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Having been members for some time now, enjoying daily returns and realizing good gains on initial investment — we can tell you this is not a scam, ponzi scheme, or bitcoin doubler. The business plan appears to be sustainable, because there are fees involved to participate as a Titan Trade Club member using the tools available.

Returns do not depend on others joining, it depends on how the auto-trading bot performs today…and trade receipts are different every day. The returns are not unreasonable. How could there be? This is trading — and just like trading on the stock market, no company can offer a solid guarantee.

It can trade like a human, but indepently and constantly, for more efficient trading. Similar trading bots are used by many global stock exchanges, as well as crypto-exchanges and are perfectly legal.

Titan Trade Club members deposit an initial investment, then select a weekly risk level low, medium or highactivate the auto-trader — and earn passive income every day. There are no skills required to trade or mine.

Stop loss percentage is based on membership level. It could not be easier. The auto-trader uses pre-programmed software to analyze market actions, such as time, price, orders, and volume.

Members are free to withdraw commissions. Honestly — team building offers the most awesome returns imaginable. It is a great way to increase the amount being traded without actually purchasing bitcoin. The option to earn referral commissions and binary bonuses levels the playing field so that anyone can participate, regardless of how much or how little bitcoin they can afford to invest. I knew about bitcoin, but failed to learn the true intent or growth potential. Watching the economic situation motivated me to act when someone I trust introduced me to Titan Trade Club.

I joined to diversify investment to include crypto-currencies. Never heard about bitcoin until a trusted friend told me about Titan Trade Club and invited me to invest. I am retired and earning passive income was very attractive.

I joined to get involved and see if adoption of bitcoin could supplement my retirement funds. There are hundreds of sites online that will do anything they can to get you to invest your money in their platform, their program, their scam, scheme or doubler. Some are good, some are very bad. We are available to answer serious questions about Titan Trade Club and help you determine if this is an opportunity for you. It was important for us to talk with someone, ask a million questions, checkout the back office dashboard, and get a full understanding before we ever invested.

Titan Trade Club Reviews. Sharing Actual Trading Experiences. We can confidently report that this is not a scam. Whose Opinion To Trust? It is worthwhile to share our own experiences if it helps others benefit as much as we have! Current Avg Market Price:

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