use of Snapchat lenses and posts funny videos of Lamar, Kylie and Kourtney. No, she'll probably post about it on Snapchat. The "All About That Bass" hitmaker is all about fooling around and making fun of her friends on Snapchat, and it makes us love her even more.

Another one of those stars that is literally always active on the social media platform, Diplo is a fan of posting pretty much anything. The DJ is especially fond of taking selfies We love the 5H girls, but we really wish they would post on their band's Snapchat account more often. Some of the girls have individual accounts that they're active on, though, which prove that they're still "Worth It.

The tennis legend joined Snapchat at the end of last year and posts hilarious selfie confessionals while lying in bed with her pups. And, yes, her sister Venus does make an occasional cameo. The reality TV star and mother of three just joined Snapchat midway through March, and she's already a pro: We love the behind the scenes look at her life with her kids, hanging out with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick and messing around with her famous sisters.

The "What To Want Me" singer is low-key hilarious on Snapchat, holding very little back and documenting his intense workouts, backstage shenanigans and over-the-top bling. The up and coming model, who's been linked to Justin BIeber, is anything but "boring" on Snapchat. She's totally worth the add. The socialite turned reality star turned celebrity DJ is always on the move -- it's hard to keep up with her globetrotting ways seriously, she's literally always in Dubai , but it's worth trying.

We particularly like it when she has someone else film her while she proclaims she's "killing it. The "Telenovela" star is refreshingly candid on Snapchat, which makes us love her even more The unfiltered comedian continues her FreeTheNipple-heavy social media presence on Snapchat, providing hilarious commentary on her everyday life.

Our favorite part of her Snapchat? When she talks to her adorable dogs! Christina Aguilera is hilarious on Snapchat, putting her diva-licious looks, backstage "Voice" antics and more on her account.

The singer and "Voice" coach loves to share photos and videos of her adorable children with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. The "Good For You" singer is super adorable in her selfie videos on Snapchat, usually taken behind the scenes of a photoshoot or one of her lively concerts.

Unfortunately, there haven't been many Bieber sightings though. The youngest of the Jonas Brothers clearly has fun with his Snapchat account. If you decide to add him, you'll definitely become "Jealous" of his lifestyle.

The rising star doesn't hold anything back on her Snapchat account, hilariously documenting her post-gym fast-food runs and selfies with boyfriend Gregg Sulkin. The popular teen idol is always on the move, and is a big fan of revealing new information about his upcoming releases TracklistTuesday or singing snippets of new songs for his followers.

The youthful singer, who was discovered online, is all smiles on his active Snapchat account and tends to document his every move during his busy schedule. Alicia Keys only dabbles in using her Snapchat, but when she does it's always super positive and up-lifting.

The hip-hop bad boy joined Snapchat early in , and though his Snapchat account isn't that active, he's worth the follow just in case he posts something outrageous.

The "Scream Queens" star is a Snapchat fanatic, heavily documenting her daily workouts and yoga sessions, hilarious car rides and ample red carpet events. Keke Snapchats a lot, but she's hilarious so we love it.

When he announced he joined the social media platform he said it was "time to get weird on Snapchat," but he doesn't post that often on his account, so The "Fault In Our Stars" actor, DJ and perpetual goofball isn't afraid to get silly on Snapchat while traveling the world and hanging out in Brooklyn with his girlfriend. Rapper and boyfriend of Kylie Jenner may not be able to keep up with his girlfriend's Snapchat game, but he still holds his own. The couple isn't afraid to show affection on Snapchat, either, even if it makes headlines.

The model and Twitter favorite is pretty inactive on Snapchat, though she'll occasionally post a selfie video of someone doing her makeup or an inside look at one of her epic cooking sessions. The girls of British band Little Mix are totally playful on Snapchat and it's hilarious. It's fun to watch the quartet enjoy each other's company and not take life too seriously.

One of the funniest celebrities there is, Nicole Richie gives her followers a behind the scenes look at the filming and promotion of her show "Candidly Nicole. One Direction cutie Niall Horan joined Snapchat in March and doesn't post that much, but he's worth the add just for his occasional smiley selfie. Something we've learned from his account? He takes the London Tube! The superstar DJ shares a low-key look into his charmed life with videos of screaming fans, crashing yachts and bass-thumping light shows.

BFF to all of the world's top models is constantly globetrotting as seen through his Instagram , and his hilarious Snapchat provides commentary on his daily happenings.

The age-defying beauty provides an unfiltered look into her life on Snapchat, pairing her funny moments with equally as creative captions. The boys of 5 Seconds of Summer document their hilarious antics on their joint Snapchat account, though they have individual accounts, too.

Usually manned by one of his crew members, The Weeknd's Snapchat account provides a behind the scenes look at his energetic shows and interviews.

Though she doesn't post that often, the former "Gossip Girl" star will make you feel like you're living a life of luxury when she does post to her Snapchat. We like to think that her "Preserve" aesthetic lives on through her account.

The 5SOS member posts similar things as his band's account which means more silly, more antics and more jokes. The British band behind the hit "Me and My Broken Heart" doesn't use their official Snapchat account that often, but we follow them just in case they happen to out of the blue.

The Fifth Harmony standout loves to post on Snapchat and gives a fun look at her daily life as a member of the world's best girl band. Vine star Cameron Dallas is hilarious on Snapchat and loves to have fun with his pack of guy friends by doing things like having rowdy pillow fights in hotel rooms. The boys of 1D are about to go on a "hiatus," which probably explains why their Snapchat account is pretty much inactive, but we still like seeing them on our friend list to trigger our favorite memories as Directioners.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon fallontonight: Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes of your favorite late night talk show? Now you have your chance to see for yourself. Nicole Richie's effortlessly cool younger sister is a sporadic Snapchat user, but if you follow her you can depend on a couple of cute snaps a week of her boyfriend, a hair color change or some cool bonfire she's at.

Though the singer is taking a break from his phone and, thus, all forms of social media , his Snapchat was a dependable source of ridiculousness in the best way possible. Here's to hoping he makes a triumphant return to the Internet very soon! Gigi and Bella Hadid's older half-sister Alana is a designer, founder and all-around amazing person. Follow her for some hilarious selfies and secret moments with her popular sisters.