Bitcoin: Masked thugs stick up investor at GUN POINT in FIRST UK cryptocurrency robbery

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Another drug marketplace bit the dust over the weekend and another massive Bitcoin heist shook the deep web. Sheep Marketplace, one of the two most prominent Silk Road competitors, went down on Saturday. It's the third major Bitcoin robbery in the last month; cybercriminals also stole 4, BTC from inputs. On Saturday, Reddit user posted a message from the site's sheep bitcoin robbery suspect, which has since been removed.

This vendor found bug in system and stole BTC - your money, our provisions, all was stolen. We were trying to resolve this problem, but we were not successful. We are sorry for your sheep bitcoin robbery suspect and inconvenience, all of current BTC will be ditributed to users, who have filled correct BTC emergency adress [sic].

I would like to thank to all SheepMarketplace moderators by this, who were helping with this problem. I am very sorry for this situation. Details of the incident are still unclear. Angry former users of the drug bazaar are pointing fingers in all directions, mainly on Redditand mounting a cyber-manhunt operation to track down the robbers.

Many believe the heist was a scam, and the No. Rumors of suspicious behavior from Sheep Marketplace's administrators began in late November, as documented on the website SheepMarketScam. The stolen 5, BTC were allegedly just the tip of the iceberg. Redditors pointed to a transfer of 39, BTC this weekend, claiming it was an indication that the administrators were siphoning money from users' accounts on the site, as first reported by Forbes.

On Monday, a Redditor nicknamed sheeproadreloaded2 claimed to identify a transfer of sheep bitcoin robbery suspect, stolen bitcoins. Along with another Redditor, sheeproadreloaded2 kept track of the money as it moved through Blockchainthe public repository of all bitcoin transactions.

I was less than 20 minutes, or 2 blockchain confirmations, behind 'Tomas. As a side effect of the Sheep Marketplace heist and shutdown, another Silk Road competitor, BlackMarket Reloaded, has closed doors, claiming the site wouldn't be able to sustain the migration of users sheep bitcoin robbery suspect vendors from Sheep Marketplace. After the abrupt closings of both sites, others launched in the wake of Silk Road's shutdown in October will stand as the leading websites for buying drugs and other illegal goods online: We're using cookies to improve your experience.

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