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Pussycat was a robot that appeared in the TV show Robot Wars. It made its debut in the Third Wars and competed in all series from then onward, bar the Sixth Wars, until the show's final series, the Seventh Wars. Pussycat was built by the Cold Fusion team, consisting of Robin Herrick and the Gribble family father Alan and son David robot wars series 5 heat fusion, replacing their previous robot, the Bodyhammer.

With five titles in side events, it has won more side events than any other robot without ever becoming series champion, its best performance being in the series 4 final, in which it lost to Chaos 2who retained its title. It was also the only robot besides Razer to take the All Stars title.

It was driven by David Gribble, considered as one of the best roboteers in Robot Wars, from series 3 until his untimely death in between filming for series 5 and 6. Their new driver from series 6 was Robot wars series 5 heat fusion Barnwell. Its main weapon was a spinning blade designed by Robin Herrick and perfected by Alan Gribble, replacing the original diamond-coated blade and the hardened blade that shattered against the arena wall, leading to disqualification from the Third Wars.

Pussycat's first battle was in the Third Wars, Heat M. It made it to the heat final against Scutter's Revenge, but was disqualified for using a hardened spinning blade which shattered during the battle and thus missed out on a Semi-Final appearance in its debut.

Pussycat returned, this time with a patented blade, and was number 19 seed. This was robot wars series 5 heat fusion robot's best performance, making it to the grand final against the reigning UK champion Chaos 2. After a very mixed battle, Pussycat lost on a judge's decision, declaring Chaos 2 as champion once again, and Pussycat as the runner-up.

It took its first ever title in the Celebrity Special with actor Adam Woodyatt. In Extreme 1, it was known as Pussycat 2, and it won the tag team terror with Irish robot Diotoirhaving been brought in as a substitute after Mega Morg broke down after the first round and couldn't take their place in the competition.

It also took the Annihilator title after a long, drawn out battle with Arnold A. Terminegger which ended in the Judges awarding victory to Pussycat. It won despite robot wars series 5 heat fusion blade having broken off in the fight before, and the team managed to restore it in time for the final.

Despite the problems, their form remained unhindered. This was the final series in which David Gribble drove Pussycat before his death in a motorbike accident in Pussycat, for the second time, won its respective heat and advanced to the Semi-Finals, but lost to Firestorm 3. After David Gribble died at the age of 17 in October in a motorbike accident between filming for series 5 and 6, the driving was taken over by Stuart Barnwell in Series 7, the team having not competed in the Sixth Wars.

They did, however compete in Extreme 2. Pussycat's first competition since the death of David Gribble, Stuart Barnwell and Ann Gribble acted as drivers on separate occasions. They were up against Bulldog Breed and Robochicken in the first round. Pussycat went out against Bulldog Breed and was flipped around the arena into the air a couple of times. In the Iron Maidens a female roboteers challengethe robot was driven by Ann Gribble, Alan Gribble's wife and made it to the final against Chompalot driven by Debs Cookalmost regaining the form they had when David was driver, but lost out on the title after Chompalot grabbed hold of the pyramid shaped robot and pitted it, thus taking the Iron Maidens title.

Their first appearance in the main series since David Gribble's death, the Gribbles handed the robot robot wars series 5 heat fusion to the Barnwells for these Wars. They were defeated by newcomers M2 in the second round on a judge's decision. Despite its poor performance in the heats, it was All-Stars champion, its first title since David Gribble's death.

In the War of Independence, part of Robot Wars: Extereme WarriorsPussycat took the title representing the UK, taking out three American robots in the process, including General Chompsalot no relation to the Robot wars series 5 heat fusion that won Iron Maidensin the final. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from " https: Robot Wars competitors Combat robots.

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