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Meet the inventive folk reducing waste in the bottle bit merchants and turning wine waste in quaffable treasure. It turns out we chuck away a lot of wine. And a lot of vinegar we could otherwise be making. Thankfully, certain clever folks around the world are coming up with innovative ways to help save more wine and cut down on packaging, from distilling mouth-swills, to forgoing bottles altogether.

Andrew likes to do things differently and sells his wine in a bag. Why is this better? It was an education on how we unconsciously neglect food and wine too. Whether it happened the bottle bit merchants be a vintage reserve claret, or a naff Sauvignon which you were welcome to send back to the kitchen to be made into vermouth to be enjoyed in a cocktailwas down to fate.

It makes you think: But what happens to the wines never picked? But merchants like Borough Wines are doing a lot to change that by helping bars and restaurants put quality wines on their draught lists.

Good news for the punters, but also for the environment — each keg saves 16kg of glass production and disposal, while kegs can be used over and over again. The aptly named Kissing a Stranger grappa made from wine spat out by guests at two-day wine tasting. When is spitting not bad manners? One year the bottle bit merchants Rootstock, a wine the bottle bit merchants in Sydney, it was noted how much booze was being wasted in this way.

The next year, organisers collected litres of spat out wine, beer, and whisky. This was mixed, then distilled during which, boiling kills any unwanted bacterium to become grappa aptly named Kissing a Stranger. A fruity-noted liquor with a wonderful mouthfeel, and an idea that looks set to become Rootstock tradition. Could other festivals and competitions follow suit? Due to an unpredictable market, surplus is a massive problem in the wine industry.

Meanwhile, we continue to pump our planet for unrenewable energy. That means that, maybe, one day a forgotten Chablis will power your car. Content Director the bottle bit merchants Farmdrop. Loves walled gardens, english wine and the bottle bit merchants about doughnuts. Follow Us on Instagram. Farmdrop Recipes Our Producers Farmblog. Living Meet the innovators waging a war on wine waste 26th February Le Grappin embrace wine in a bag. Refilling a red at Borough Wines. Susan Holtham Content Director at Farmdrop.

Getting the best out of your Farmdrop food 26th January How we do it: Pirates at the Easter Egg Hunt 1st April Instagram Follow Us on Instagram.

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