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The original blockchain released by Satoshi Nakamoto in Jan The entire history of the network is stored as the blockchain and kept by every full node. Bitcoin creates an ecosystem where financial transactions do not require trust in third parties like banks and governments.

Bitcoin has a max supply of 21million bitcoins. The first smart-contract blockchain created and release by Vitalik Buterin and 3 co-founders in July If node A sends 1 Ether, return wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon made-up-token to node A. The Ethereum token is meant to be used as 'gas', which serves as a fee for the Wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon network and facilitates interactions with smart contracts.

Ether also functions as a currency. Among wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon big updates planned for the near future are Sharding which lets a random portion of the network validate a random portion of the transactions, allowing the network to handle a much higher volume of trafficRaiden near zero fee instant transaction for paymentsand switching the network from the current proof of work system network secured by mining to proof of stake where token holders lockup their tokens for a fix amount of time for a chance to validate new transactions and be rewarded with newly minted tokens.

Ripple focuses on facilitating faster and more secure transfering of funds especially between banks and other financial institutions. The ripple token is sent along with money transfer instruction between institutions as a kind of authenticity seal similar to wax seals on important letters in older times.

Ripple transactions are validated by all of the nodes at Ripple to ensure authenticity and accuracy. Ripple nodes network is not open to the public. One of the 2 resulting Bitcoin forks of Bitcoin cash also declined the use of Segregated Witness segwit -which removes part of the transaction signature to reduce network congestion-in favor of scaling on chain and proven security.

A Bitcoin fork with the aim to 'be the silver to the Bitcoin gold' released by Charlie Lee in October Lite coins started as an almost identical fork of Bitcoin with the goal of being more agile. The primary difference that enabled the initial agility was a faster block time a new block was mined every 2. A distant fork of Bitcoin and a pioneer of built in blockchain governance. Dash was created by Wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon Duffield in Jan as Xcoin.

It was rebranded into Darkcoin, then Dash in Dash pioneered the idea of built-in governance and masternodes. Proposed changes to the network are voted on chain by the network of masternodes.

Launch in June by the NEM foundation. This score is determined by the number of other NEM accounts they interact with, how active they are, and how active their transaction counterparts are. NEM has a total supply of 8,, with no plans for more to be created. Transactions fees are redistrubuted to random Harvestors, who stake their holdings to validate transactions, with preference towards wallets of 'higher importance'.

Monero is a wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon focused cryptocurrency. Every transaction is private by default, which means there is no need to send in special mode for privacy, and no spending stands out because it is private. Monero achieves privacy through 4 key technologies: Ring Signature -hides where the currency is sent from by combining the signature of sender with other randomly selected addresses Ring CT confidential transaction -hide the value of transactions Kovri - a work-in-progress protocol to hide the broadcasting of tranactions on the network.

Stealth Address - hide the end destination of transactions Although Monero does not have a max supply, after A DAG is not technically a blockchain, as every node validates transactions from a select few other nodes whereas most blockchains require every node to validate and record every transaction.

IOTA nodes perform a small amount of mining-like activity in exchange for no-fee transactions. The no fee feature of the network makes micro payments between machines and people feasible. IOTA added timestamped transaction wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon inwhich paves the road for future implementation of smart contracts. Ethereum Classic ETC is a fork of Ethereum that came into existence shortly after the DAO decentralized autonomous organization hack took place on the Ethereum network.

ETC functions very similarly to Ethereum - with smart contracts, proof of work, etc. Some time after the Ethereum community decided to hardfork and revert the damage done in the DAO hack, the ETC community decided that it is important to protect the unalterable, immutable, and absolute nature of the blockchain.

The group decided to branch off - creating wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon ETC chain. OmiseGO is a currency, built on the Ethereum platform, that aims to help individuals and institutions conduct financial transactions. With Omise the company behind OmiseGo being an establish business with many ties to the industry in Thailand, it is well positioned to be a bridge that creates better fluidity between crypto, national currencies, and merchants.

NEO was created as Antshares in It is China's first open source blockchain. Interaction on the NEO blockchain and smart contracts on it are paid for with GAS which is listed on several exchanges as a separate currency. NEO operates on the Byzentine Fault Tolerance and "rewards" holders of the currency in return for validating transactions on the network, similar to Proof of Stake currencies.

Please carefully do your own research if you choose to invest. There is a max supply of 28 million BCC. Lisk is a smart contract platform blockchain built from the ground up in pure Javascript. This network aims to make the blockchain and smart contract technology more readily available to huge existing javascript developers community.

Applications built on Lisk exist as side chains, wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon is paired with its own token for transfer of value. Lisk was launched in an ICO initial coin offering in February Qtum has a maximum supply of million. Tether is Hong Wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon based cryptocurrency, launched in earlydesigned to be a stable coin that is always valued at 1 US dollar.

The network uses the Bitcoin blockchain, Proof of Reserves, and other audit methods to prove that issued tokens are fully backed and reserved. Stratis is a smart-contract enabled blockchain whose official organization and creators also operate as a consulting group. The wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon aims to create Blockchain-as-a-service, which help corporations and entities create and run smart contracts and private blockchains on top of the Stratis network.

Stratis has no max-supply, as new tokens are minted through staking. ZCash is a pioneer of zero-knowledge crypto protocol - or zk-SNARKs zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge. ZCash allows for 2 different types of wallets to be created- t-address wallets which create faster, transparent transactions, and z-address wallets, which allows for shielded transactions that hides the sender, recepient, and value of transactions on the blockchain.

Like Bitcoin, Zcash has a max supply of 21 million with block reward that halves approximately every 4 years. Ark is a fork of Lisk that launched as a crowdsale in December Ark is seeded with million tokens with 2 Ark tokens created as Delagated Proof of Stake reward every block 8 seconds.

The Ark network heroes its SmartBridge technology where token holders can interact with other blockchains ex. Additionally, Ark allows users to easily clone and add parameters to its blockchain to create their own. Waves is a decentralized exchange and representative token network that lives on the blockchain. Waves tokens can be created to represent other currencies like Bitcoin, gold, fiat, etc.

The platform is developed with emphasis on custom token creation, transfer and decentralized trading, with fiat integration and focus on community-backed projects. Steem was launch in Marchwith steemit - a reddit like community powered by steem - being launched 2 months after.

The latter is also a founder of the Bitshares blockchain. Steem is build on the Graphene technology platform developed by the Cryptonomex group. Gives holder voting power on the blockchain to wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon witnesses nodes who secure it and allocate funding like DAO.

It takes time to unlock entire amount to ensure malicious votes that hurt value of platform result in personal losses as well. The network powers and incentivizes participation on its platform with its native tokens. Steem tokens are earned through participation on its social network. Users are rewarded for both creating and upvoting contents, especially ones that become more popular. Hcash "Hypercash"is a China based?

HSR has a maximum supply that stays under 84 million. This ambitious project aims to incorporate many of the best ideas to wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon from the crytocurrency ecosystem. The network is currently powered by hybrid proof of work and stake. The network is also built with 2 sidechains - one merkle tree based chain that operates as a blockchain, and the other built as a DAG - with the goal of being a bridge between the two classes of crypto assets.

Bitshares is a blockchain with its own on chain decentralized exchange. Bitshare is build on the Graphene technology platform developed by the Cryptonomex group. The decentralized wallet out of sync dogecoin cartoon uses both officially issued tokens like bitusd which is tethered to the value of the US dollar and backed by at least 2: Instead of traditional public keys, usernames are used for transaction addresses, which are more memorable and userfriendly.

Bitshares was lauched in Novemberand released version 2 in June The network is secured through delegated proof of stake token holders connect through -therefore voting for or firing - witness nodes, who are then rewarded with a chance to mint tokens for securing the network. There is a max supply of 3,,BTS tokens.

Bytecoin was launched in July by a group of mostly annonymous contributors. The currency is designed to have a max supply of Bytecoin is one of the earliest non-bitcoin-fork currencies and is built with the CryptoNote hashing algorithm. CryptoNote creates added privacy by using 1-time keys that created by each transaction, making them unlinkable to past and future transactions.

Additionally, Bytecoin uses Ring Signatures to mix the signature of the sender with other wallets to make it difficult to know where the transaction originated. EOS is a smart contract platform on a generalized form of graphene The technology platform behind Bitshares and STEEM that would allow anyone to make and run dapps like bts and steem. The token was created by Block. EOS uses bandwidth model which gives you resource access computation, bandwidth, storage proportional to coins you stake and thus no transaction fees.

Additionally, computation and bandwidth can be delegated to others e. Stellar Lumens has a fee of. TenX is a debit card, connected to a mobile TenX wallet, that lets its card holders spend cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and ERC20 tokens with any merchant that accepts visa and mastercard.

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