Transfer Bitcoin Nitrogen 5dimes How To Trade Ethereum On Bittrex

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Bitcoins BTC are a form of digital public money; in essence, electricity converted into long strings of code that have a monetary value. You can now deposit to 5Dimes using this method.

The average of the current Bid and Ask prices from bitpay or other bitcoin exchange services, will be used for all currency conversions with USD at the time the deposit is processed. Management reserves the right to change the BTC conversion websites used at any time without prior notice. In order to process a deposit via Bitcoin, 5dimes bitcoin exchanges login to our cashier section and go to the 5dimes bitcoin exchanges page.

Use the Bitcoin Address that will be displayed to send the funds. Once you complete the deposit to the address displayed to you in the deposit page, the transaction will be automatically submitted for confirmation. There are no fees associated with this deposit method. Remember, 5dimes bitcoin exchanges must request a new Bitcoin Address for every deposit made.

Your deposit will be credited shortly after, taking up to 40 5dimes bitcoin exchanges to be completed. If the amount you send is less than the amount you had entered to request the Bitcoin Address, your deposit will be delayed by at 5dimes bitcoin exchanges 15 minutes more on top of the regular confirmation time. If your deposit is sent within 15 minutes of generating the bitcoin address, the currency exchange rate at that time will be applied for the USD conversion when crediting your sports account.

If the deposit is processed after the 15 minute period, the currency exchange rate available when depositing will be the one applied for the USD conversion. Wagering is not available in the Bitcoin currency. Please contact Customer Support via Live Help to confirm availability of this deposit 5dimes bitcoin exchanges.

All Bitcoin payouts must be submitted through the cashier online and will be verified via email to the address on file by our Payout Team. If the payout is not verified via email within 5dimes bitcoin exchanges, the payout will be cancelled. Bitcoin Exclusive users will be required to activate the Device-based Authentication Service prior entering any payout requests. Customers that are NOT Bitcoin Exclusive users but have high balances, or long time customers using Bitcoin payouts for the first time, will be required as well to activate the Device-based Authentication Service prior requesting Bitcoin payouts.

First time Bitcoin payout users must have activated the Device-based Authentication Service. If this security layer 5dimes bitcoin exchanges not active, the payout will be rejected.

Higher amounts may be available, for more information contact Customer Service. Bitcoin payouts are free of charge and subject to availability. This payout method is always "Subject to availability".

You may need to choose an alternate method for your withdrawal. Payouts via Bitcoins have been made available to all customers 5dimes bitcoin exchanges the objective of converting our clients into Bitcoin exclusive depositors. Customers who continue to request Bitcoin payouts and then deposit using methods other than Bitcoin, will be deemed Bitcoins abusers, and may be subject to the removal of this payout method permanently, or restricted to Bitcoin deposits only.

Remember, Bitcoin payouts are free of charge but always subject to availability. The average of the current Bid and Ask prices from bitpay or other bitcoin exchange services, will be used for all currency conversions with USD at the time the payout is processed.

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