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How to calculate value of pair but in opposite direction I am new to trading so my question might seem obvious or stupid to some but here goes.

Exchanges often quote crypto pairs in a specific order, i. Buying selling of cryptocurrency. Where does the coin come from and where does it go? I am a novice trying to understand selling and buying of crypto currency. I could not find it on google so asking, please do not be harsh. Say, I have an account with coinbase sell bitcoin gold via paypal want to buy I want to sell Bitcoin sell bitcoin gold via paypal and immediately after I receive it. Is there any exchange site has this feature?

Withdraw from bitcoin ATM bitcoin noob but here goes. I have a bitcoin address obviously and someone has sent me bitcoins. Now I don't have a wallet just the address public and private in order to withdraw from an ATM or How do I convert bitcoins into Brazilian currency? How can I convert bitcoins into Brazilian currency? How does one monitor all bitcoin address that hold more than a certain amount and detect movement from cold storage?

Is there a service or site where one can monitor all large bitcoin hodler addresses to detect movement? And as seen below with the mt. How does one find Where did the Mt. Is there a way to figure out where did the Mt. Was it on typical exchanges we use today or was it through a private big exchange? Selling Bitcoin for cash in my store I am small tech store owner and I was recently thinking about selling bitcoins for cash into my store.

But investing in an ATM Can Bitcoins or other coins be transferred back to US dollars? Julio Arboleda 1 1.

How can I transfer my bitcoins to PayPal? How did anyone buy bitcoins before exchanges? How did the first bitcoins get bought by anyone? I understand how miners got them, but what did they do with them? Can I make instant profits in this way?

Different exchanges have different rates to buy BTC. So, how about buying in an exchange which has a lower BTC rate, send that BTC to an exchange which has higher sell rate, and sell to make a How does Exodus wallet or other wallet exchange bitcoin to other cryptocurrency? I have been using Exodus wallet for a very short time.

And it shows that I can exchange bitcoin to many other cryptocurrencies and wise versa. I still couldn't find a good answer on how this exchange I eventually moved the BTC to a paper wallet where it still is. Using Bitcoin ATM's, how does selling work? How do Bitcoin ATM's work? I have a wallet on my computer sell bitcoin gold via paypal wanted to know how would the bitcoins sell bitcoin gold via paypal be transferred to the ATM and exchanged for cash.

Could somebody explain sell bitcoin gold via paypal process to me? Bitcoin Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

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Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency guide advises where to buy and how to buy Bitcoin Gold. This guide also contains the markets, value, trading, investing, buying, selling, transactions, blockchain, mining, technology, advantages, risks, history, legislation, regulation, security, payment, networks and many other interesting facts about Bitcoin Gold as well its status in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The world of cryptocurrencies is unfolding rather fast. In about ten years starting from when Bitcoin was launched, the race to launch the next better crypto appears to get even hotter. While a few cryptocurrencies are designed from scratch, many are those created to help remedy the flaws noted in the previous cryptos. One such cryptocurrency is Bitcoin Gold. Bitcoin Gold is a decentralized and open source cryptocurrency designed from a fork of Bitcoin.

It is one of the latest cryptocurrencies by early having entered the market only on 25th October of The fork took place at Bitcoin Block , with the purpose of restoring mining functionality to the community as opposed to being or only those with lots of cash to buy ASIC mining equipment. In some platforms, Bitcoin Gold is referred as a newer version of Bitcoin as opposed to a competitor.

The main difference between Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin is the mining process. Bitcoin Gold coins were released in a proportion of 1: This means there is a total of twenty-one million coins that will ever exist in BTG network. By 31st January of , the total circulating supply of BTG was The main focus of Bitcoin Gold, just like the original Bitcoin , was to facilitate the transfer of funds on a peer-to-peer basis.

People in the network can send and receive payments directly without going through third parties such as banks or financial institutions such as credit cards. Have you been contemplating to join the cryptocurrency niche?

It is one of the most rewarding investments you can think of. But the rewards that you can get in the cryptocurrency network are dependent on the network that you select. In many cases, the cryptocurrencies joining the market target remedying the flaws reported in the previous versions.

Such was the case with Bitcoin Gold. Bitcoin Gold was introduced as a hard fork of the Bitcoin core. The main aim was to help address the serious problem of mining centralization. Since the formation of Bitcoin in , the mining difficulty has been increasing and made it impossible to mine with standard or GPU Graphics Processing Unit systems.

Liao wanted to change the situation where only the super rich could mine Bitcoin. The association to Bitcoin as some investors indicate is ample to catapult BTG network to success. Therefore, do you join the BTG network and wait to enjoy the anticipated growth or choose other networks?

It is very important to follow the facts about the network. In this guide is a comprehensive look at the BTG network to establish every component related to its operations. The guide answers all the questions that you might have about BTG so that you can make an informed decision about investing in it.

From where to buy, where to trade, wallets, and value of BTG to the involved risks, nothing is left out. But the guide does not stop there. It goes ahead to look at the transaction fees, the Bitcoin Gold regulation, taxes, risks, and native coin losses. These and many others are captured in the guide vividly to cleat every issue you had about the BTG. Welcome to learn about all of these and more in the guide. When people consider joining cryptocurrencies, the main target is taking advantage of the fast-growing value.

Now, Bitcoin Gold is at the early years, and you can expect the investment to grow with a huge margin in the next ten years. But first, you need to get hold of BTG coins. Here is the procedure. Do you anticipate joining the cryptocurrency world; you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. The wallets are digital locations that hold your coins after payout, mining, or buyout. Though the wallets are considered storage facilities for cryptocurrencies, the definition is a misconception.

In reality, crypto coins such as BTG are digital and never leave the native network. If the wallets do not store the actual crypto coins; what exactly do they store? Cryptocurrency wallets are designed to store special codes that point at your coins in the main network. In particular, they store private keys and public keys. The private keys are special codes that help to point at the coins you own and activate them for trading, sending or other events.

The private keys are only known to you and the wallet. They should never be shared with third parties. The wallet also stores the public keys. As the name suggests, the public keys are public and can be shared with others in the network.

They are like the address to your bank account that is given to payers who want to make payments. Therefore, you can share the public keys without worrying.

Depending on the selected wallet, you can generate multiple public keys pointing to your account. When the term a cashless society comes into the mind, many people often confuse it with plastic money. Because of their acceptability especially in e-commerce and other online platforms, almost everyone has a credit card.

If you have a credit card, it is now possible to also buy Bitcoin Gold with credit cards. The first step in buying Bitcoin Gold with a credit card is ensuring you have an appropriate cryptocurrency wallet. Then, use any of these exchanges to buy BTG. There is no direct way to buy Bitcoin Gold with PayPal. PayPal considers cryptocurrency networks as major competitors and discourages direct use in their networks. In case you are found to have used PayPal to make payment to a crypto network, you will be penalized, or the payment account closed.

If you have cash in PayPal, the best way to buy BTG is converting to fiat or loading into the credit card. Banks occupy a special place in the hearts of many people. Even as the cryptocurrency community marches towards the true cashless society, virtually every person has a bank account that helps to secure loans, process salaries, or keep savings.

It is a great idea to enhance diversity as opposed to placing all the funds in one niche that comes with numerous risks. If your cash is in a bank account and you want to buy Bitcoin Gold, here are the main procedures to follow. Most people coming to Bitcoin Gold network are targeting to get the native coins and trading them in the markets. Trading BTG and other altcoins have become a great economic activity with some people opting to shift from forex to crypto trading.

To trade in cryptocurrencies such as BTG, you need to pick the right platforms. Selling and trading BTG mainly takes place in cryptocurrency exchanges. Though you can also sell in clubs such as LocalBitcoins. The only place you are sure of visiting anytime and getting clients is an exchange. One thing you need to get right when selecting an exchange is that they are easy targets for hackers and cybercriminals.

The cryptocurrency exchanges are different from the native crypto networks. While Bitcoin Gold development team works extra hard to keep its users secure, they do not have any control in exchanges. Indeed, most exchanges are operated under the local laws. This means that you will be required to verify the trading account with personal details such as proof of location, email address and even phone number in some cases.

Here are some of the top Bitcoin Gold trading platforms. The main platforms to consider include. The main reason that draws people to the cryptocurrency networks is the low cost of sending funds. BTG has helped to advance this notion by maintaining a very small transaction fee.

This is one of the main reasons why BTG is believed to be on the way to becoming a major payment network. The transaction fee at the BTG network is not fixed.

It depends on a number of factors including the trading volume, demand, and mining dynamics. This was the highest amount to ever fee in the network. When the BTG transaction fee is compared to that of other top networks such as Bitcoin, BTG comes out to be a better network for sending cash.

Bitcoin Gold markets are the top platforms used by buyers and sellers to help them trade the native coin for other altcoins or fiat currencies. Unlike the main Bitcoin Gold networks, the markets are exchange platforms guided by local laws in respective jurisdictions. For example, the Chinese based Binance exchange is guided by the local Chinese laws. Because the exchanges are third parties, it is important to appreciate that they are easy targets for hackers.

It is not uncommon to regularly get reports that a cryptocurrency has been hacked and a lot of altcoins siphoned away. To be sure of picking the best cryptocurrency, here are some useful tips to use. Investors and BTG community have indicated that the large price range makes it extra difficult to predict its future performance. However, the fact that it is different and indeed better than Bitcoin implies that the future could be great. Many people are expressing optimism that the BTG will finally take the exponential projectile when Bitcoin finally starts slowing.

However, with another Bitcoin fork that gave Bitcoin Cash having been implemented only several months before BTG, the performance of Bitcoin Gold could be bleak. Therefore, it is important to follow the price shifts carefully when investing in BTG to optimize profitability. Many people with the idea of joining the BTG network want to know whether it is profitable or not.