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I received a very nice Christmas present today. As my regular readers probably know, I have been working on the the Isenkram system for many years. The goal of the Isenkram system is to make it easier for users to figure out what to install to get a given piece of hardware to work in Debian, and a key part of this system is a way to map hardware to packages. Isenkram have its own mapping database, and also uses data provided by each package using the AppStream metadata format.

And today, AppStream in Debian learned to look up hardware the same way Isenkram is doing it, ie using fnmatch:. A similar query can be done using the combined AppStream and Isenkram databases using the isenkram-lookup tool:. If you want to make this system a success and help Debian users make the most of the hardware they have, please help add AppStream metadata for your package following the guidelines documented in the wiki.

Ting du skulle vite om bitcoin trading markedet oslo norge far only 11 packages provide such information, among the several hundred hardware specific packages in Debian. The Isenkram database on the other hand contain packages, mostly related to USB dongles.

The team also got a nice Christmas present ting du skulle vite om bitcoin trading markedet oslo norge. The nxt-firmware package made it into Debian.

The Isenkram system I wrote two years ago to make it easier in Debian to find and install packages to get your hardware dongles to work, is still going strong. It is a system to look up the hardware present on or connected to the current system, and map the hardware to Debian packages. It can either be done using the tools in isenkram-cli or using the user space daemon in the isenkram package. The latter will notify you, when inserting new hardware, about what packages to install to get the dongle working.

It will even provide a button to click on to ask packagekit to install the packages. It can also list the firware package providing firmware requested by the load kernel modules, which in my case is an empty list because I have all the firmware my machine need: The last few days I had a look at several of the around packages in Debian with udev rules. These seem ting du skulle vite om bitcoin trading markedet oslo norge good candidates to install when a given hardware dongle is inserted, and I found several that should be proposed by isenkram.

I have not had time to check all of them, but am happy to report that now there are 97 packages packages mapped to hardware by Isenkram.

These are the packages with hardware mappings at the moment. The marked packages are also announcing their hardware support using AppStream, for ting du skulle vite om bitcoin trading markedet oslo norge to use:. If you know of other packages, please let me know with a wishlist bug report against the isenkram-cli package, and ask the package maintainer to add AppStream metadata according to the guidelines to provide the information for everyone.

In time, I hope to get rid of the isenkram specific hardware mapping and depend exclusively on AppStream. Note, the AppStream metadata for broadcom-sta-dkms is matching too much hardware, and suggest that the package with with any ethernet card. See bug for the details. I hope ting du skulle vite om bitcoin trading markedet oslo norge maintainer find time to address it soon.

In the mean time I provide an override in isenkram. In my early years, I played the epic game Elite on my PC. I spent many months trading and fighting in space, and reached the 'elite' fighting status before I moved on. I am still impressed today that the authors managed to squeeze both a 3D engine and details about more than planet systems across 7 galaxies into a binary so small.

I have known about the free software game Oolite inspired by Elite for a while, but did not really have time to test it properly until a few days ago. It was great to discover that my old knowledge about trading routes were still valid. But my fighting and flying abilities were gone, so I had to retrain to be able to dock on a space station. And I am still not able to make much resistance when I am attacked by pirates, so I bougth and mounted the most powerful laser in the rear to be able to put up at least some resistance while fleeing for my life.

When playing Elite in the late eighties, I had to discover everything on my own, and I had long lists of prices seen on different planets to be able to decide where to trade what.

This time I had the advantages of the Elite wikiwhere information about each planet is easily available with common price ranges and suggested trading routes. This improved my ability to earn money and I have been able to earn enough to buy a lot of useful equipent in a few days. I believe I originally played for months before I could get a docking computer, while now I could get it after less then a week.

If you like science fiction and dreamed of a life as a vagabond in space, you should try out Oolite. Et eksempel er Nettavisen digi. Fire av dem er er under DNS-domenene digi. Ut ifra det du skriver er det antakelig flere bestemmelser i personopplysingsloven som brytes dersom virksomhetens personvernpolicy sier noe annet om behandlingen av personopplysninger enn det som faktisk skjer.

Men Dagbladet er ikke det eneste nettstedet som forteller at de ikke deler personopplysninger med andre mens observerbar praksis dokumenterer noe annet. Det er helt riktig at IP og referrer-adresse potensielt kan leses ut av tredjepart.

Med bakgrunn i at Digi. Han fikk intervjuet en god del av de mest aktive folkene i Norge, og resultatet ble interessant og severdig. Jeg bidro med glede, og resultatet er publisert i fulltekst som "Hemmeligheten bak bensinprisen: Created by Chronicle v4. Appstream just learned how to map hardware to packages too! And today, AppStream in Debian learned to look up hardware the same way Isenkram is doing it, ie using fnmatch: Isenkram updated with a lot more hardware-package mappings.

Here is an command line example from my Thinkpad laptop: The marked packages are also announcing their hardware support using AppStream, for everyone to use: Oolite, a life in space as vagabond and mercenary - nice free software. Fri programvare-tilbakeblikk for og

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