Geometry Dash 2.011 APK

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All of you are well aware that Geometry Dash is one of the top most addicting, liked by users and highly likely to sale game of its time. It has been compared with many famous games that were released with and before it on the basis of its features. But it never ceases to stand on the top of all the best and robtop games geometry dash gratis chosen game by people all around the globe. From the time of its release to this time it has been played by many people of different ages online and downloaded by many gamers on their iOS phones and Android phones.

It is a highly addicted game for any age group that makes sure a player never stops playing it after the first shot of the Geometry Dash robtop games geometry dash gratis. It gives you a smart character that you have to take through all the different kinds of obstacles and hurdles set in your path right to the end level of the game without getting short of all the number of lives provided you at the start of the game. Though there are many features of this incredible game that robtop games geometry dash gratis liked and loved by its fans but the one that is named by every fan of Geometry Dash is versatility.

It can be run online and can be downloaded and played on Android phones and iOS phones. Its versatility does not end here as it also makes possible for you to enjoy your favorite game at your Windows PC and that not too online but rightly installed on your PC.

And how can we not mention robtop games geometry dash gratis advanced customization option of Geometry Dash where you can change a few things about the game to make it your own self defined version. As developers of Geometry Dash never fail to keep its fan attracted by it by releasing new versions and introducing new levels this time they have come up with entirely new and updated version of Geometry Dash, they call it Geometry Dash Fingerdash.

It is a totally new feature that takes Geometry Dash on a whole new level that makes its fans addicted a bit more to it. Apart from introducing a new level Geometry Dash Fingerdash also comprises of a few updates that were included in version 2.

To have fun and enjoy this new version of Geometry Dash for yourself you are required to download link of Geometry Dash 2. If you want to download and get amused by this amazing new version of Geometry Dash then you need to click on the download button below and download of Geometry Dash 2. If you are downloading it for your Android Phone then check for the procedure and installation procedure mentioned below. Here a few easy steps that you should follow.

We assure you that Geometry Dash Fingerdash is no less than its first version. But for you to know what you would be enjoying in this game here are a few features we love about it this game. It is enough of the talk and now is the time robtop games geometry dash gratis some doing. You can witness the awesomeness of Geometry Dash Fingerdash yourself by downloading and playing it right now on your Android Phone.

And we assure you that is the best game out there to level up your competition spirit, make your mind sharper than ever by allowing you make new difficult and smart decisions to win the game, save you from sitting idle and also from getting bored all for nothing. Your email address will not be published. Download APK for Free. Why Geometry Dash 2. Keep the directory where the file is stored saved on any piece of paper for later use.

Thirdly, open the APK file of Geometry Dash that you just downloaded on your phone and follow the steps that will be displayed on robtop games geometry dash gratis afterwards to install the app successfully. Sit back and wait for a few minutes to a screen to pop up on your phone screen displaying Installation Successful. As soon your phone robtop games geometry dash gratis completed the above step, the app would be ready to be used by you on your phone either through homescreen or via phone app gallery.

Brand new level to boost up your enjoyment level- Fingerdash Many new objects to give you hard challenges and an additional Spider Game Mode to make your time worth it All the bugs of Version 2. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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This game is great and always keeps me going! I play this when I'm bored. It is so much fun! I really recommend this game to people who love challenges! What's the deal with the brown user coins? Why don't they count like the silver ones? What determines the difference? Why doesn't the nice shot achievement work?

Why do I need to ask these? Awesome but I collected user coins but I can't get them also, how do I update on the computer, I tried syncing my accout, but it immediately says unable to load account sync. How do I fix this. It is great except for there issues. Please anyone respond by just replying or saying doug eli you fix it by Great game The game runs smoothly on my Note 2. The game play is simple but very fun, and challenging.

I also enjoy the music; it's actually nice to play with earphones! It was definitely worth the 2 bucks. Great Game A very fun and challenging game to spend a couple minutes on ocassionally, or to binge on for hours; we don't judge here.

Not very demanding of the phones CPU and it doesn't require WiFi which makes it great for use anytime and anywhere. Geometry Dash continues to interest me with new challenges and a well paced difficulty curve. My only piece of advice is to buy the full game, unless you like replaying all of the levels you beat in the lite version; because it's definitely worth the two bucks.

New Games New Apps. January 06 16 Size: Doug Eli Awesome But.. Tristan Webb Great game The game runs smoothly on my Note 2. Reuben Samms Great Game A very fun and challenging game to spend a couple minutes on ocassionally, or to binge on for hours; we don't judge here. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.