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Read more of this story at Slashdot. Skip to main content. News for nerds, stuff that matters. Christopher Nolan wants to show me something interesting. Something beautiful and exceptional, something that changed his life when he was a boy. It's also something that Nolan, one of the most accomplished and successful of contemporary filmmakers, has persuaded Warner Bros. For what is being cued up in a small, hidden-away screening room in an unmarked building in Burbank is a brand new mm reel of film of one of the most significant and influential motion pictures ever made, Stanley Kubrick's science-fiction epic " Not a digital anything, an actual reel of film that was for all intents and purposes identical to the one Nolan saw as a child and Kubrick himself would have looked at when the film was new half a century ago.

A Google executive found a high-end Bluetooth headset selling at a steep discount on Google Shopping website earlier this year. He placed the order, but much to his surprise, the headset never arrived at his doorstep. He tried calling the seller, but it turned out that the number listed on the website was disconnected, and the merchant wasn't based in the US, as the website had indicated. Instead of kicking the seller off the website, Google launched an investigation and it soon realized the problem ran too deep.

But instead of simply banning the bad actor from listing new products, Google Shopping's trust and safety team initiated a global probe that ultimately tracked down 5, merchant accounts wrapped up in a sophisticated scheme to defraud users. The story, which Mitra is sharing publicly for the first time, reflects Google's never-ending battle against scams, a fight that requires engineers and their increasingly sophisticated machine learning tools. It also illustrates the risks that consumers face as Google aggressively tries to win back product searches from Amazon and stay relevant in the future of e-commerce.

Although Google Shopping may look like a marketplace, it really isn't. Amazon and eBay operate shopping platforms that connect sellers with buyers and offer protections like money-back guarantees. Google, by contrast, sends shoppers off its site after they click on an item, and thus has no visibility into what happens after the transaction. And that doesn't include people who aren't logged in -- which means the actual number of people watching YouTube is definitely much higher.

Last June, the service had 1. On TVs alone, people are now watching million hours of YouTube every day. The latest figures are yet another sign that YouTube's reach is staggering, something that Wojcicki wanted to make crystal clear for the audience of advertisers and potential partners at its annual BrandCast event.

An anonymous reader writes: Synthego's first product let scientists order a custom Crispr kit and have it delivered within a week; in the next few weeks, the startup will add custom Crispr'd human cell lines to its on-demand offerings, which will help scientists working on potentially life-saving medicines. Crispr, as this WIRED guide explains, "is a new class of molecular tools that scientists can use to precisely target and cut any kind of genetic material.

Turns out, in the ever-expanding industry around genome engineering, that's hardly a disqualifier. Across the country, companies are trying to snag a seat on the fast-moving Crispr train. There's Inscripta, which is gunning to be the Apple of gene-editing by building the biological equivalent slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet the personal computer. In theory, that hardware will make gene editing as easy slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet pushing a button. And then there's Twist Biosciences, which can print out a powerful Crispr guide the tool that identifies the bits of genetic code a scientist is hoping to target on a single semiconductor chip -- the Intel of genome engineering, if you will.

As Megan Molteni writes, "all these analogies to the computing industry are more than just wordplay. They're betting biology will be the next great computing platform, DNA will be the code that runs it, and Crispr will be the programming language. On Tuesday night, as polls were closing for Knox County's primary races for the mayoral election, the county's website displaying the results crashed.

The page was down for about an hour starting around 8 p. The slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet didn't affect voting or vote tallies because the county's voting machines aren't connected online, an election official told WBIR. An anonymous reader shares a report: To see the storm that online video game "Fortnite" has unleashed on the world, just visit Jett Sacher in Brooklyn.

The year-old spends an hour or two every day on the game with his friends and is not slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet to spend his pocket money on it - bit by bit. It is a game-changer in the industry, analysts have said, because of the huge revenue it is making from "tween" and teenage boys purchasing outfits and other add-ons. Gamers are the new stars. Esports arenas are the new movie slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet The New York Times.

An amateur mathematician has made the first breakthrough in more than 60 years towards solving a well-known maths problem. Aubrey slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet Grey, who is more widely known as a maverick biologist intent on extending the human lifespan, has taken the academic world by surprise after announcing a new solution to the so-called Hadwiger-Nelson problem. The problem sounds deceptively simple, but despite some professionals spending years trying to crack it, progress has stalled since shortly after the puzzle was first posed in slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet The problem is as follows.

Imagine a collection of dots connected by lines. The dots can be arranged any way at all, the only rule is that all the connecting lines must be of equal length. For instance, in a square the diagonal would not be joined up, but the outer edges would be. Now, colour in all the dots so that no two connected points have the same colour.

How many colours are required. For a square, the answer would be two. Can We Live Without Concrete? A combination of cement, water and ground rock or sand, on the surface concrete might seem crushingly mundane.

Yet it has defined construction in recent centuries and with it, in part, modernity. But do we need to re-evaluate our concrete habit for our sakes and the planet's? Production of cement is disastrous for our biosphere, while the degradation of many concrete buildings has some construction experts predicting a colossal headache in the future. There are myriad proposed solutions, such as changing the way we make concrete, creating sustainable alternatives or doing away with it altogether.

But would we want to live in a world without concrete? And what would slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet world look like? One report estimates that each year approximately three tons of concrete are used for every person on Earth -- roughly, 22 billion tons. To put that in context, a recent study estimated that 8. Manufacturing cement, concrete's binding agent, is energy-intensive, Fennell says. Ordinary Portland cement -- the most common form in concrete -- is produced by slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet lime in a kiln and emits approximately one ton of carbon dioxide for every ton of cement.

Two vulnerabilities affecting over one million routers, and disclosed earlier this week, are now under attack by botnet herders, who are trying to gather the vulnerable devices under their control.

Attacks started yesterday, Thursday, May 3, according to Netlab, the network security division of Chinese cyber-security vendor Qihoo Exploitation of these two flaws started after on Monday, Slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet 30, an anonymous researcher published details of the two vulnerabilities via the VPNMentor blog. His findings detail two flaws -- an authentication bypass CVE and a remote code execution vulnerability CVE The most ludicrous of these two flaws is the first, which basically allows anyone to access the router's internal settings by appending the "?

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NPR: NASA and the U. Department of Energy say they have successfully tested a new type of nuclear reactor that could one day provide juice to colonies on other worlds.

The reactor can power several homes and appears able to operate in harsh environments. The new reactor uses more-conventional uranium fuel. Using a "core" about the size of a paper towel roll, the reactor slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet turn pistons that can run a generator. The generator can put out about 10 kilowatts of electrical power -- enough to run a few small homes. Scientists believe it could run continuously for a decade or so, slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet deep space travel a slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet simpler.

They also gave it a catchy acronym: Researchers say they might use an ensemble of four or five of the reactors to power colonies on the moon which has day nights, when the sun isn't available or Mars.

Chinese company EHang has broken the Guinness World Record for the most drones flown simultaneously, despite them failing to coordinate for a light show. The company slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet a fleet of 1, drones to fly in set patterns, "but failed to spell out the date and the record-setting number of drones," reports the BBC.

The South China Morning Post called the event an "epic fail. Intel's slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet was pre-recorded before being aired during the opening ceremony, due to "possible freezing weather and strong winds.

You can watch a video of the drone display here. Today, Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build to insiders, which includes a new screenshot experience for the upcoming major update. Screen Sketch, previously bundled with the Windows Ink feature of Windows 10, is now being made into a separate app that can take screenshots and provide options to annotate them.

The app will also trigger a notification so you can annotate the screenshot and share it. FactorDaily Fri, Here's an interesting development about to take place in India. Kalyan Krishnamurthy will stay on as chief executive of Flipkart. The eruption comes after officials had been warning residents all week that an eruption was possible and that they should be prepared to evacuate. Hawaii County said steam slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet lava poured out of a crack in Leilani Estates, which is near the town of Pahoa on the Big Island.

Leilani Estates has a population of about 1, according to the U. But the evacuation order only covers a portion of the neighborhood. Nearby community centers have opened for shelter. The Puu Oo crater floor began to collapse Monday, triggering a series of earthquakes and pushing the lava into new underground chambers. The collapse caused magma slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet push more than 10 miles downslope toward the populated southeast coastline slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet the island.

Forty Years of Spam Email Slashdot bitcoin 2010 chevrolet, The BBC has a video celebrating the 40th birthday of spam email. Here's a transcript of the video:

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This sounds like something I would do in an RPG? Free Software Sentry — bitcoin and reporting chevrolet of those threatened by software freedom Wow, that looks entirely legit!

Slashdot nodes essentially race to create a block, as the first one to create a block gets Bitcoins as a reward. I've been involved with the Bitcoin project for a chevrolet, and slashdot are steps in place to this. I'm Lachesis on IRC.

The Federal Reserve wasn't established until. The Nazi German Mark and the Confederate Dollar are both examples of currencies that inflated in value to infinity aka became worthless. The current system is akin to the days when any old bank would print their own currency. Inflation outpaces those by a wide margin. The price of gold has gone both up and down when measured in fiat currencies.

Large amounts of bitcoin aren't either. Chevrolet metals are no different. The community is hopeful currency will chevrolet outside the reach of any bitcoin. The Nazi German Mark and the Confederate Dollar slashdot both examples of currencies that inflated in value slashdot infinity aka became worthless. The current price gold is not where it is purely because of the demands of industry and the jewelers. It must work, look at how many politicians we have. The Fed isn't private in any of the usual aspects: The webmaster is resizing the host at Rackspace now.

If everyone saves a lot and doesn't spend it, well then all they've really done is introduce deflation and hamstring the economy. Mathematically, how would this work out if I created the next "Big Blue", then after joining the network, suddenly I am the only one capable of generating a coin as the bar is raised higher than the peers are capable of reaching??

If you want to sell something new into a stable economy, everyone else has to drop their prices to make room for you. Analysis of energy usage indicates that the market value of Bitcoins is already above the value of the energy needed to generate them, indicating healthy demand.

Bit how much is a single. The assumption that the longest one is the oldest and most reliable is invalid, Since anyone can peer, there's no reason that a peer can't fake itself as 20, 30, peers, and, working on a very fast machine, produce a longer chain quickly than an older peer. You want your savings to retain their value, so you require a nominal return.

Its status as a pseudo-currency is inflating the price. But nobody will do that, they'd simply not loan out their money instead as that is a higher rate of return and is guaranteed. By generating some arbitrary medium of exchange, you can increase the liquidity of a market, which is basically zero in a barter system with only a single good.

When transaction data is received through a node, the node begins a proof-of-work calculation in an attempt to create a block containing the transaction. Teppy writes "How's this for a disruptive technology? This would in effect mean that the coin itself has no actual value. I bought a small amount of bitcoins when they were worth 0.

The government wants to tax Internet transactions..