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Answers crossword quiz game for the Video Games category level 1 — 10, the most challenging crossword game in this week for android and iphone. This game robot icon pop answers level 6 famous by random logic game a famous game developer for mobile device which also create guess the emoji game. Now renamed this wrestling organization had many arcade hits. Notorious franchise about stealing cars and commiting crimes Answers: Defense of the Ancients Answers: One of the pioneering 3D first-person shooter games involving demons Answers: Live the life of an Italian mobster in this franchise Answers: Basketball game series published by 2K sports Answers: Game based off a fantasy movie that shares its name with a type of tree Answers: Most popular run and gun action game by Konami Answers: This MMO has two factions Answers: Kratos stars in this hack and slash series Answers: Black and white 2D sidescroller game where a boy searches for his sister Answers: This game allows you to create and control your own city Answers: You play this game as a soldier who is called Super Joe Answers: Free game based off the popular game Breakout Answers: Game that helps players get healthier Answers: Futuristic sci-fi FPS robot icon pop answers level 6 famous mostly for its jetpacks and skiing Answers: Classic PC game where you explore an island and solve puzzles Answers: Mobile strategy game where you control insects Answers: Adventure game that features Samus Aran Answers: The Spanish name for devil Answers: Motorcycle racing game where you play in violent illegal street races Answers: An inhabitant of the ancient city of Troy Answers: Waka waka waka Answers: Real-time tactics series that takes place during historic wars Answers: A robot named BUD uses plants to traverse the world Answers: Title of game that means to get up from lying down Answers: Video game title meaning a lack of light Answers: Video game character that shares it name with a rubber shoe Answers: Player undertakes the role of a Roman governor building ancient Roman cities Answers: Puzzle game about moving blocks and clearing lines Answers: Borrowing from hardboiled novels this gritty detective seeks to avenge his family.

Codename for fictional elite coalition of nations facing an alien invasion Answers: Classic arcade shooter where you get points for shooting bug-like aliens Answers: Aliens make kamikaze-like robot icon pop answers level 6 famous in this fixed shooter by Namco Answers: Cyberpunk counter-terrorist stealth shooter game set in a dystopian Answers: Players make their way through mines while taking on infected robots Answers: Real-time robot icon pop answers level 6 famous first-person shooter game based on a board game of the same name Answers: Maze like first-person shooter game featuring music composed by Trent Reznor Answers: Post-apocalyptic survival game that takes place after The Event Answers: The number one series of life simulation games Answers: A remote asylum is the setting of this weaponless survival horror video game Answers: An earthy action-adventure sandbox 2D game similar to Minecraft Answers: Your email address will not be published.

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The Icon pop quiz level 6 has got some really difficult names to crack which will raise the difficulty level in this level of the participants. In order to crack all the names correctly, the participant needs to be fully aware with the names of musicians, singers, Hollywood actors and actresses, Presidents of The United States, etc.

As the famous people level 6 has few very tough names to crack, Icon pop quiz level 6 answers will reduce your difficulty in cracking the names of the famous personalities of this level. He is an American Actor, director and producer who have appeared in more than 60 films. He is an American Actor, director and producer who was regarded as one of the finest actors of his time who is best known for his role in The Godfather Part 2.

The young Vito Corleone. He debuted as a director in the year with the movie A Bronx Tale. He married to the producer Susan Levin in the year She has also won the best actress Award for Dancer in the Dark at the Cannes film festival.. She is a Canadian Singer-songwriter who debuted in the rear with the album Let Go. She appeared in the movie Fast Food Nation in the year She has announced that Broke With Expensive Taste would be her first album which is scheduled to release in He is an American actor and film director who is also a member of he The Wooster Group a renowned experimental theater company.

He has surpassed Frank Welker in the year to become the highest grossing film actor of all-time. She was married to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, but got divorced in the year One Night in First Class. He got engaged to Model Amber Rose on 1st of March, Crawling in my skin!!! He died in his sleep of a Heart Attack on 6th of January, One of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He died from pleurisy in the year at his home in Philadelphia.

New York international airport. On November 22, , he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. He defeated the British in two battles with a vision of great and powerful nation.

He was a British film Director who was best known for suspense and psychological thriller genres. The Master of Suspense. In his career of over 6 decades, he had directed more than 50 films. The creator of Indiana Jones. He announced his retirement in January from producing large scale blockbuster movies. He has directed many films including Matilda, The war of the roses, Hoffa, etc. He is one of the greatest film directors of all time who is best known for his science fiction and adventure films.

After getting divorce to his first wife, he married to actress Kate Capshaw in He married four times and has 7 children from his four marriages. The drummer of Nirvana. He has directed a documentary film recently named Sound City. Best known for her work in Country Music, She is an American Singer-songwriter, actress and philanthropist. Will Always Love You. She has composed more then songs and she is a co-owner of Sandollar Productions.

He was an American Musician, Composer, Film director and record producer who died in The Baron von Tito. He is the biggest selling instrumental musician of the modern time, with selling over 75 million records worldwide. He tasted success with his fourth album Duotones in He was also very popular for his face and body paint, masks and uniforms. Born in Brazil, He is the son of a footballer and one of the greatest footballer of all time.

He is a former Italian footballer who retired as a player in the year at the age of He was a French chemist and microbiologist who is regarded as one of the main founders of microbiology. He has done various research and studies which includes treatment of rabies, work on chicken cholera, studies on beer, etc.

He was an Italian mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who died on 8 January at the age of During his House Arrest he wrote Two New Sciences which are now called kinematics and strength of materials.

He married to Model Cristen Chin Barker in Alexander in the year Canadian American make-up artist. He is also known as the personal makeup artist of supermodel Tyra Banks. He married to singer Katy Perry in a traditional Hindu ceremony in India. Born in New York, he is a popular television host who is a dyslexic.

American stand-up comedian and television host. He was one of the few celebrities who appeared as the defense witness in the trial of Michael Jackson over allegations of child molestation in the year Half of the Mythbusters. Slave to the rhythm. She was seen alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Conan the Destroyer. The Goddess of Pop. She dreamed a dream. His fan site as recorded more than 4 million hits within its first week. Search Quiz Game Answers Search.

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